BreakBounce:End Of The World 2012


                                Me with Stephan And Nitisha at Breakbounce End Of The World 2012

We all have got bored of jeans,aren't we?We want to look comfortable and casual,and nothing else apart from Jeans fits in.

But the trend has to change with the change in our lifestyles.We no longer just sit.We work,we travel,we jump and we dance.Just the other day I was discussing with my cousin "enough of that hinky minky poser doser page 3 dresses",the fashion trend has to come up with super comfortable clothes for us travellers,really.

And here's some real good news for MEN!

                                                   Everyone would love a look that's easy on the pocket
                                                                 And Flexible like "Shaolin Soccer"

Lately a rugged style in men has really been coming back in a big way,the bright flashy bright colored clothes paired with subtle colored tees,or an aviator blue chinos with perfect dazzling white.

Welcome to the world of Breakbounce "A collection that's casual,sporty and cool"

When I was invited by Rajat to the End of the World party at Pebble,Palace grounds,I thought it would be just another party.But my whole perception changed when I met Stefan Persson,Nitisha and the team.When I entered Nitisha in very lovely white and red greeted me in the most welcoming smile.She told me to participate in "Style my own look" and I did.Well if you are guessing what it was,I was supposed to choose the perfect pair of tees and chinos and give it a name.What fun!

My deary pairy(Ah the combo I chose)
It's called the "Fly High" Look 

                                                                     The crowd grooving to the music

                                                                                "Excitement" Speaks                    

                                         Art knows no boundaries.It was the world of all degrees creative.

It was time to wrap up.Buy hey I met an interesting lady called Sunieta at the stall,who was just as naughty and nice as me.A tarot card reader and a designer,she has her own eclectic style.And turned out that even she was a traveller.

The pretty Sunieta at her stall.Sunieta I really miss the feathery collection.
It was awesome.

Look what I got,those vibrant colored earings

You can like them at :Breakbounce Official Page
Or Follow them at:@letsbreakbounce 
Or just visit the collection at:Breakbounce Website

You can't do the end of the world in a conventionally dramatic way or Boy Meets Girl way. But you can always breakfree with breakbounce like I did :)
The whole event was fun to be at.Thanks to the team for the lovely night.

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