India International Trade Fair:Indian Edition


                                                               Posing as an Astronaut: @Punjab Pavilion

                                                                A Small Kid: Dad Ye chidiya kyon hai Yahan?
                                                                 Dad: Sone Ki Chidiya Hai Hamara Desh
                                        A candid conversation between a small kid and his dad @Delhi Pavilion

                                                                      Glitz and Glamor @ Mumbai Pavilion
Sipping up a hot kahwa in cold Delhi Winter @J & K Pavilion 

Sand Art @ Orissa Pavilion

The magic of north east @ Assam and Nagaland Pavilion

Twilight@Rajasthan Pavilion 

The epitome of Art & Culture@West Bengal Pavilion

Not just the blinking lights@Bihar & Gujrat Pavilion

The peacock spread his wings@Jharkhand and Chattisgarh Pavilion

                                                                The fabric speaks a thousand words

What are we without technology "ATM on wheels"

We are so used to chaos that everyone looks like part

Unlike the other fairs in India,this one was very well organised.
I totally enjoyed my experience
It looked like the static Jhankis of Republic Day
Very well put on Display.
Thanks all for watching :)



  1. nice collection of photos, each entire different from other and beautiful colors

    happy xmas and newyear

    thanks for sharing


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