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Confession:I am an obsessed Femina Fan

                                                                      The Femina Pyramid at my home

Femina is part of my life since school,college,breakups,makeups,marriage,style,my gloomy days,my happy radiant days,my bad hair days,my dreams,my inspiration and my travel plans.With a tagline apt for every edition "For the women you are",it is one of the best magazine with quality content that hit the stalls every month.I eagerly wait for the edition to arrive,and when it does,I grab it as fast as I can to not miss stories,ideas and trends.Every night before I sleep,I turn the pages and voila,my sleep turns into a dreamy world of positives.The feeling of  "Yes I can" imbibed in me through various editions of Femina

Femina is my granny who fights for wrong,who tells the world openly the otherwise conservative topics still considered a taboo to discuss in open.A friend who shares the dresses and the good girlie stuff.No matter where I am traveling,I do not forget to get a copy from the nearest railway station stall or the airport lounge.Heaps and bundles of Femina lie in my home,making a pyramid of useful information I love to browse through time and again.Love you Femina

So passionate about Femina I am that I  found a video interview of Tanya Chaitanya,the editor of Femina and her travel plans on youtube,and here it is for all of you to know her :)

 Femina and Me

1)Dreams of Travel:We all dream,some less some more.Femina has made me realize how can dreams be turned into reality.Siting examples of hundreds of successful women in their relative fields,I set my next goal to conquer the world.I have already traveled 25 states in India,and 4 countries abroad,and looking forward with some of these in the next few months.

2)Setting the Stage:I quit my corporate job of 4.5 years, last year with a goal to fulfill my wanderlust with an intention to help people realize that the world is not as expensive and the adventure sports are the new ballgame in India and worldwide.I started my travel adventure blog "ankionthemove.com" a year back,made videos of every place and wrote a first hand experience to help people tread my path.Conducted Traveler's Meet in Delhi and Bangalore to help the travellers connect.Hundreds of appreciation in forms of awards and print media followed.And my source of inspiration,none other than Femina.With the savings of my last job,and practically no such free flow of cash I did what I could have only imagined in my rarest of rare dreams.I now have the courage to take up freelance assignments to get going and explore more countries

I wish to be on Femina someday!That's a dream come true for every women Indian

3)The perfect nude and cut:I admit,I am tomboyish.I hardly apply makeups,but the recent developments like attending events have made me realize how a perfect shade of foundation is not only rare but make you shine through.A foundation need not be ghostly or bizarre.Pixie was something I wanted to sport since long,but never got the boldness to cut short my hair almost 3/4 its length.Last year,I skipped the general questions in my mind "What will my husband and in laws think","how will I look","what if my hair grows untidy" and did what I wanted.The inspiration again "Femina for the make up and hair tips"

4)From Never to Forever:"I never imagined I'll marry my boyfriend who is so different from me".The article is a symphony of my real life experience.Yet I am glad that I didn't marry the conventional husband and we gel up beautifully!

5)Personal Stories that made sense:There are umpteen number of magazines which talk rubbish,Femina deals with issues head on,making sense.I love Femina to be true,to the daily emotions we deal with

6)Dress me up:Cinderellas are for gowns and fairy tales.The ideas and the what's not in to what's in is helpful in ways only an addict Femina reader can tell.Femina helped me evolve in terms of being fashionable

Femina Made By You Issue

This isn't the first time that Femina is gathering inputs from everyone.We have had issues with cover of real women,interviews of people like us.

But this is the first time that a magazine will be full of stories and ideas from us.So

If you have confidence in your innate talent and creative instincts and several stories & write-ups to share

Submit your articles for Femina Made By You issue - http://on.fb.me/13LDVaf

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