Delhi Traveler's Meet : A Glimpse


Delhi Traveler's Meet : A Glimpse

Meetups are fun.Period.No matter where in the world you are from,there should always be a get together for us to know each other.Like a party next door.Like a celebration.And it rarely happens so..

"When we start working,when we have our spouses,when we get married,when we have children,when we go onsite,when we grow old,we gradually change our methods of traveling.Sometimes,an old friend is too busy to accompany,and sometimes being on our own gives us the space to explore more.There is,and always a point,when many of us are at a void."

Many times we have our own personal glitches,either its financial or lack of support from the nomads long forgotten.When I decided to start my blog "I had no plans".I just wanted to help people out there on the online sphere and not confuse them with loads of data.I wanted to fill the gap.

When I started Traveler's Meet,I wanted to help every person connect to each other and not just on a virtual platform.I might be an altogether different person virtually,and a very alternate person in reality.With the boom of social media,we find friends to connect we might never know anything about except their twitter handle or may be just an Indiblogger account.Things have to change,if we all want to open up and travel together.

The meetups become more formal as we age,and it wasn't a surprise to me when I got questions like

This is my first meetup,what is the agenda?

When I do meetups,I do it in collaboration with the funkiest cafe in town,and not so expensive.It is my sole responsibility to get it forward in an interactive manner,and the folks from cafe are sweet to help me with whatever lil help I need.Most of the time,the agenda is a simple ice breaker session with discussion on future travel plans.Apart from that,we have some random friendly games where people get to know each other.

Can you brief us about the MOM?

MOM or the "Minutes of Meeting" remind me of my corporate days.The MOM's are usually the fun events,you can be part of.Nothing much can be written about it,but you have to come and feel the ambiance or the people:)

What do I gain out of it?

When people ask me question like this,it is usually confined to "what monetary gains",the sessions are charged based on the time space allocated for the cafe(4-7pm) ,that's the peak time for business/leisure.So for my gain,nothing..

Except some new friendships,new nomads,and new ideas!

Why Traveler's Meet?

Why not!

Delhi Travelers Meet What We Did

When it started,it started with a few folks getting in the Kunzum Travel Cafe a little before time,confused on "Are they at the right place" as the cafe was getting renovated with new set of interesting pictures on the wall, taken by Ajay who is the owner of the cafe.Finally the few newbies were relaxed and at peace and started sharing their work,their travel stories with me and others.We were just 6 of us initially at 4 pm,and we knew that people would come when the traffic would ease at Hauz Khas!Yes,the deadly traffic we all got stuck in :)..They had to,there were 104 registrations,so many that I had to put a hold on RSPV's at the end.

..And slowly and slowly people started coming in,each of them with their own stories,own ideas,own plans,own hobbies,own creativity.And the more the folks walked in every time,the merrier the gang began to open up.We started with our group games on maps and places to go on budget and we had winners who came up with interesting itineraries and discussion on what to include and what not to.Some funny,some real and some to just win.And the winners got the "Kuch Meetha Ho Jae" as a small token of appreciation.We had 'Thumba','Wanderers','Mad Men' and 'Who cares!' as groups.So now we know how to cover Kathmandu in 12.5k all inclusive 6 people 5 days,and Nagtibba also on a budget and with camping.

Similar to the judges call on 'Silence please',we had bells to hold and do 'Tring Tring',so that one listens to each other and not just chit-chat.Many of them blew shankhs,and yes the evening ended on a wonderful note as Preeti sang for all of us on her guitar with her song 'beautifully self-composed'.

We had sabbaticals on move,we had a nomad at heart who has traveled to 80 countries(How lucky!),we had Anuj who came to DTM(Delhi Travelers Meet) all the way from Lucknow,we had Bela who was a part of a gang for not so long,but we enjoyed her presence.We had a tattoo artist,I hope I learn the art someday :). We had Avanish,he's been commenting on my blog since long,and it was great to have him around.We had even someone who missed his first Karate class!We had a mix of all travelers from everywhere under one roof,all set for their next destination or plan.And yes,we even discussed Couchsurfing.

All Pictures Delhi Traveler's Meet : DTM All Pics

It was a lovely evening,thanks for being part of my nomadic sojourn.

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                                                                                  Me, in Aero India 2011


  1. WoW! So many travellers at one place, i missed so many stories!

    PS: I owe you an apology, i had RSVP'd both on meet-up & FB but never turned up, as i got the tickets to Kumbh for the same day (after two attempts in the past weekends). Sorry :)

  2. It seems that you had wonderful time. I am waiting for my first traveler meet.

  3. Loved the meet-up the environment, the place, the people, the game... Every bit of it.

    Pictures clicked by Me-

  4. Hi Ankita,

    It's my first time at your blog!

    I enjoyed reading about your traveller's meet up!

    It's great that so many people are meeting up to hang out and share experiences!

  5. Simply put forward and so alive. I believe that's my experience after reading your article...

  6. @deejthtraveller:Looking fwd to pics and stories from Mahakumbh.
    Never mind,we anyways get to know your stories from twitter.I tweet less,so the meetups :P.Will organise one more sometime late,and hope to see you there :)

  7. @Vishal Rathod:Yes in Mumbai,very soon :)

  8. @Anuj Nigam:Thanks Anuj we totally enjoyed your company.And luk at the pictures you clicked man,so lively and happy faces,kudos to you :)

  9. @Gaurav Bhan:Thanks,yes I do not believe in writing made up stories :P.

  10. It was very nice to meet you at DTM..Really enjoyed that evening..Looking forward for the next.

  11. @Avanish : Same here.Great that everyone tagged their faces,atleast now I know for sure who is who :)

  12. i think it is a nice event with full of joy and entertainment


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