Some Precautions to Take Before Travelling


Travel can be fun but it can also leave your home vulnerable to unexpected surprises that you might never have anticipated or planned ahead for. This is because people often live in their own bubbles, surrounded by myths that they swear by like ‘It can’t happen to me’ or ‘What will be will be’. Check out this comic strip to see some of these myths get busted!

 The above is an attempt to explain the logic behind household security and why investing in home security solutions is wise.

 Remember to make the necessary arrangements before traveling to ensure that your home is secure, so that you can have a carefree trip. That means Know Before You Go:

 Myth1: Keys hidden under the rug by the front door are SAFE 

 I have done this many times in the past because either because my roommate would get back from work really late and wouldn’t be available to collect the room keys before I went on a trip. I would simply tell her that the keys were sitting on the window-sill or were under the welcome mat outside the front door. That arrangement meant that I had to clarify that she had actually found the key!

 A better alternative is to either make a duplicate key, or request your landlord for separate keys for each person. The key hiding ploy might seem smart to us, but it is also quite easy for a thief to figure out. Even your paperwala or milk delivery person could accidentally stumble onto it and open the door.

 Double Check Any Openings - Including Doggy Doors 

 Recently when I travelled for 2-3 days and came back, I realized one of my doors was half open. It so happened that in spite of double-checking, we left the door half-latched and owing to the strong wind and rain, they flew open. This is apparent but do double check your doors, windows and balconies and latch them tight. If you have a window near your door, shut both of them because if the window is open, it will be make it that much easier to open the door.

 If your pet has a separate room with an opening doggy door, make sure it’s shut before you leave. Close all garage gates and any outlet you may otherwise have neglected. 

 Myth 2: Jewellery and expensive items in your home are SAFE

 In the rarest of rarest instances, should a thief try to get in, we should do all we can not to make his attempt easy. Keep your Jewelry and expensive items locked at all times in a home safe or deposit box. Keep important papers and currency locked up too. For documents, it’s best to scan and keep a copy of them on your laptop. If you keep currency at home, do stash it away in 2-3 different places.

 Keep one light ON 

 Most often a person looking for opportunities to barge in would know if the person is available or not. Keep one light ON at home even if you are traveling someplace else. This makes them wonder if someone is at home.

 Unplug all unnecessary appliances such as televisions, stereos, and personal computers. 

 Before you travel, make sure all your electric appliances are off including your refrigerators, in the unlikely case of a short-circuit.

 Myth 3 : Giving keys to your neighbors is SAFE

 Hand your keys to your nearest and dearest, like your mom and dad if they happen to be in the same city. If not, do give keys to your most trusted confidante or take them with you.

 Myth 4: Speaking about your travel plans is OK 

 Many of us have a habit of announcing our travel plans to just about everybody. That makes us the gullible victims of people who are looking to take advantage of our vacant homes. Be a little discreet about your comings and goings, don’t shout your travel plans from the rooftops. Any hint that you may be traveling to an expensive destination could convey the wrong idea that you have a lot of money at home.


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