Outskirts of Delhi N Just In Haryana

                                                            The Tughlaq tomb

"I love to be in the warmth of my blanket,tucked in like a baby.But sometimes this whole ritual of just lazing around is boring.More so when you are in the city which sleeps late.The city which is always in the news for good or more for wrong reasons.The city which is famous for both sardi and its garmi."

I still remember talking to one of my friend who very casually said "Me dilli ja ra hu,and den at a very excited tone dilli ki ladkiyan suna hai badi soni hoti hai.He was more excited about the gals than his own admission.I do not deny the fact,the gals in Delhi are very well groomed no matter what.So yes, Delhi is famous for gals.

But of late, Delhi has gained a strikingly notorious reputation of "THE RAPE CAPITAL" of India.So what if the gals are smart and sweet and everything else,it never gives anyone the right to do anything they want to.It happens everywhere in India,a touch here and there is so casual that no gal born can escape the brutal reality that we have to face.So on a starting note,we sign a petition towards NDTV initiative to stop rape.

                                                                                         NDTV Petition

Every coin has a good and a bad side to it.Delhi is in fact one of the cities which remains close to my heart for all the right reasons, touch wood till date.I remember walking along the qutub minar and the lotus temple with dad and mom way back when I was a child.I also remember,the short in between trips to Delhi during my summer vacations from Manipal. Either it served as a perfect stopover for Haridwar,Chandigarh or Jammu or it always remained the old chaotic self.But it was always there,and will always be.

3 Hours In And Around Delhi And Not the usual stuff

Video on Delhi

 I sometimes wonder,what if you have a day,just a day to roam around Delhi.Where would you go and what would you do?There are umpteen number of weekend gateways from Delhi online,and yes Manali,Kullu,Shimla,Nainital etc etc are truly one of the best places around but what if you just want to drive not so long.What happens then?

Then you are bound to search for your destination.I take you to few,we did in 3 hours flat!And no,we didn't go to Qutub Minar or Humayun Tomb or Red Fort which are famous and would be covered in subsequent posts but not today.

The Tughlakabad Fort And Tughlaq Tomb

                                                                 The walled Enclosure Of Tughlaq Tomb

We have had planned Surajkund Lake,but on the way came a magnificent fort.Surprisingly there was no queue.How could it be?It was the coldest day today.People would rather stay at home,and even I was dreaming to be at home in my small blanket,but then I was happy to have discovered a hidden gem out of the blue.

We took tickets from the counter,and started going up towards the fort and then realized how magnificent was the other side.It was all foggy but the red and cream of the tomb was a contrast we cannot deny to have fallen for.Delhi is one such city where places of architectural beauty has been modified,colored and improved on over the years.

We were the only ones to go in during the morning wee hours.There were parrots and monkeys,and in between was the tomb standing in silence.I sometimes wonder,why some places are still hidden and the thought itself make me to travel more and more.

Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range,Tughlakabad Delhi

      Jungle Fowl Camp By Haryana Tourism Comes In Between

Spread over 72 acres,just ahead of Tughlakabad Fort,Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range is members exclusive.We asked the terms and conditions,and turned out to be that for membership it costs 1500 for 3 months time-span. Not so costly for the world class Shooting facility.

SurajKund Lake,Faridabad Haryana

The Surajkund Complex is a large area which is spread across many resorts,miniatures of state symbols and the lake.The entry fee is 40 Rs.

                                                                 Surajkund Lake,I wish there was water!

When we started we thought the lake would be lake.But alas! The lake has no water,though the place wasn't at all shabby we expected to be in Haryana. We loved the stairs which go up and down like an open auditorium alongside the lake.The camels were loving the weather,and we were enjoying the peacefulness which we otherwise never get in Delhi

There were areas dedicated to each state in the complex,though the entry was closed.The gaurd said that the preparation has already started for the Surajkund Crafts Mela in Feb.

                                                                       I dunno what made me smile :)

For those who do not know,"The Surajkund Crafts Mela has been upgraded as an international event and is now known as as 'Surajkund International Crafts Mela' from this year February 1 to 15,2013.

That's it for today,if you haven't been to Neemrana yet,you should it's also one of the places to visit around Delhi within 1.5 hours.And it's beautiful!

                                                                    Stunts That Doesn't Hurt@Neemrana

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  1. You seem to be having great fun, enjoy :D

  2. @Ghazala:Yep I am having a blast here :)

  3. @Ravi:Most welcome.Keep visiting my blog for more updates :)

  4. Delhi is great fun in winters.....a day in delhi...well, the options are endless...but I would go for breakfast at American Diner IHC, lodhi garden followed by a visit to humayun;s tomb, then off to old fort, then to agrasen baoli n CP n evening watching sunset at PSR rock!! :)


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