GoodBye To Maafushi Maldives


Waking up to something as beautiful as this is magical

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GoodBye To Maafushi Maldives

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Tuna Mashuni : The Maldivian Breakfast

Mashuni is a typical Maldivian breakfast and is usually eaten with roshi (flatbread) and tea.The freshly prepared light gourmet was on our platter everyday.We couldn't stop to guess,the taste was entirely different from anything we have had tasted before.So a series of guess started with "coconut" to "eggs" to "may be some ginger" to "slightly fried or roasted".Then I thought,why not just peek-a-boo in the Maldivian Kitchen at the Holiday Lodge.Believe me,what a wonderful idea that was.With the taste so subtle and not-so-fishy,it was one of the most healthiest dish to ever make out of fish.We can,at our homes too,its that simple.Teamed up with Juice,Chai,Pickle and Chatni it could very well go with our Indian crave for spiciness.

Recipe: Chop the onions into very small pieces
            Chop the small chilly capsicum into small pieces
            Add grated coconut
            Add pepper
            Add Salt
           1 Lime Juice
           1 Canned Tuna Chopped
           Mix it with hands until there is a certain shine on the mixture

PS:A very beautiful young Maldivian lady told me that we test the Mashuni during Roza by not tasting the stuff,but by looking at the shine on the surface. She also told me she's been to Bangalore,and she prefer's the city more because of the freedom there,and the parties.However,Maldives is my home,and home is where my heart is.

The very tasty tangy Fish Soup:Garudhiya

I couldn't believe,no roast no toast,it was as simple as that.But it tasted so different,no rawness in it,no fishy smell and of course it was healthy.The very beauty of the Maldivian cuisine is that they do not overcook.They know that the vegetables are imported ,so they blend the fish with the right mix of spices,very apparent from Garudhiya(Fish Soup) or Mashuni(Breakfast).

Holiday Lodge Maafushi Maldives- Was it the right thing to do?

How often do we wake up to mornings with views of sea and a friendly helpful staff?Holiday Lodge Maafushi was more than what I had thought of.I admit,when I had initially booked my stay online,I had my own reservations.I got bowled over by the pictures on their website,but considering the fact that it didn't cost me a bomb,I was not sure if it was the right thing to do.Over the next few days of my online booking,I got several calls from them to direct me on how to reach Male from Airport.They helped us after we checked out of Kaani,to board our ferry to Maafushi.They had send one of their folks to buy tickets,get our luggage reserved at the right place on the ferry.I even did change my date of arrival at Maafushi,due to no ferry on Friday and they indeed were very considerate and helpful.They even were ready with suggestions on where to stay in Male,just in case I didn't manage to get one.Luckily we did.The icing on the cake,was the wifi .So now when you look back at my blog posts on live blogging from Maldives,you know from where it was..

It costed us $120 double room in total for 3 nights stay + 6% + 10% + $8ppn. That means it was $40 per night,of course plus the taxes.And mere $20 per person + taxes for a single person.It's advisable to go in group or duets,that ways you could save on some money for your stay and activities.

Maafushi Maldives:What To Do?

Catching the 3'o ferry from the villingly terminal was no big deal.But what was,once we are there in Maafushi what to do?

Holiday Lodge in Maafushi had a board to mark the activities you are interested in,and it does help in forming groups based on the number of ticks on the board.The group activities reduces the cost considerably.But then I have a suggestion for them:

"An Ice Breaker session by fellow lodge mates even for 15 minutes in the morning would help to know each other better or "open up" more to group activities.

A great Idea to keep track of Group Activities

Maafushi:What we did?

The colorful homes make Maafushi an island to be.

1)Take the stroll around the island:It's a very small island with a jail on one side,and beach on another.On the beach side,you can also spot the dolphins in the early wee hours,or after 4-5 pm.An interesting place for the short stroll around.

2)Try Scuba & Snorkelling: Maldives is a scuba paradise.There are various points and reefs perfect for scuba.It would cost around $20-$25 per session.

3)An Excursion to sexy beach:Sexy beach is a perfect romantic gateway.The small sandbank in the middle of the sea,is also where the solo backpackers can get there real connect with the nature.I enjoyed the sand bank a lot,in fact it is one of the best things I did in Maafushi. Cost $20-$25.

4)Dolphin Cruise:Dolphins are in abundance in and around the island.Haven't I told you before,this is the dolphin island.The cruise typically starts at 4-5 pm,when the dolphins go back home.Cost $50

Holiday Lodge Maafushi-The Crew says the Truth

The otherwise calm sea

I still regret the strong winding sea,for missing out the dolphins and the fishes underneath.It was calm and sober till yesterday,but today the sea was as rough as could be.We were all ready in our swim wear.But what was not ready was the sea.But it wasn't that we weren't told of this warning before:

"Today's your snorkeling day.The wind is very high,sea is very rough.You can have a look at the sea and decide.I did look at the sea,and yes it wasn't one of those still waters like everyday.Due to rough sea,the deposits and corals will float,the visibility would be poor.Your waste of money and time.We are ready with our crew.Dolphins won't come out in the rough sea.We do not want you to be disappointed"

I had never known a crew which gives you warning like these.In fact,I have met many people in my whole life,and most of them always never warns you for things like these just to gain some Moolah out of the sheer opportunity of not finding.It has happened many times in the jungle safaris,not that they wouldn't know,they wouldn't let us know.

                                                                                 The breathtaking Sunset

We gradually went in for Dolphin Cruise because we just wanted to try out at least one activity.I have to say,the sea was bad.Our boats topsy turving even on the shore.We somehow knew deep down "today is our no dolphin day" but with one lost opportunity comes another grand one.The sunset was beautiful.The most beautiful ever.

Dance with the locals at Maafushi,Maldives

Locals dance Boduberu

When we came back we were tired.But then the crew smiled at us,and yes,what if there were no dolphins in the sea,we have got the whole new programme set for the lodge people.We didn't realize initially,what was going to happen.But then when we were informed of the sheer joy of dancing with the locals all night with the Maldivian cuisine at your platter,I thought "wow".An experience I would never forget.Dancing barefoot on the sands,with the music lasting for many hours,I wished my trip would never end.

The Other Alternative :Summer Villa Guest House

Summer Villa Guest House is a cozy place and is another alternative if you do not find reservations at Holiday Lodge.I prefer holiday lodge more due to its more proximity to sea,and the set up.Just a walk or two away from the holiday lodge is the Summer Villa .The Cafe serves good food.Outsiders can also try their cafe for cheap and best food,and the buffet which costs $7 pp.

The Indian Connect & Our "Hi-Byes" To Maldives

There are so many Indians in Maldives,that you wouldn't be left alone for sure.Right in front of Holiday Lodge is a tailor from Bihar India.Say our "hi" if you ever pass by the same lane.The shop in front of holiday lodge,has a very sweet and friendly gentlemen,he would discuss just anything under the sun.And how can we forget "Jailam - The owner of Holiday Lodge" who made our vacation seems like no fuss and lot of fun.He even helped us with keeping our luggage for 2-3 hours at his home in Male when we did check out at Maafushi.If you do need to connect to the folks,tell me.I might help in one way or the other :)

Sailing away..Hopefully I get to see many more Maldivian day and night in future.It was a pleasure,but as the lady said "home is where the heart is" and my heart takes me to my own wonderland next-India.


  1. nice write-up and beautiful photos on maldives

    thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful beautiful Maldives and even nicer post :) My husband and I had been to Maldives some years back and fell in love with it! Its so idyllic, but I don't think I would survive more than a week there, would come running back to the crowded city! But I wouldn't mind going there every year! The islands, the water, the sting rays, the sunsets and everything about those islands are so so so beautiful!

  3. This has been a very interesting have explored the isles in a true backpacker style... thanks.

  4. @Krishna:As always thanks Krishna for visiting my blog.

  5. @Deepa:I agree,surviving in Maldives for long would be a challenge,now that we are so used to the shor in our city.But then again,if given a chance to visit Maldives any day,I would definitely go for it.I never knew sea could be this blue before,even more blue than our very own Port Blair,Havelock etc.But now when I think about it,it would be a repeat to do Male-Maafushi,may be next time wen someone from those 5 star resorts sponsor me someday lol.

  6. @Desi Traveler:Thanks,It would have been a little bore to do it conventional way I guess.And of course with less money comes better experiences and more stories to tell :)

  7. Hi Ankita,

    What a lovely place you've visited. Maldives looks breath taking, especially the picture of the sunset.
    I'm guessing you had loads of sea-food over there as well. :p
    Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

    Keep up the good work



  8. @Jay:It was breath taking.Any person who is even a little bit interested in photography will find the place to be awesome,specially the sea.It changes color and its so freaky transparent.
    Lots of sea-food,more than I even have in India.It tasted so different,nothing of that smelly thing or over spiced fried thing we get in India,but not bland either.
    Try the cuisine veg or non-veg if you ever happen to travel in Maldives.Every food is so different yet tasty.

    Your blog is gr8 too.Gud to c so many travellers here :)

  9. Hi Ankita,

    Glad to hear about the sea-food. The sea sounds enticing as well. Thanks for the round-up. :)



  10. Hey Anki! What an educating post this is. You actually made me have a good glimpse of the place through the video.
    Well done!

  11. @Shelly:Oh really that's gud to hear.Isn't it very different from the image we have of Maldives?


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