Adventure Experiences And What Goes Behind It


I think when we talk adventure,we often forget that people who are behind adventure deserves a salute for bringing it to the world that once was never.When we think adventure,we often think it as some brave sports.However,as much as the adventure gives us the adrenaline rush,there's lots that goes into it - including the much debated 'safety'.When it comes to the context of Adventure in India,people go far more skeptical but slowly that is changing.The world already loves adventure.With more knowledge,experience and guidelines coming in,Adventure Sports are often trending,comparatively safer than it once was and desirable.

I started writing about Adventure Sports 3 years back when I worked for an adventure firm and then Skydiving team.The journey till now has been pleasant.I love exploring the depths of people who had the vision to bring it to the world - and as I meet more and more of them,I realize many of them started very small with just passion and experience in hand.Be it Ballooning in Turkey to Skydiving in India,these stories are inspiring.Often more inspiring than the stories of many travel bloggers.

And then there are those who take it to the next level altogether - creating world records that are result of their non-stop determination.I haven't done all the possible adventure sports,but personally I believe in sharing my experience of what I have had and also writing about Sports I know of.

My Skydiving Video

Ankionthemove interviews TemplePilots :)

You can read my adventure experiences here

How can you as a reader contribute?

Guys I feel largely disconnected these days ever since I moved to US.However,since many of you are in India,why not share your best adventure experiences and pictures along with it.Not only India,I loved to see it and post it from any part of the world.Mail me at

And meanwhile since I am in US I can delight you with kayaking and hopefully soon snow adventures :).

How can you contribute as a provider?

If you are an adventure organisation,we don't know about,please open up and tell us your story.Let your story be a ride of passion in millions of hearts of readers. Mail me at


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