SATTE 2013:A SmartPhone Essay


I didn't know it would be that huge.I didn't know it would be that interesting and of course I didn't know I'll get to interact with so many lively people all under one roof displaying their culture in different forms.

What I knew was I was going to SATTE 2013 Pragati Maidan Delhi,because I got the last invite from Tourism Malaysia for Travel Mart in Mumbai held on Jan 11 and the lady on phone told me that they are coming to SATTE 2013 as well in Delhi.I had already registered with SATTE 2013 by then,and when she said If you are there,visit our stall.So did I.But since I wasn't so prepared with the idea of uninvited carnival in between the business,I didn't get my camera.I regret why I didn't.But I had my small smart phone,low on battery in hand.And I didn't miss a single moment to click, though videos couldn't be recorded.I did try to,but it didn't get saved.From now on "It has to be camera always,no matter business or pleasure". You never know what might just be there.

About SATTE 2013

SATTE 2013 was held in Pragati Maidan,New Delhi from 16-18th Jan.It is an annual event,happens every year.I plan to attend next year too as with next year we have more carnivals and displays.I was a Business visitor in the event with entry to all three days in all the stalls.

      The Badge I Cherish Which Grabbed Eyeballs Because Of My Designation
          Not for wrong reasons , but just out of curiosity

Why was SATTE 2013 Worth?

From the folks from Nepal tourism,to the most desired country Thailand,to the delightfully beautiful Malaysia,to the ancient and adventurous Turkey, to the Peaceful and Serene New Zealand,to my Bollywood favorite Spain,to Hongkong and Macau,to the last visited Maldives,to sand dunes of Dubai to the party place LAS Vegas,to the nature's favorite California to the rich in landscapes Korea,to the still undiscovered Oman.You name it we had it.I surely had enough reasons to do a Gangnam Style,right there.

                                                                                           Pose Anyone?

But more than that,it was the people who meant the difference as always.It was the education and the information I got through each stall.Truth is you cannot learn everything from google,not because its huge data,but because once someone adds their own personal touch,it becomes memorable,and so easy to remember.It is the excitement in their eyes.

                                                                  Ding A Dong Sing A Song @ SATTE 2013

I call it a carnival.Because we had the most beautiful fairies,the most handsome dude and the very charming doll to entertain us.Do you know how does she walk,like a tip top.Do you know he sang a charming Hindi song for us and also danced on tunes.The princess well is indeed a Cinderella,isn't she beautiful?

                                                                 Who said Business has to be boring!

The People I Met,The Countries They Belong : International Exhibitors

So let me share a little chit chat we had.On the Malaysian Tourism stall I met the folks from the board and then saw a few folks dressed in Malaysian attire ready to be clicked,so there I was.From the Turkey stall,I received gifts.The EYE souvenir I always wanted to have and the gentleman told me it is considered lucky in Turkey.The folks from Thailand and Bhutan were as polite and nice.The folks from New Zealand told me we have given the pamphlets do not forget to go through it.We know New Zealand already that how beautiful it is?Don't we.The folks from Spain were amazing.They took a map out,and explained me every thing related to Spain,the culture the festivals the food everything.It is so very similar to India.

It reminds me the attitude of People world over.Peter From Spain who I met last weekend is  a     skydiving instructor for last 10 years in Spain.Very Humble,down to earth and well spoken.

The folks from Oman were sweet to help me understand Oman which is still not explored.I promised I'll write an article on them,which is here : Oman The Destination Next.The folks from Indonesia had confidence in me that even I was a little skeptical of initially.My badge said blogger,and he said "Interested in Interviewing Embassy?He's there just for today,Journalists interviewing them.Wait for 15 minutes I'll call you?"..And all I could think was I barely have a camera,even though I had this rare excitement in my heart.

After waiting for half an hour in the queue of Journalists who were having all the gadgets which they could possibility have,the interview never seemed to end.One hour two hour and still we had the journalists inside and then I decided to just walk around other stalls.That was a good decision as later I realised the whole session was dedicated to journalists with each one taking an hour or two.My turn wouldn't have come anyways.But then Indonesia is one of the countries I really want to visit curtsey an Uncle who is just Back from Bali and he is all praises and praises.Moving forward,I went to Dubai,Abu Dhabi and Singapore.Next I went to Maldives stall where I told her I have just been there a month's back and our conversation started with which islands,and what all is more to see there.Its interesting to see how we connect with people we barely know.I went to Korea stall and got a small Korean gift.Wow! I love it.It didn't end here.The gentlemen explained me everything on Korea,I liked the "Jeju island with no visas".I met most of the participating countries,and as many stalls as I could cover..I wanted to meet everyone,and with everyone I met was the small gift or a pamphlet or a cd or a disc,I got it return.

The Folks From Back Home:National Exhibitors

The exhibition was huge,I did miss a few here and there.But I covered stalls from all Nationals and Internationals.A lady I met at the Chattisgarh stall almost became my friend as I had spend 3 years of my life in Chattisgarh,and we had so many things to discuss just because I knew her place.And same goes for everyone.The advices from Delhi tourism to the very generic question from Maharashtra tourism on how do I earn out of Blogging to the people from Orissa.I could connect more to the National stalls,because I had already been there.Kashmir - Kerala - Sikkim - All India Road Trip - There are barely states which are left - And Those few places within the states which are still - I have that in my Plan 2013 :)

                                                                       The Namaskar @ Orissa Tourism

Now that I am back,I aim to stay in touch with the folks I met,not solely for Business,but for the precious time they had devoted to explain me everything.

The day I went to SATTE 2013 and met so many people in Delhi,the same day I was awarded a momento in GCC Travel Awards in Bangalore.Though I do not have a snapshot of the momento at the moment,I promise I'll upload it the day I reach Bangalore :)

Folks from Delhi Join The 27 other travelers at the Delhi Traveler's Meet on 2nd Feb.See you all there. Meetup Invite


  1. Nice write up Ankita, with apt details. Congrats for the memento also.

    I thought you were from Mumbai but I can see everywhere else except Mumbai. :P

  2. @Nisha:Thanks thanks.I am coming to Mumbai very very soon.

  3. @Krishna:Thanks Krishna,I guess since the time I started my blog,I have your support with comment on almost every post.Thanks so much :)


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