Male To Maafushi A Journey


Till now we know Male is not as boring as the internet says.There are islands around which can be reached just a ferry away.Read all previous post on Maldives All About Maldives

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                                                        Male' Maldives The City Skyline

Watch me and Neha Dixit from NDTV as we take you through two most interesting ways to travel around Maldives.

My Maldivian Escapade

Neha Dixit on Volunteer Tourism,Maldives

The two islands near Male,Maldives: Vilingili and Hulhumale

                                                  Villingli The Eco Friendly Island

Vilingli Island : If you're staying only in Male', you can still easily wander around the few neighboring islands. Vilingili island, located to the west of Male' is just 30 minutes by ferry and costs R15 one way.You can get the tickets from Vilingli Ferry Terminal.It's just another island but calmer than most of Male.It is also said to be one of the most eco-friendly islands in Maldives.The reason is there are literally no cars on the island.The island is more of hop off hop in type where most of shipment work is done like loading/unloading.The beaches are suitable for snorkeling,almost every island or beach is suitable for snorkeling. We spotted turtles,crab and fishes on the shore while we were not even snorkeling.

Locals told us that we get even more cheaper and good road side food on the villingly terminal side of Male.We didn't get a chance to try,but next time you are in Maldives you know where we get the cheap road side food.

Hulhumale Island : Hulhule airport is where the airport is built on.There's Hulhumale' island, which is kind of connected to Hulhule island, but you have to take a different boat to reach there. There's suitable beach for bathing but it is newly made and has no coral.

Maldives Cell Connectivity

Just like we have Airtel,they have Dhiraagu.The incoming and outgoing costs are very high in Maldives.Best is to get a number from the shopping areas in any of the Dhiraagu outlets for R50 for calls to India and all local calls.You can get the sim in exchange of xerox of passport.The xerox is immediately done at the Dhiraagu counter.

What To See In Male',Maldives

Male is a foodies delight.There are not many places to get awestruck with the architectural wonder,but each place is different one way or the other.

Artificial Beach,Male Maldives :Wanna swim,peacefully,with less waves?Artificial Beach should be your pick.An enclosure which captures the essence of sea,into its vaguely confined stone borders.Its where locals teach their babies how to swim,its also where you can swim with less waves.

Surf Point ,Male Maldives : Just few meters ahead of Artificial beach is the surf point.Its the point where the waves are high and the surf's are at their best.Wanna learn surfing,this should be your best place.The sea offers view of that perfect landing of the plane,just behind you.Who would want to miss that!

Submarine trip , Male Maldives : For about 20/30 USD you can go on a submarine trip to a depth of 100 meters that lasts around mins from all island resorts. Plenty of seating area and a great photo opportunity  The captain releases food when submerged and the sights are brilliant.

The Whale Submarine, Male Maldives :  Can hardly be described as a sight of Male’, but it’s a popular excursion. First things first, this is not a submarine for whale watching – its name is slightly misleading. It is, in fact, a submarine for looking at life on a reef. It’s hard to recommend for divers as the trip can’t really compare to a real dive, but for kids (under-threes not allowed) and those who don’t dive, this is a great, if pricey, little excursion. As the submarine departs from a point off the coast you have to get a boat either from the airport or Jetty No 1 (the jetty in front of Jumhooree Maidan, also known as the President’s Jetty) .

Majidi Magu and The Fish Market , Male Maldives :The fish market is located a mere two blocks away from the local market. The main feature of the market is its unmissable odor of freshly caught fish. Once your nostrils adjust to the strong smell, the market is a veritable delight of color and energy. Majidi Magu and Chandini Magu are the main shopping arteries. Goods from all over the world peep out of retail shops.

The new mosque , Male Maldives :was built in 1984 and you will see its minaret already from a large distance.

Mulee Aage - the Presidential Palace ,Male Maldives:This is not really  a tourist-place, but it looks great and you can take a look through the fence and taking photographs that way is also no problem.

The old cemetery, Male Maldives: The old cemetery in Male has interesting inscriptions and decorations. You can walk around this cemetery on your own without any restrictions.

The tomb of Kan'Baa Aisha Ranikilege,Male Maldives: Kan'Baa Aisha Ranikilege was the mother of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar I and she was buried next to the old mosque in a tomb that looks like a small house with a basement-wall made of stone with several decorations and a wooden-wall on top.Some of the other tombs on this cemetery are built completely of stone.

The Supreme Court of the Male Maldives: That building obviously used to be a part of the former sultan's palace and you are allowed to step into its garden, where you will find a tomb. Unfortunately its forbidden to take photos inside of that tomb, but the park in front of the building had some great tropical flowers and the white walls against that special type of blue decorations was really great.

The National Museum & the Sultans park Male Maldives: You can enter the Sultans Park any time during daytime and the entrance to the National Museum is inside the park as well. Not a very beautiful one though.

Two of the best diving shops are next door to each other: Dive Shop and Water World. Both supply a full range of equipment and are authorized dealers for diving in and around Male.So if you are interested in renting dive gear for snorkel around island,you know where to go!

Maafushi Our Journey

                                                             The Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island is a local Island.As always just a ferry away from Male,but for Maafushi keep in mind that the ferries are not regular.The time it takes is 1.5 hour-2 hours to reach Maafushi from the Villingli Ferry Terminal.It's best to hop in early into the ferry,as the more late you come the worst seat you get.Grab the top deck(My favorite no seats required,tickets are collected on board and its more fun,you can also eat chai with patties with wind blowing right away on your face) or grab the chair on the front row.Don't worry there are plenty of fixed seats too.There is a rush in the ferry as there is only ferry per day.Locals transport eateries, luggage,bikes etc on the big ferry.
The timing for Male-Maafushi is: 3pm
The timing for Maafushi-Male is: 7:30 am and 12:30 pm.

Just Landed : Maafushi Island

There's a difference in being an explorer and being a tourist.When in Maafushi,do not forget to take a calm stroll around the island.It's beautiful.The moment you land,you will be welcomed by a statue which is of a dolphin.Are we in the dolphins island?Yes we are :).The dolphin statue is made and painted by the locals.I very calmly went to the ladies fishing at the shore and in a very broken dhivehi "Aslam Valekum,Kaba ki kurain?",they smiled and I understood I should better get talking in my own English..!

Locals say the dolphins are spotted everyday yes you heard it right everyday at Maafushi in the early morning and the late evening at the Maafushi Beach.

Tomorrow we go to sexy beach island,take a dolphin cruise,learn some recipes,enjoy good food,interact with an Indian tailor,talk with the crew members of the lodge and and finally bid a warm goodbye to Maafushi. I wish I had my home somewhere right there in the middle of the sea.

Do you love the fun of being on the most expensive place on a budget?Next I am planning is France.Are you ready to take the challenge?All you got to do is help me! With not just the details from google,but from experiences of your friend's,friend's friend,relatives everywhere.The more information we have,the easier it gets.Keep in mind that we travel like the way locals do.So camping, hosteling all's fair as long as it is clean and safe.You can also join me in my ventures.Not a bad idea to travel with friends who think alike right :).The time I am planning to travel is Feb-March 2013.Wat's say?


  1. well narrated, beautiful island photos


  2. Nice post. Is there a stay option in Maafushi island?

  3. @MagicEye:Thanks :)..Well honestly it is heavenly

  4. @Niranjan:Yes we stayed at Holiday Lodge in Mafushi,watch the video the lodge is there :).Its a beautiful place to stay.

  5. Thanks for the info. Just booked 5 nights at the beginning of January :) Super excited for some relaxation and diving.

  6. @Austin:Oh super Awesome.Do share your experience and pics when you are back :).


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