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We always almost equate Turkish Delight with Baklava,one of the cuisines of the former Ottomen Empire.What we do not know is Baklava is just the tip of the iceberg.Turkey is a heaven for food lovers,especially for the variety of food that you get in Turkey,there are surprises galore - for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Turkish Tea at Cicek Pasaji,Istiklal Avenue
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From being randomly invited to taste the Turkish Tea at Istiklal Street to tasting Simit at Taksim Square to eating wholesome vegetarian home cooked food at Galata Kitchen to sipping the world famous Turkish Coffee(Turk Kahvesi) to tasting Kebap and Durum and Kumpir,no wonder why we loved Turkey so much.

Simit,Turkish Sesame Bread Rings

A lady selling fresh Oregano

Desserts galore..

And more..

Turkish Durum being made..

There's no end to cookies and muffins..

And Fishes with unique Turkish names!

 Istanbul is a blend of cultures because one part of it is in Europe and other its in Asia.The beauty of Turkey is that it’s very welcoming.People are generously over flirtatious(we’d share some amusing stories) but at the same time,very inviting.

So as we walked down we tasted free coffee or tea or chatted with people on road or bargained at shops(do bargain!).We watched the lady selling fresh oregano as we watched the many delights that our stomach was craving for.If you love chaos like India has,Istanbul is a perfect match.

A whole some home cooked food at Galata Kitchen,Beyoglu for TL 5

The friendly people @ Turkey

Istiklal Street - Beyoglu - Things To Do And Eat

 Istiklal Street is an elegant pedestrian only street in Beyoglu district with Trams running in the middle of the broad street.There are many narrow street that you can enter in between on the left or right.Most of them consisting of more souvenirs and more and more souvenirs and eateries.There are also entertainment district with bars and eateries. 

                     If you have sweet tooth,what do I say,Turkey is all about Infinite Variety.

 Walking down from Taksim to Istiklal Street took us to the world of liveliness.Walking further down it takes you to Galata Tower and more further down it takes you to Galata Bridge and Spice Market.

Istiklal is a popular and populous street visited by 3 million people in a single day over the course of weekends.There are many souvenir shops(we bought many small things for TL1,TL3,5),small markets selling Fake Original Goods(i.e lookalikes of original brands,we bought a purse for 30TL),restaurants,food joints,snacks.At any time day or night this street is a fun walk,because its laced with activities and people,and friends who enjoy sipping hot fragrant and available everywhere Tea or Coffee.

Road Side Musicians at Beyoglu

Unlike many other places,shopping in Turkey is very very cheap and we get very intricate souvenirs consisting of evil eye charms or watches or intricate jewelry or small stuff to carry back home.Flowery teas are made in Turkey made of original rose buds or flowers such as Jasmine.You also get Turkish Lamps , Chandeliers and beautiful Turkish home storage vessels(for example spice box) in delicate designs.You can get gifts for everyone from here.Or you could go to Grand Bazaar but we loved Istiklal Street for the walk and the entertainment and everything else.We bought most of the things from here.We also changed currency at one of the currency counters there.There are many on the street.

Evil Eye Charms..

We bought one of these.

Turkish Ice cream

Cicek Pasagi..

Tea made of original rose buds.

Beautiful crockery and home stuff.

And stuffed oysters

And Turkish Lamps

Turkish Coffee.. this man was warm and welcoming.
When told so that we would be going Cappadocia next
He said ' O my home Cappadocia,you beauty..come with me'
He also expressed more interest in me that made my friend say why not me!
He said no no.She.Believe me this isn't unusual in Turkey :P

Turkish coffee (Turkish: Türk kahvesi) is a method of preparing unfiltered coffee. Roasted and then finely ground coffee beans are boiled in a pot (cezve), usually with sugar, and served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle.

Hostels - Galata Tower To Galata Bridge - Spice Bazaar

 When my tour was over after 7 days,I was staying in the quiet little hostel Rapunzel behind Galata Tower which is further down from Istiklal.Istiklal street narrows down to Galata Tower after which the street are mainly cobbled pedestrian street with boutique shops(though not costly).You could enter all boutique shops and buy in the range from (TL1 - TL 100).Galata Tower they say has some great views but at the same time there are queues to enter.Walking further down,is Galata Bridge.

Fishing on Galata Bridge

There are some restaurants and shops down the bridge.

Intricate ways of shoe polishing..huh!

The Yeni Cami Mosque

Spice Bazaar-In Spice Bazaar you get authentic spices,souvenirs etc.but souvenirs from Grand Bazaar are cheaper and even some things at Istiklal Street are cheaper.So my visit to Spice market was just to know how it feels like.

In between,Galata Tower To Bridge..

Fishing is the most popular activity at Galata Bridge - that’s what people do.You could go down from the Galata Bridge to the mosque or spice market.

Fishing at Galata Bridge

Rapunzel Hostel(euro 20) :Just one street below Galata Tower Square, you will find Beyoglu Eye Hospital (Beyoglu Goz Hastanesi) its there.

and I woke up with a heart on my hand...hmm not sure how I got it.

Bracelets for TL2-3

Galata Tower

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