Oman The Destination Next


Oman The Destination Next

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Warm blue sea,rocky mountains,wadis and lagoons,the green Salalah,forts in Muscat,Caving and Diving,Dune driving and rock climbing;The Sultanate of Oman is for everyone.For more information on Oman: Oman Tourism Official Website

Travel to Oman,Now!

1)Muscat was featured in the Lonely Planet Top 10 cities to visit in 2012
2)The Indigo flight from Mumbai - Muscat is 11-12k return on selected dates.So grab your tickets to the destination 'WOW'

Mr. Lakshmy from Bahwan Tours,Oman says...

"Oman is still very undiscovered and virgin.The omanis are very friendly and kind people.Do you know?Salalah is the only place in the Arabian Peninsula that has a regular monsoon season which turns the place into green paradise.That we have got one of the world's largest cave chambers!For you,someone in the age group of 20-30,we have got every adventure possible in every terrain imaginable.We have got a lot more to see,to do."

Important Facts and Figures

Currency :  1 Omani Rial = $ 2.6 = Rs 139(approx)
Visa  : All applicants must apply in person at the nearest Embassy of Oman in Delhi/Mumbai
Best Time To Visit : Oct - April
Capital : Muscat

Oman and India:A Hint Of Similarity

We love our culture,our traditions.Oman is the land of living culture,traditions and heritage,a perfect blend of modernity and ancient architecture. But the hint of similarity doesn't end just here.We have many things in common such as

1)Halwa : Halwa is a local confectionery in Oman made of sugar,rose water,cardamom and saffron.Halwa is a popular sweetened desert in India

2)Henna : In India,Henna or 'Mehndi' is considered auspicious for the bride to be.The lailat al henna is a women only celebration in Oman to honor the bride on the eve of her wedding

3)Pottery Making : Pottery making is still practiced in many parts of Oman as in India

4)Khanjar: We know what Khanjar is don't we already?Khanjar is worn by men in Oman on cultural occassions

Words Popular But We Do Not Know

Wadis - River Beds
Khareef - Monsoon

The Friday Weekend

The weekend starts on Thursday afternoon and continues till Friday.

The Omani Coffee

The Omani Coffee(Finjan) is richly infused with Cardomom and Sugar

Where To Eat

Lonely Planet Has A Comprehensive List on Where To Eat Click Here
You can also check this list for another food guide in Oman Click Here

Festivals And Events 

Oman Tourism Website has festivals listed Over here

Top 20 things to do in Oman

Wahiba Sands,Photo Credit:

1)Visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,Muscat
2)Visit the twin forts in Muscat Harbour
3)Visit the goat market in Nizwa
4)Walk in the Riyam Park and enjoy the view of White Incense Burner,Muscat
5)Join the annual Khareef Festival(July & August) and Salalah Tourism Festival(June & September"
6)Take a boat trip across Wadi saab,Tiwi
7)Drive down the 4-wheeler vehicle along the hairpin bends
8)Visit the world heritage site of bat
9)Camp into the Sharqiyyah desert(Wahiba Sands)
10)Try scuba dive and Snorkelling at Damaniyat Islands Marine Reserve

                                                               Salalah, Photo
11)Abseil down the canyon at Wadi Gurl
12)Visit the mountains plunge into the sea at Musandam Peninsula
13)Bash the sand dunes,drive
14)Visit the turtle beaches of Ras Al Had & Ras Al Jinz,Sur
15)Enjoy performance by Royal Oman Orchestra
16)Explore the ruins in Adh Dhariah
17)Visit the gold souk
18)Trek in high mountains with clear pools
19)Explore caves at 'Majis Al Jinn'
20)Bring back souvenirs such as Khanjars and Frank Incense

                                                       Cormorants at Oman,Photo Credit:

Oman on your own and How

Here's some hint "Follow what I did during my trip to Maldives,and you might just a earn a confidence to travel to Oman without a package if at all" Maldives All Posts  

1)Book the cheapest airfare through or
2)Book your stay through many online portals.If you are two-three together, rent an apartment from or
3)Taxis are best way to get around.Though it is essential to agree on to the fare beforehand as most of the taxis are not metered.
4)ONTC operates a network of long distance & suburban route buses.
5)Oman air operates from Muscat - Salalah
6)You can also rent a self drive car for a day

Oman Tourism Advices

Oman tourism recommends to visit a reputable travel agent who can help with best airfares and stay options.

----------------Share your stories and experiences when you travel Oman.Looking forward :)--------------


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