The Delhi Challenge Part 1


Anuj Nigam's Delhi Darshan

                                                                                           The Being Anuj Pose

Last week,I posted the Delhi Challenge on my blog,and look what I have got,my first post on the subject contributed by Anuj Nigam.Anuj is one of the travellers from Lucknow,and one of my facebook page fan.We are regularly in touch for quite a while through likes and comments.

Note:The writeup and image are first hand experience of Anuj Nigam.Reproduction of  his image or his experience in whole or part on the internet is prohibited.Images are optimized for better page load.

                                                                                    Nightout at India Gate

He was also part of the Delhi Travelers Meet,and is a very vibrant photographer.He is planning to travel to Leh and Bhutan this summer.

You can also be part of the The Delhi challenge and here's how

How to be part of the Delhi Challenge?

The super excited Anuj's initial response about Rashtrapati Bhavan

"Simply Beautiful, awesume trip... I guess ther will be no othr as lavish and Kingly palace in our country as RB... i Kept my cam shutter ON till reception Area nd clicked numerous pic's till ther. (even getting Scolded by Security Pepl)...aftr reception area My cam,cellphn,even my pendrive was taken away frm me... the Palace is Beautiful, i got to see every ceremonial halls(Durbar,ashoka,marble hall),Kitchen Museum,Press room,Mughal gardens etc.nd even Gandhi ji's last blood drops are preserved in thr Museum!!"

Rasthrapati Bhavan has recently opened its doors for Commoners, and here's how you can be part of it

Visit the President House

1)Which are your favorite food joints.Tried Karims,Paranthe wali Gali or Kake da Dhaba?If yes,then which and what is your best?

On my recent trip, I managed to visit Paranthe wali gali in Chandni chowk being tempted with their variety of paranthas. Though I don't remember the name of outlet which I shortlisted among all, on the basis of Celeb pic's as their visitors. I had Mix veg and Paneer paranta @ 75Rs each

2)I am visiting Delhi for the second time,and I do not want to repeat or regain my historical education?What do I do then?

                                                                                           Along the path

Rashtrapati bhavan is a great treat for monuments and palace lovers, both from outside and inside. I got online permission to visit this Palace from inside, which was far better and grand of what we see from outside.
Rashtrapati Bhavan

 I got to see every ceremonial hall i.e. Durbar, Ashoka and marble Hall , their museum's, Kitchen, Library, big dining halls, well preserved ages old paintings and Art  etc.

                                                                               Inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan

Plus on every sunday morning 'A change of Guard' ceremony takes place at India gate.. A show worth watching.. ( Told by a Air Force personnel posted at India Gate)

3)Which is the best bar, best creative cafe and best disc in Delhi?Please do not mention very high end places,we all are normal people with limited budget ain't we?

Haven't been to Cafe's and discs much in Delhi. I liked Kunzum travel Cafe @hauz khas

4)How can Delhi be adventurous for you?

                                                                           The road travelled not so often

On my next trip to Delhi Cycling on Rajpath would definitely be on my things to do list.

5)What is the one thing that you'd love to change in Delhi and why?

To change and remove all the impractical rules meant nd made for Photographers, which hinders us to take crazy nd beautiful photographs of people and architecture ;-)

6)Delhi is so symmetrical with style that almost everyone is up to date with fashion.Your favorite fashion joints,favorite dress material,favorite places to go for stitching your dress.Everything

For shopping  I found Karolbagh  good and cheap to shop (bargain is must)..For suitings nd formal Wear- I found Vaish at CP  good. Bit expensive bt worth it.


  1. Nice set of photos. India Gate is looking good as ever.

  2. Beautiful pictures and description

  3. Awesome! I am a Delhite and haven't been to the Paranthewali Gali even once. Envy you!

  4. ::Thank You :: Shalu Sharma, Vishal Rathod, Mohit singh Bisht for your Kind appreciation !

    @vanderloost- Then u must try it once... A must go place for foodie's


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