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"Blogging is the new emerging art,a dynamic method of self expression,a way to connect the seemingly unconnected and communicate with the online space in a more personal way.The world is full of inspirations,ideas and guidance and all of us in one way or another impact the change in the society till now being ignored by the traditional press."

We all know about blogs and how big they are.

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Lenka who is currently working on a brand new,exciting and unique blogger project "The Big Blog Exchange" says

"The basic premise of our unique, once in a lifetime project is simple – 16 bloggers exchanging lives, cultures, places and blogs for 10 days simultaneously. We understand just how well recognized, inspirational and influential bloggers are in today’s society and so we believe that together, we can change the world using the power of blogs. Selected bloggers will be flown across the globe by HI, to their exchange destination. There bloggers will be able to explore the area, experience new things and immerse themselves in local traditions and cultures. It’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and an experience like no other, so we are really excited to be hosting it!"

What if we could change the world using the power of blogs?-An Initiative by Hihostels

With over 170 million of them on the web at the moment, there is no doubt about the fact that blogs are fast becoming a popular news source, a place for everyday inspiration and a social hub.

Haven't experienced hostels before,here's what it is all about

Have you ever thought about swapping lives, places, cultures and BLOGS with someone across the globe? Hi Hostels is offering a unique, once in a lifetime change to do just this.Introducing, "The Big Blog Exchange."

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The launch of the main competition site for the exchange will take place on 1 st March 2013, where potential travellers can log on, create a profile and start encouraging others to vote for them. On this
unique site, bloggers will also be able to divulge why they want to take part, or more importantly –how they think they can change the world using the power of their blog.

100 finalists will then make it through to the final shortlist, which will be narrowed down to just 15 by an international jury. The final ‘sixteenth’ blogger will be a wildcard choice, hand-picked by HI to
personally undergo the project, based upon the quality of their content and their reason for taking part.

Anyone can take part,New bloggers,Old bloggers,Bloggers with few hits,Bloggers with million hits

So, even if a blog is brand new and doesn’t gain any votes on the competition site, they are still in with a chance if the inspiration and content is great.

Wherever you live, whatever language you blog in and no matter what you write about, the search for the world’s most passionate bloggers is ON.

Let's change the world,one blog at a time.

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