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Video Trailer Delhi

The Love Of Temperature

Aha! The video on Delhi is almost done,but lets just start with a trailer.Delhi is cool,Delhi is hot.Delhi is very very cold,Delhi is very very hot.Well I echo for one simple reason.I never felt it was very cold or never felt it was very hot,because my body is accustomed to temperatures which I can ignore.When I lived in Kolkata,Dec-Feb was the winter season when people really felt cold.I never did.When I lived in Chennai,I admit I felt it to be more hot than Delhi in Summers for the humidity in the air.Parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat can sometimes become unbearable in summer.For some reason or the other I feel Delhi is pleasant pleasant,not that pleasant as Bangalore or Pune but not that extreme as Kashmir,North East or Ladakh in winters and when I say this,I have lived almost two years of my life in Delhi :).

                                                     Wearing just a Tee in Snow Clad Kashmir

"It is a fact however that if you are born and brought up in a place,then that place relatively becomes more colder or hotter to you."

The place I remember feeling really cold was Nathula Pass,Sikkim in early Feb.The chilly wind made me appear pink almost.The soldiers were covered and wore caps.The chill wanted me to taste a sip of brandy right away.But I didn't.The elevation was itself a high!

                                                                   Turning Pink at Nathula,Sikkim

The Delhi Challenge

Delhi is ancient.Delhi is historical.Those red stones are part of architecture as much as they are part of our magnificent past.But what if what if if you are not into history?Not everyone is,so lets begin with a challenge where your inputs become a benchmark to youngsters who have no other option than to shop in Delhi.

Lets not exaggerate.Lets accept the fact that you have been to 7 major points in Delhi already (Qutub Minar,Red Fort,Lotus Temple,Humayun Tomb ,Lodhi Gardens,India Gate) and to the 4 popular shopping joints(Lajpat Nagar,Sarojini Nagar,Janpath,Dilli Haat).These are names I have been listening to since childhood.Been to Qutub Minar twice,India Gate many many times and now I do not want to repeat it to everyone who is or will be in Delhi.And yes "how can we forget the gardens - Lodhi, 5 senses etc"

                                                  Kolkata is one of the best places for Any Dish Fish

Delhi is the one of the best cities for foodies.Though I find Darjeeling great in terms of western food and cafes all along the mall road.I even find Kolkata too good for street food and fish.If you haven't tried Phuchka in Kolkata,its high time you should.A golgappa that melts in your mouth,and when I say this I mean I have tried Golgapa in Punjab,Delhi,Bihar and other parts of the country.If you are a non-vegetarian,Kolkata is an excellent example of fishes served on your platter fried steamed and wrapped in Banana leaves.If you are a chicken lover,Kolkata is still good with Spices.Going Down,Kerala is also equally great with fishes,but sea food not a fish bred in ponds.The best biryanis are in Hydrabad(we all know) and best paranthas well I find it to be Amritsar.Kashmir for the best Kahwa and Rajma I tasted.Himachal for the apples,Pondicherry for duty free liquor and Karnataka for a mix of everything.

Is Delhi still the right place for you?If yes,help the others explore

                                                                         Skip the regulars for a change

1)Which are your favorite food joints(Please do not copy from else where) and be original.Tried Karims,Paranthe wali Gali or Kake da Dhaba?If yes,then which and what is your best?

2)I am visiting Delhi for the second time,and I do not want to repeat or regain my historical education?What do I do then?

3)Which is the best bar, best creative cafe and best disc in Delhi?Please do not mention very high end places,we all are normal people with limited budget ain't we?

4)How can Delhi be adventurous for you?

5)What is the one thing that you'd love to change in Delhi and why?

6)Delhi is so symmetrical with style that almost everyone is up to date with fashion.Your favorite fashion joints,favorite dress material,favorite places to go for stitching your dress.Everything

I do not really know why so many questions remain unanswered on net or otherwise.

I take you to the usual because

In the next blog post,I will take you to the usual spots,not all but some.And I leave up to you to help others,in a way that could be beneficial and not a random any database.

You can also contribute guest articles(100 words),which would be merged with the next post,if that's appealing,interesting and helpful.Scratch your minds,your help could make Delhi more colorful to everyone.

Mail me your ideas or post at with subject "I love Delhi because"

If you have a blog on Delhi,you can also mail me your blog name with a little description(within 100 words) and a photograph of yours.

Lets do it because if you wouldn't then who would.

A Big Applause for the Delhi Travelers

I am happy that it happened.The Travelers Meet.The travelers from Delhi are sharing their travel plans actively,sometimes pictures,sometimes exchange of numbers even though I might not be available all the time.But they are there,to help each other to travel

A big Claps for the travelers from Delhi

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  1. Look like you are enjoying every moment of life. Impressed with your life style but the thing that I love the most about yourself that you are a motivation for Indian girls who think 10 times before make a trip. Keep posting. :)


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