Surfing History,Surfboarding techniques Part 1


History of Surfboarding

There is some disagreement as to whether surfing first started in Hawaii, Peru, or Polynesia

But as per several journals and books on surfing,the story of its origin goes as follows

According to the records compiled by Lieutenant James King, surfing has been a part of Hawaii’s history for many generations as documented by Captain James Cook in his journals which were dated 1779.

The First Surfboards

The first surfboards were commonly made using wood from the Koa tree, which is abundant in Hawaii.  It reached lengths of about 16 feet long. Even though these surfboards were highly buoyant these were also very heavy.


Learn to Surf Lesson 1: Choosing the Right Equipment

Learn to Surf Lesson 2: Elements of a surfboard and the right surfboard for you

Learn to Surf Lesson 3: Beach Awareness

Learn to Surf Lesson 4: Personal Safety

Learn to Surf Lesson 5: Surfing Hazards

Proceed to Part two to know more about entering and exiting a wave,stance and standing on surf board.

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