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                                              My First Cliff Jump : An Incredible Experience

"Either you jump or get pushed!,Look straight and Do not look down" Said My Instructor.All excited to do this petty jump in Rishikesh from a cliff 30 feet from the ground 3 years back,it was one of my first adventures.Teamed up with white water rafting ,stay in camp and a trek to an unknown waterfall the adventures never seemed to end.Though I enjoyed a few seconds of under the water experience in cliff jump than anything else.You jump like hurray and you go into the water like whoosh ,stay there for fraction of second and bounce back just like a balloon on top of water.It isn't as relaxed as the Scuba Dive,but something which just lasts a fraction of second.

  Cliff Jumping At Rishikesh gave me the courage to try about everything that comes my way.If one place that defines the true adventure,it has to be Rishikesh any day.Kayaking,Cliff Jump,Bungee Jump,Raft and Trek,There are so many things to do.

Cliff diving/Cliff Jumping is probably the least complicated extreme sport. There's no equipment to buy, no special clothing to wear and no provider services to hire. It's just your body, sailing through the air from dizzying heights and plunging into a body of water below.Today, there are cliff diving competitions around the globe.

Cliff Jumping According To Wikipedia

Cliff jumping, cliffjumping, cliff-jumping may represent:
-Jumping from a cliff as a platform, see jumping platform
-Jumping off a cliff for a skydive, see BASE jumping

How Did Cliff Diving/Cliff Jumping Start

It's believed, when Hawaiian King Kahekili commanded his men to leap off the cliff on the southern end of the island of Lanai, as a test of courage and loyalty to him. They did!Later he refined the jumping into cliff diving competitions at the same site.That's how cliff Jumping Started

Cliff Jumping In India

Cliff Jumping,Rishikesh:
Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh is very easy compared to rest of the sites.Some people jump for utmost fun,I did it too twice.It is part of the rafting packages in Rishikesh,and the thrill it gives is unparallel.

Cliff Jumping,Hampi:
Where there are boulders and cliffs,there are bound to be cliff jumps.Though Hampi has not yet evolved as a professional dive site,you would still find the local kids at Tugbadhra river jumping on and off the cliff.

Cliff Jumping,St Marine's Island Karnataka: The best cliff jumping site is the pentagon lava cliff at the St. Marine's Island.Located at a height of 40-45 metres,this is still not popular as the Rishikesh one.

Cliff Jumping,Bedaghat,Jabbalpur: If you have traveled your way through the ferries in Bedaghat,you would see many small kids jumping off the cliff,and quoting their own rates for each jump.

Please note none of the sites except Rishikesh is easy and developed.If you still would love to try,its best to consult the locals and go ahead.Not every rock is inviting and nor every site is perfect for cliff jump.Not recommended for anyone whose heart is beating very very fast or those who suffer from heart problems.Best to plan your jump in groups.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, established in 2009 and created by Red Bull, is an annual international series of cliff diving events in which a limited number of competitors determine the Cliff Diving World Series winner.

Divers jump from a platform at a height ranging from 26–28 m. Competitions are held in a limited number of venues around the globe.

Best Cliff Jumping Sites Abroad

Today, avid cliff divers travel the world seeking the next great thrill and the ultimate leap. The beautiful locations that host popular cliffs and international competitions range from the frigid natural pools of Switzerland to the balmy waters of Jamaica. But exotic locations are just one factor that makes cliff diving exciting -- freefalling through the air at dangerous speeds is a big part of the rush.

Watch the video for the 10 most awesome Cliff Dives Sites In The World

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013

13 divers, from nine different countries, have been given a plane ticket to Australia and the chance to compete in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series after the initial line-up was confirmed for the 2013 Qualification Competition.

Stay tuned to for more in the build-up to the 2013 Qualification Competition which will take place on the Hawkesbury River, in Australia, on January 31 and February 2.


  1. me also did cliff jumping for first time at Rishikesh... Looking forward to more in future... Nice to read your blog.

  2. Thanks I am glad you loved it.Isn't it an amazing experience?

  3. I had done cliff jumping at Rishikesh and the next one was recently in Laos between Vang Vieng.

    Where I was made to jump from about 20metres. I was very scared initally, but got so thrilled after the first jump that I did it again.

  4. Do you have any idea about the hampi location,where is it? even tried visiting that location?


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