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                                                                  Me Seeking Blessings of an elephant


National Thai Elephant Day, March 13 th, Lampang Thailand
Kaziranga Elephant Festival,March 26th ,Assam India

1)Dubare Elephant Camp: Coorg Karnataka India

                                                                     Image Source: Mouthshut.com

-This is the opportunity for you to get to know the most elegant animal of the planet - the elephant more closely.

-Situated on the banks of River Cauveri, the Dubare elephant camp introduces you to the various aspects of this awe-inspiring animal. Learn more about elephant history, ecology and biology or just spend hours simply watching Elephants roaming in the forest.

-Rediscover the child within you by feeding these gentle giants with sugarcane and bananas.

Elephant Interaction: The three-hour elephant interaction is destined to be the most unforgettable experience at Dubare camp.

- You can watch elephants being given scrub-baths and groomed with oil from close proximity. You can also participate in feeding the elephants with sugarcane, banana and coconuts.

- And finally, take the short elephant ride.

Where: Dubare Elephant Camp

Here I am,this is me,a few elephant moments captured in Video

2) National Thai Elephant Day, March 13 th

-Thai people have high esteem and reverence towards elephants and the Thai government, in 1998, officially announced March 13th of each year to be the National Thai Elephant Day.

- On the Elephant Day, Maesa Elephant Camp will arrange a grand celebration for its elephants to mark the importance of this intelligent creature. ‘Satoke', similar to kantoke, the traditional northern Thai style of dining, is organised into the

-world's largest elephant buffet - a marvellous sight to behold, as dozens upon dozens of giant pachyderms eat to their heart's content at a great banquet satoke.

-Children join the celebrations free of charge to promote the value of elephants and of the day for them.

3)Thai Elephant Conservation Center,Chiang Mai: Thailand

-The Thai Elephant Conservation Center is the first camp in Thailand to put the foreign tourists to ride on the neck of elephant over ten years ago..

- Our mahout training course becomes very popular among the tourist by their recommendation..

There are many tourists just come back to repeat their course by requesting the same elephant and many of them just regard the Thai Elephant Conservation Center is the second home..

Where :http://www.changthai.com/tours/

4)Elephant Safari, Thekkady : Kerala India

-Elephant Safari Programme offers you a rare opportunity to experience the safari on an Elephant through a Spice Plantation where the gentle breeze refresh ones, with the spice scented air.

-The park is situated in an area 15 minutes from kumily (2 km).

Package Includes
The elephant package includes 1 or 2 hour elephant ride,
 timber dragging,
 elephant shower,
 play with baby elephant ,
 feeding fruits, commands, communications and photo session.

Package Cost
30 mins elephant safari - 1000
60 mins elephant safari - 2000
90 mins elephant safari - 3000

Where To: http://elephantcamp.in/

5)Maesa Elephant Camp,Chiang Mai : Thailand

Maesa Elephant Camp created a painting by a group of the eight artist elephants which became of interest on the world stage when the Ripley's Believe It Or Not and the Guinness World Records acknowledged this special painting as “the Largest Painting by a Group of Elephants” and “the Most Expensive Painting by A Group of Elephants” respectively.

6)Addo Elephant Back Safaris,South Africa

-In the Zuurberg mountains of Greater Addo - but not affiliated to the national park - is Addo Elephant Back Safaris.

-At this Eastern Cape lodge guests have the option to walk with or ride the three resident elephants through some of Africa's most diverse landscapes.

-Walks with the elephants allow guests to observe their behaviour in natural surroundings, while riding the gentle pachyderms gives an excellent perspective of the area - at a peaceful and gentle pace.

- Bush, ravines and forest are encountered on each outing, before relaxing at a waterhole while the elephants frolic and swim.

-There are numerous daily options, from a two-hour morning walk and ride with snacks provided, to a three-hour walk and ride with lunch, an afternoon walk and ride with drinks and snacks for two hours, to a late-afternoon sundowner encounter with elephants, with drinks and snacks provided and lasting an hour.

Where: http://www.aebs.co.za/

7)Elephant Sanctuary and Guest Lodge,South Africa

-Elephant Sanctuary offers guests a comprehensive, hands-on elephant experience that enriches and informs. Mosadi, Moroela, Khumba, Thandi, Jabu, Themba, Mvuso, Kitso, Thaba, Tumelo and Kasper ensure that guests will leave with new-found respect and admiration for the gentleness and intelligence of African elephants.

-Activities include touching, feeding and brushing elephants, walking with them or riding them through the bush.

-Guests can opt for a day trip to the sanctuary or overnight in the 10-bedded Indo-African lodge, where all rooms share a common wall with the elephants' stables.

Where: http://www.elephantsanctuary.co.za/

8)Elephant Safari Park Bali,Indoneshia

-A visit to the Elephant Safari Park is a must for any visitor to Bali.  Get up close and personal with these incredible animals in a beautiful tropical park setting.

- Elephants can be seen immersing themselves in the park lake, in between riding, painting or other activities.  Hand feed them, touch them, take photos with them, then learn more about the elephants ancestry and diversity at the Park's historical and graphic displays.

- Location Map A 200-seat restaurant over looking the lake, ideal for large groups or wedding, features an international menu, and the park Gift Shop offers an extensive range of elephant-theme products, including elephant paintings, elephant ivory, mammoth ivory, carvings, clothing, souvenirs and jewelry.

-Displays of elephant intelligence and their capabilities can be viewed at the Park Arena and elephants can also be seen painting at selected times daily. See Elephant Facts!

-Without a doubt the Elephant Safari Park in Taro is a MUST for visitors to Bali, and is the ONLY complete elephant experience in the world - making it truly unique.

Where To: http://www.elephantsafariparklodge.com/

9)Pinnawela Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka

-Pinnawela orphanage is situated in Rambukkana, northwest of the town Kegalla, halfways between the present capitol Colombo and the ancient royal residence Kandy in the hills of central Sri Lanka. It was established 1975 by the Sri Lanka Wildlife department.

-This 24 acres large elephant orphanage is a also breeding pace for elephants, the first elephant baby was born in 1984, and it has the greatest herd of elephants in captivity in the world. Between 1975 and 2012, 67 animals were born here.

-At Pinnawela an attempt was made to simulate, in a limited way, the conditions in the wild.
Animals are allowed to roam freely during the day and a herd structure allowed to form.

-The elephants are stall fed. There is very little food material that they can gather from the premises of the orphanage except grass. Large quantities of food are brought in daily. Jackfruit, coconut, kitul, tamarind and grass form the bulk of the food given to the elephants at Pinnawela. 

Where: Volunteer at Pinnawela


Elephant Festival of Assam

-Elephant Festival is one of the big festival of Assam. It is celebrated from 11th February to 17th February in each year.

-This festival is the largest elephant Festival of India. This festival is celebrated for conservation and protection of the Elephants of Asia.

-Many people are gathered to see the festival and enjoy the Elephant festival of Assam. This festival developers a good relation between man and Elephants. This is also tells us not to kill the elephants because there are a few elephants left in our country.

-This festival also tells us the struggle of Elephants and it is Increasing the Eco Tourism. It is celebrated at Kaziranga National Park in Assam in every year.

- It is organized by both Forest Department and Tourism Department of Assam. There are many events are held in this festival. If you ever come to Assam, Never forget to see this festival of Assam.

Main Attractions of Elephant Festival of Assam

-The main Attractions of Elephant Festival of Assam are the decorated elephants of Assam. Those elephants are decorated from their heads to toes.

-The line of standing elephants make a beautiful looking to the area. They stand like a parade programme. There are many other attractions are also celebrated in this festival, such as: elephant races, throw ball and many more events.

-The sight is very amazing at that moment. One must feel very proud if he or she can take the opportunity to view this festival of Assam. This is a nice Assamese culture and traditions.

Where to Stay in Kaziranga National Park of Assam

-There are many forest guest houses are available in Kaziranga National Park of Assam. You can get almost all facility in these guest houses.

- There are also many Private hotels and lodges are available in Kaziranga National Park of Assam. Online reservations are also available in these hotels of Assam.

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