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Hola Nomads!

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” 
― Anita Desai

If there was one thing that I had loved since childhood , its been the constant process of re-discovering myself through others,in the eyes of people I never knew or people who now I know or a Destination which inspires me or a Destination I find difficult to let go.On first glance,I am this chirpy bubbly girl who loves hanging around.Questions such as 'Behind The Scenes' have always fascinated me.The world is a beautiful place to be.And my blog an answer to many of them.

2 and a half years back,I quit my IT job to travel and started a blog at the end of Nov 2011.I regret not even once on why I did that.Along the way,I met fascinating people and had great opportunities which now shapes my future in a way I had never thought it to be. Ankionthemove is a personalized Stylish Travel and Adventure Blog which speaks about what I felt about the place and how could you feel the same.I realized a lot of us,do not want to read so much(It came out first from my brother Di how can I read so much but he would comfortably glance at the video for hours).So I started a comprehensive Travel video along with the article on every place which tells you how to go about a place in detail.No fancy photos, no random snippets.The travel videos are of 3-5 minutes which speak about the place the way I have experienced it - so your life becomes easier - plus it comes with the write-ups and the experience.Bingo! Isn't that a perfect combo.Some of my Favorite Travel & Adventure Videos are:

Travel Videos                           
Backpacking Maldives                               Canada Travel                                        Explore Bihar
(Video and Writeup)                            (Video and Writeup)                                 (Video & Writeup)

Adventure                                                  Resorts                                               Events
Templepilots Paragliding                               Flameback Lodges                              Travelers Meet
(Writeup,Videos and Interviews)                (writeup)                                             High On Tanishq

Over the years,I have written around 300 + travel stories,15+ adventure sports,115+ travel videos and have been to 24 states in India and 13 countries.I also have conducted Pan India Travelers Meet across cities to have a huge gathering of like minded,understand travel and travel together.I also write about Style while Travel.For Adventure sports I have taken interviews of people who are the mastermind of current adventure scene in India and have written my own experience of the Sports.I currently work for Skyriders in Marketing.Besides travel and adventure sports,I also write about food/events/resorts and things that interest me.

Featured in Fox Traveller,Radio One FM Chennai Live,Deccan Chronicle,Tanishq Mia,Splash Fashions,Elle,Outlook Traveler,Vijay Karnataka and many more.Awarded by Indiblogger for Category Sports and GCC for best Travel Writer in India.Listed in Top 11 Adventure Travel Blogs of India/Top 4 Indian Travel Bloggers To Follow in 2014.Invited overseas to be part of events like “One Year To Go Commonwealth Games,Malaysian Chinese New Year and many others.I am also certified in 12 international countries.To know more about my achievements Click here

If you think that there's any way you can contribute or help me improve,do not hesitate to send in your piece at"

I do neither believe in solo travel nor leisure travel.I believe in meeting people as they are.I believe in smiling faces that inspires me.I believe in being part of the game or the sport.I believe in travelling not to add a country to my list but to discover it in-out.I believe in adventure sports and the inspiration behind it.I believe that other bloggers are as good as I am.I believe nothing is impossible.That's me,jolly and free-spirited @ Tanishq As beautiful as your work.

"My madness for Travel and Adventure for the last 2.7 years has made me cycle on the Commonwealth Track in Scotland,Skydive in India,Heli Ride over Niagara,Yodel in Switzerland,Cooking and Boxing in Thailand,Seaplanes in Scotland,Backpacking in Maldives and many others"

In short and sweet words,

"India's first stylish travel n adventure video blogger at Ankionthemove. 300+ travel stories,15+ adventure sports,80+ videos,40+ destinations.Kicking alive :)"

I’d love to know about press trips, Sponsorship, FAM Trips ,Freelance travel writing opportunities, Resort reviews, Travel recommendations, Adventure sports invites ,Interviews ,Overseas Intern opportunities,Overseas Travel Job, TV Travel Host,Events coverage,Brand promotions,Blogger meets,Fashion blogger meets, Freelance fashion writing or Part time modelling and any feedback on my blog.



I've been to 13 countries abroad in last 2.7 years and I am certified in 12 international destinations.Pool in your queries,you never know I might just be the best person to help you out with your destination next:).

In Association with

And Oman Tourism,Visit Spain,Visit Switzerland,Israel Tourism,Malaysia Tourism and many others.

As seen in(Road Shows)

So that's me "always on the move"

Some of the link to my work are:

1)Scotland One Year To Go Commonwealth Games : In Association with Visit Britain
2)Malaysia Chinese New Year Open House 2014: In Association with Visit Malaysia
2)Canada : In Association with Canada Tourism

3)Scotland Once More:In Association with Visit Britain
/* Was the only Indian Blogger to be Invited to Scot Expo 2013 & One Year To Go Commonwealth Games and visited Scotland Twice*/
4)Thailand(FAM Trip) In Association with Thailand Tourism
5)Maldives: Backpacking
6)Bhutan : Backpacking

7)Dubai And Abu Dhabi:Personal
6)Oman(Posts complete,to update here ->)
  • How To Do Oman On Your Own Roadshow Writeup
  • A Warm Hi from Oman PhotoEssay
7)South Africa Roadshow Interview and Writeup

8)Spain RoadShow Writeup

9)Philppines RoadShow Roadshow Writeup


Awarded IndiBlogger Awards 2013 for Category Sports
Awarded as Best Travel Writer in India by GCC Travel Awards
Winner Air Asia Dream Destination Blogging Contest

Featured On 

Tanishq:As Beautiful As Your Work
Outlook Traveller : All India Road Trip
Fox Traveller Cover: Guest Editor
Published in Huffington Post,Dainik Jagran
Published in Deccan Chronicle , Hindustan Times
Interviewed by ThrillophiliaGlad2bawomen , Travelbuzz,104.8 FM Chennai Live
Featured on Thrillophilia :Top 8 Travel Bloggers to follow on twitter
Featured on Wooplr as a wonder wooplr of the day
The Backpacker Co:Unbound Traveller
Windchimes Blogger of the fortnight
Avirate Real Women Bangalore Contest:Runners Up
Shoppers Stop Pan India Blogging Contest Winner
Appreciated by Lonely Planet India,Backpacker Co,Thrillophilia

I've traveled to 24 states in India,some of which are covered through:

From Puddles to Cuddles:All India Road Trip Writeup
All India Road Trip Brief Writeup
Mussoorie Writeup Video
Delhi And Just In Haryana Writeup Video
Darjeeling Writeup Video1 Video2
Bihar Writeup Video
Kasauli & Barog Writeup Video
Jharipani Writeup Video
Hampi Writeup Video
Ladakh Writeup Video
Chennai Writeup Video
Munnar Video
Punjab Writeup Video
Kovalam Writeup Video
Bangalore Writeup 
Jammu & Kashmir Writeup


Bangalore Traveler's Meet 22nd Dec 2012 Chai Patty, Writeup
Delhi Traveler's Meet 2nd Feb 2013 Kunzum Cafe, Writeup
Kolkata Traveler's Meet 24th Aug 2013 Tea Trove, Writeup

Adventure Sports

Hot Air Balllooning Facts

Kayaking Facts
Bungy Jumping Facts
Cliff Jumping Facts
Skydiving Facts
Red Bull Soapbox India Facts
Scuba Diving Facts
Sea Walker Facts
Segway Rollers Sea Planes Facts
Zorbing Facts
Tree Climbing Facts
Adventure Photography Facts
Elephant Safari Facts
Most Adventurous Indians Facts
Neemrana Ziplining Facts
Surfing Facts
Bollywood Stars and Adventure Facts


Old Spice With Milind Soman and Diganth Tanishq Mia 
One year to go Commonwealth Games 2014 
Breakbounce & Hot Air Ballooning in Bangalore Writeup
Sunday Soul Sante Writeup
Kate Bracks Masterchef Indian visit Writeup
ScotExpo 2013 Writeup
SATTE 2013 Writeup

Women's day celebration with Serai Writeup 
ENIT (Italy Comes To India)2013 Writeup
Black Dog Comedy Evenings Writeup Video
Black Dog Scotch Tasting Writeup Video
Four Seasons Blogger Meet Writeup Video
Four Seasons Live Cooking Event Writeup Video

Interviews & Startups

Jumpin Heights Interview
Templepilots paragliding Interview
Bangalore Mountaneering Club Interview
Cdr Arun Patil Dive Goa Interview 
The Backpacker Co Summary
Women on wanderlust Summary
Thrillophilia Summary
Precious Paws Foundation Summary
Archana Sardana Summary

Guest Contributions

Anuj Nigam's Dilli Darshan Writeup
Rituparna Soul Searching in Shantiniketan Writeup
Listen to your Heart by Gaurav Bhan Writeup
Isar Ahmed suggestions on Toronto Writeup

Hotel Review

Native Village Writeup 
The Flameback Lodges Writeup Video
The Serai Chikmagalur Writeup
Kurumba Village Resort Conoor Writeup1 Writeup2 Video
Chai Patty Bangalore Writeup Video

International As part of contest
Melbourne Writeup Video1 Video2
Korea Writeup Video
CNN Go Video1 Video2
Nomadic Matt Writeup Video

Contest Win
Kyra,Me & The Sunshine Lakme Indiblogger Contest
The Shoppers Stop Pan India Contest

Certifications & Invitations

  • Certified in 11 international destinations
  • Attended France Tourism Road Show,South Africa Tourism Road Show,Philipinnes,Oman and Spain Road Show As a Travel Blogger


The blessings from the world Writeup
I wish I win Writeup
Ankionthemove Thanks Writeup
The Priyanka and Ranbir Excitement Writeup
After Marriage Friends Writeup
For A Better India Tommorow Writeup
The MIG Love Chase Writeup
Just A Soldier Writeup
Backpack Europe Writeup
The Fantabulous July Writeup
The Canon or Nikon Dilemna Writeup
Travel,Adventure,Social Work India Writeup
And The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To Writeup
On what I usually do Writeup
Outfits in my Backpack Writeup
Life as we now know it Writeup
Clean India Why How Where Writeup

Places Been To

Thailand,Singapore,Bhutan,Maldives,Scotland,Canada,Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Malaysia,India,Oman,Spain,Switzerland,Israel,Britain.

Places Looking Forward To

About what I love besides travel

Painting,Sketching,Dancing,Designing my apparel,Shopping,Listening to songs,Watching latest movies
I love social media too but not as much as these above.I believe I have got a life to live and It's best I live with who all I love and with hobbies I have time for.

Zodiac Sign

My best destination so far
Are Maldives,Darjeeling,Leh and Oman

Wanna be friends with me,add me onto your friendlist on Facebook at

About the blog
About Me Writeup
About the website Writeup
About Supporters Writeup

As previously seen in association with
Black Dog,Four Seasons,Makemytrip,Ixigo,Tanishq,Wildcraft,Breakbounce,CCD Serai,Jabong,Amazon,Dell.

Other Blogs

My blogs are all about being real,and my style sense is as real as it can get,even the beauty products I use are light on my skin.I have to feel the nomad in me.

Beauty: Beautydhaba URL
Fashion: Style URL


  1. Ankita, I hav become a big fan of ur blog and u :). I lyk adventure and thot I could fulfill those outside India only, spending a hefty amount. But ur blog really helpd me get adventure in India. Even my frnz knew a little.

    Really grateful to u. Thnx a ton Ankita.

  2. Thanks so much for such a lovely comment.I am glad that I could be of some help to you.Keep coming keep visiting :)

  3. Hi,
    I have an advertising proposal for you. Please provide me with your e-mail i.d.
    You can mail me at

    Thank you.

  4. Hey, I discovered you online here today itself. Will come back again... Nice to know that somebody like you exists. I'm coming f2f online with a travel blogger for the first time.

  5. Dear Ankita,

    I am Sakina and I work in the marketing team of The Four Fountains Spa. The Four Fountains Spa is India's largest chain of affordable day spas and we are located across 10 cities. I just went through your blog and it was a wonderful read. It was something interesting and refreshing to browse through.

    I would like to invite you for a complimentary therapy at our spa. If you find it worthwhile, your review about us on your blog would be greatly appreciated by us. Would wait to hear from you if this would interest you. If you could let me know the place and branch convenient for you, i can do book the appointment for you. Incase you need to reach me my mobile number is 9820739116 and my id is

    Looking forward to your response and your subsequent visit :)


  6. Hi Ankita,

    I have been through your blog on BOllywood films and their locations, I would like to know whether you are only interested in finding the locations out of India or in India as well. I would request you to visit my page:

    and write something about India as well so that when people visit your blog, they really get admire by the beauty of India.

    When you are such a great adventurist please go ahead and explore some locations of India as well in your blog and let your fans know about the same. Please reply.

  7. @Tell Me The Locations:Well honestly,I have been to most places in India,and I am now discovering shores overseas.

    You have got an amazing page,and I have kept your advice in mind.

    It takes time to write about all 25 states,which I eventually will in course of time,but as I said,its gonna take some time.

  8. Hi Ankita,

    Congratulations to you...! For being able to live your dream. I can totally understand your passion and all the hard work it takes to have travelled so much and to have acheived this. I will definitely not say "you have been lucky you could so this".

    It is not luck alone that can do this.

    I love travelling too and I have Europe on my list for this year :)

    I would like to know more about your travel stories and all your passion behind this and also share my stories.

    Can I request you to drop me a an email on or share you email ID ?

    I am looking forward to know and meet travel enthusiats and find good company to travel with :)

  9. Cool blog :) will keep reading

  10. Hi anki
    Im currently (literally) studying your bhutan posts as im planning on going there. Im trying to follow yout route although im not sure where u exited bhutan from. Im planning entry from indian (im indian btw) at phuentsholin, going up to paro and thimpu, and punakha from there as im dying to visit the temple of the devine madman (did you go there?) But after that I am stumped as to what to do or where to go. I want to exit from samdrup jongkhar so id basically being seeing the country west to east. Any advise, ideas would be superb. On an informative jote -im going to be travelling solo, is that advisable for a small sized 25yr old indian girl? Iv bagpacked solo through himachal, rajasthan and a tiny bit of south india and mostly gotten back in one piece save for the loads of times iv had trouble with indian men along the way, which is surprising as im completely indian, speak hindi et all. Will I hhave any trouble in bhutan? Indian bias's that you came across? And how much of the monastries will I be able to see if im going solo everywhere?
    Would love to hear what you have to say about this.


  11. Hi Anki

    I am jewelery designer . I make hand-made jewellery and export all around world.

    Came across your site from friends.
    Will great if you could h Feature my work. I make exclusively hand made jewellery you can visit my work shop .
    I will be really great-full .
    I have sent you few pictures of my work. If want see more pictures i can send them.
    Look forward for your mail.

    Best Regards

    Priya Palecanda.

  12. hey Ankita,

    Even I do keep a nomadian spirit and loves to travel, although i m a forensic expert.
    I want to know, do u arrange trips also??
    I really want to join you.
    Thank you

  13. I am an experienced jumper done more than 50 static line jumps and now want to upgrade it to there a course in month of April this year and how much would be the cost

  14. Hi,

    Could you please get me in touch with the content manager of this website?


  15. Hi,

    can you get me in touch with the content manager of the website?


  16. That's just awesome Ankita, I just started blogging and I really hope I could reach the heights that you have achieved. Thanks a lot for all you have done and shared with us.


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