12 Wonders That Fire Up My Sense of Smell


Charisma is the fragrance of soul.The soul begins from home.The home we always cherish.The places where we all flourish.Listing 12 of the fragrances that light up my sense of smell any day ,from the smell of cologne to the smell of rotten:

                                                I leave memories where ever I go
                                      Because I know the fragrance of paper is everlasting

Fragrance of an Old Book: An Old Book smell like ancient Egypt. Entrapped by dogma,living in its stories of past are those books which still create a spark in my heart.Some are those which I recently bought,they smell like fresh amber.Being a travel freak,my cup-board is full of recent Lonely Planets and Nat Geos .The oldest are the Sidney Sheldon which I used to read when I was a teen,the old Mills and Boon which used to titillate me in college with fantasy.

The old class X,XI,XII books that scares me even now!Those Physics,Chemistry and Maths textbooks which has scribbles of Flame with Friends,Love,Acquaintance,Marriage and Enemy.The Game "Flame" we used to play.

                                                     The games we used to play...

Those endless drawings on the back of the cover depicting just nothing.Those hidden so called beaming with infatuation love letters and the secret meanings.The cards my friends gave me and the cards I gave them.The intelligent Computer books which I hated,the sweet English stories I loved,the ABCD books with visuals I now make fun of.The scrapbook with the stickers,the school book with the stamps.The school book with the red pen dots and some with grade A's.The past has a smell,the smell of undefined ecstasy and the best example are the books I still treasure and every time I open them by chance,the magnificent aura repeats itself with everlasting smell that never will go.

Fragrance of the Man I love: I am a die hard romantic,I believe in first love.The fragrance of first love is sweet and sharp.The Gillette Aftershave to the whole range of men's cosmetic has certain nostalgic smell.So when the man I loved,proposed me on his knees in air balloon,I couldn't resist.Not that I wasn't in love with him,but because the feeling of the sweet smell to linger life long was interesting enough to not let go!The Cologne did the magic sweeping me off the feet.

                                         Fragrance of a fresh paint is creatively strong
                                   The reason I love my walls,my canvas and my oil paints

Fragrance of the Fresh Greasepaint/Paint: It was my dream to paint my room when I was a teen.Stubborn as I was,I wanted the colors to be a mix of orange and red,which my parents reluctantly refused - The color cream was then in.So I gather my paint and brush and started to decorate my wall.Every night the smell made me afresh and gave me confidence to complete the whole of it next morning.I worked hard,harder than my exams and voila! It was my room with my paints and the smell I loved.Fast forward I step my first foot forward to my new home after marriage.The shine was terrific,the walls set to welcome me.I opened the door smoothly and was smitten by the paint or the smell of it.I,then took my own canvas and created a girl of freedom with the paints I had.The canvas still smell the same and it gives me a feeling that I preserved what I love - My love with the fragrance of paints.

Fragrance of a Fresh made Coffee: I took out the old wrap of Nescafe.I was fighting a deadly headache,I had work,and I had reasons to not sleep.The coffee always does the trick but what it brings along with it is a smell that takes me back to days when my friends and me had beauty on our radar.Coffee with Mehndi gives a great color - They used to say,and of course the great smell.Every Saturday,it was our hostel ritual among girls to take the shower with the Mehndi dipped in coffee for the hair we used to dream about.I took out my Sachet again at my home,should I now?I give it a miss and just smell the coffee.The smell was refreshing even now.

Fragrance of the Rotten: A smell and a fragrance isn't always a rewarding word.For me,many times when my neighbors used to throw something in our backyard at home,the smell made me sneeze.The smell which I loathe.The smell which was in my own home,for sometime with piles of garbage when my maid was on leave.The smell of utensils lying bare in the washbasin.The smell of the rotten vegetables when I came back from travelling.The smell of unforgotten,rotten.

Fragrance of the Fried Chicken: Cooking is a pleasure.Though I do not cook so often now,I used to when I had just started with the mania of love of cooking 4 years back.The fragrance of fried Chicken,Fish or even ghee is unbelievably strong,the smell that makes me hungry,even if I have had a proper full course meal before.With ghee are my fondest memories of Diwali.Every Diwali when my mom used to put Ghee in Diyas,my only thought was what if they can be used in a Parantha,or can I just lick the leftovers.The smell which is irresistible and the taste delicious and plain,and that's why I love it!That's why others loved it and that's why I now have more friends.

Fragrance of the first Leaves: It's always been my dream to have a garden.Living in an apartment in Bangalore doesn't always give me that facility.But the dream doesn't remain a dream.I still have plants in my balcony,and sometimes they bloom on and off.And when they so,they bring along with them the smell of fresh new leaves.Rains make it more earthy and the moment turns more sweet for me,as my dreams are a new life.Recently along with the few plants,grew Tulsi and Chillies on its own,bringing a fragrance that I always wanted to add onto the list .Tulsi reminds me of my mom doing prayers,and Chillies of course gorging on a spicy Chicken gravy.

                                   Sneakers that has worked as much as I have.

Fragrance of my worn-out Sneakers: Some hate it.I love it for the effort I had put in.While travelling,I usually put on sneakers,or for adventure sports.But as always when I come back,its a stingy smell I have to deal with.I wash it but the effort never goes.The smelly shoes are my best shoes.They bring back memories of my latest adventure,they remind me of my recent travel stories.

                                   Those innocent smile and that lingering smell

Fragrance of the newborn Baby: The most lingering smell is the fragrance of a newborn baby.The milky way is I guess favorites with many.Smelling of the soft Johnson,the babies are god's gift to humans.When my friends come to my place with their babies,I hug them kiss them and immerse myself in their smell that makes me love them even more.

Fragrance of the Agarbatti: The prayers are our savior. We Indians are god lovers.The Agarbatti calms down the mind. Every time I light one,I go back in an era where my Dad and Mom used to ask me to pray to God,to an era where I take my footwear off and with peace in my mind calmly ask the god for my well-being and others.The era where we celebrated festivals together and the era where death was buried in the presence of holy smoke.The humble Agarbatti does the magic like no other.

Fragrance of Dettol: The hygiene comes first,say many.I do not.Suffering from periodic illness for last 2 years,my home smell of a hospital in disguise.Initially I hated it,but now its been a love-hate affair.The Dettol is everywhere on my clothes,on my face,on my bruises,but what I like about is the smell it holds with the promise it makes to our mind,that everything is going to be ok. It reminds me of my past when I used to fall often and with every bruise was this humble Dettol that made me happy.The marks still remain on places I have had hurt but the smell is the same "encouraging me" to move forward.

                              Fashionable to have grace and some sprinkles of perfume

Fragrance of my own: Fragrance takes you on a journey of time.My own fragrance has to be mix of potions and lotions,the things I apply and the things that apply to me.That honest fragrance I have learnt to live with over the years,the choices have changed.Bathing with the recent soap to the newly launched hair shampoo to my sunscreen,I am indeed a changing fragrance.The feeling of applying a perfume to oneself to uplift my own spirit has worked wonders for me personally and in the outside world.It's kind of exciting because it brings back memories to days when along with perfume came me in a dazzling sari and my friends laughed off and said "Oh you look gorgeous and smell divine".I always wanted my own fragrance because I could never find the right scent for me.And now when I have,I am happy.It is ever evolving,but the change is paying off well with compliments I have earned by trials and testing.It's always wonderful to be elegant, it's always fashionable to have grace, it's always glamorous to be brave, and it's always important to own a delectable perfume! Yes, wearing a beautiful fragrance is in style at any age!”

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