Going on Dona,Bihar

                                                       What is the cow staring at ? @ Dona,Bihar

A village is always laid back. A village is where your mobile towers or wifi's aren't that important to substantial living.A village has its own way of making every morning a new beginning.A village is unlike urban where we dwell on our daily routine.A village is to enjoy life as it comes.

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A video on my rural + rich adventure in Bihar

"The sweet smell of the Chulha made chicken in the interiors of Dona in Bihar freshly prepared with fragrance that lit up all the senses in a way unimaginable to the otherwise urban me,made me stand up and look closer at the gravy which was as rich.The chapattis were made thin as a paper with Desi ghee.The combination was intense."

I quickly gulped down,one two three four five Chappatis with countless pieces of chicken,a little embarrassed about my new and untold foodiness to guests.But as every villager,they too were happy to serve,as I was more than happy to enjoy every bite.

                                                        The naughty small cute kid teasing me @ Dona Bihar

This wasn't a first time thou

                                                  A breakdown of a car doesn't have to be tragic @ Haryana

Contrary to my otherwise western image,this wasn't the first time we were in a village.The All India Road Trip was my first encounter to the villages of Haryana where we gorged on the thick lassi made of pure curd,curry made of locally grown vegetables and people as sweet as my extended family.No I wasn't in a home stay but an accidental break down of the car made us take a turn midway in the interiors of Haryana where we stayed.

                                     Being Indian is not about how you project or dress up@ Rajasthan

While passing through the fields of Ludhiana,me and my brother posed joyfully in the field still wet with the morning due drops.I often used to think how is it that the fields are maintained,how does it feel to plough how does it feel to cross fields..and my imagination wasn't wrong.They say wishes have a cosmic energy to make things happen and with Dona I did which was a small yet important dream to fulfill.

                                                                  In the fields of Ludhiana @ Punjab

ABCD to a sad WXYZ

A past is sometimes beautiful sometimes sad.It was my maid who died an unnatural death at the age of 17.It was her innocence in her words for the passion she had for her village"Ap hamare gaon ana,she used to say,yaha kya rakha hai?".It was her destiny that made her choose the domestic chores,or may be it was her mother.But she always wanted to study,and I made her do that,stealing text books from the lost world of my own educational racks,trying to understand the mathematics once again with her.I admit I had forgotten the tables after 12.I admit that it wasn't easy.But I knew that if she was to succeed or she has the will to,she might one day.She was intelligent to grasp everything quickly.

We discussed black magic,the witches,and the stories of despair from her village,we also discussed her past,and how she was working to save money for her younger brothers.And I thought 17 was young!I must be in my 10th or 11th.We discussed how Punjabis eat,how Marwaris eat and how Biharis eat,it seems she has observed every community minutely.At times,the elders in the family told me to be not that close to the maid.

But whenever I looked in her innocent eyes,it never felt to dishearten her goals or ambitions,or doubt her unfaithfulness.She was from Jharkhand.She died in a year,an unnatural death of which we came to know late.She was on her way to home by train.Since then,her words resonated in my mind to visit at least a village and properly stay once in a lifetime.Though it wasn't solely because of that.As I discussed it was my brother's persistence and my own curiosity to discover my roots.

Nalanda to Dona

The journey from Nalanda to Dona wasn't long,or strenuous. The roads were clear,the roads were beautiful..

In next post,I make you plough the field virtually,running with bulls is a task and how we enjoyed the Thai temple in bodh gaya.Till then tada :)


  1. Hi Ankita
    Being from Bihar, I was thrilled to see your video. Bring backs lots of memories.

  2. @Shalu Sharma:Thanks Shalu I am glad it did :)


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