Surfing History,Surfboarding techniques Part 2


Discover how to determine if you are regular or a goofy footer and pointers on how to get up onto a surfboard.

Learn to Surf Lesson 6: Stance and Standing

Discover how to attach a leash to your surfboard and leg, carry a surfboard correctly, wax as surfboard, and put a wetsuit on.

Learn to Surf Lesson 7: Attaching a Leash and Carrying a surfboard

Discover how to paddle correctly, enter and exit the water safely, exercises to warm up and get out through the waves.

Learn to Surf Lesson 8: Entering and Exiting the Water

Discover how to lie on your surfboard properly, it on your board and turn using your hands and feet and get off your surfboard correctly and safely.

Learn to Surf Lesson 9: Controlling Your Surfboard

Discover how to select the right wave, catch a wave, and identify common mistakes beginners make.

Learn to Surf Lesson 10: The Right Waves for You

Discover how to take off, trim, angle, and turn.

Learn to Surf Lesson 11: Riding the Waves

Discover how to act and respect other surfers in the ocean. The rules regarding dropping in and snaking. Paddling Out and getting out of the way of other surfers.

Learn to Surf Lesson 12: Surfing Etiquette

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