The February Plan


Dear Friends and Folks,

There are so many things going on in my life as always.At one side I have my blog babes "Ankionthemove",on another is my event page on the way to revamp.On one side I have a wedding in the family,on another side I have an event to attend.Unfortunately,in few of my previous blogposts on Ankionthemove,the pictures are missing with an error of broken link.Wonder what that means!It hasn't been lifted from the junk of images worldwide,it was part of my picasa album gone phew :P.I have repaired a few,a few still left.

Being featured on wooplr for style(yes style!) was another high point.Republic day live was unparalleled experience in Delhi.And for the better and the best,I have an upcoming opportunity to meet and interact with 74 other travelers in Delhi Travelers Meet this Saturday..Looking forward to with all zeal and excitement.It doesn't end here,I have another video to complete on Delhi sitting in Bangalore before I travel to Mumbai,stay there for two days and go all the way to Ahmedabad in next 12 days.And when you ask me why Ahmedabad this time you have got the chance to join me too :) and given below is exactly how you can be part of the next 3 events this February.


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Thanks to my favourite Indiblogger and the Shoppers Stop for the win

Join Me If You Can

For details on registration,mail me at or call me at +919845088909

1)Delhi Traveler's Meet [2nd Feb],seating capacity limited

76 already in,this sure is gonna rock the Kunzum Travel Cafe.The response is mind-blowing,if it exceeds 80,I have to split dates to accommodate so many people.The more the better.The better the double dates :)

DTM -> 76 nomads in

2)Rann Of Kutch [ 15th - 17th Feb],capacity 10 each per group

Even wondered of travelling to Rann and staying in the home stays?This is what we are up to this February.Already 5 travelers in for the fun that doesn't last all time of the year.

3)Hot Air Ballooning [9-10th Feb, 23-24th Feb]

Hot Air Ballooning is a seasonal activity.Hurry before it closes in peak summer.


  1. Hi Ankita,

    Wow, congrats on the win. :) :)
    You've got some line-up coming your way. Way to go, you're heading in the right direction, things are going perfect.

    Do share the pics with us once all the events are finished. Kutch should be exciting :)


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  2. Take it easy Anki, you are doing a grand job! I still feel I should have made it to the Bangalore Traveler's Meet but ..
    BTW, where is the hot air ballooning happening?

  3. @Arnab:Thanku thanku.I would've loved to meet you at BTM,but never mind we can still have a Traveler's meet in Hydrabad some time later :)

    Hot Air Ballooning is happening in Jaipur.


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