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"It's not easy being green when so many delicious options are on the table.Believe me,the multicultural Canada has the best of all the places in the world".

If there's something called variety in true sense,its here.As Isar gave tips in my first post on Canada on where to find Indian food for Indians,the Canadian food itself has lots to offer.Since Canada welcomes people of different ethnicity and cultures kindheartedly,we also have street names as Chinatown(Chinese),Greek Town(Greek),Little Italy(Italians),Little India(Indians) to name a few.The beauty of these places are as the street starts you feel you are in the country of origin.For example,China Town reflects real China with local food,shopping goods,and even a Dragon Sculpture to symbolize the beginning of the road.

1)The Local

                                           Poutine,Image Source

Poutine is a common Canadian dish made with french fries and served with gravies.St. Lawrence Market,according to National Geographic is one of the best food Market in the world.At St. Lawrence Market we get the Classic Peameal Bacon Sandwich,which is also a Canadian Classic.We had the sandwich at the Carousel Bakery,one of the market's 120 food vendors.

We'll discuss some more options of how to food in next post where we learn to Backpack Canada.In that post "we'll have our guest as Adam Waxman,Publisher of Dine Magazine Canada and he will suggest us tips on how to Backpack Canada"

2)The Unusual

                              Gulping down the Octopus@ Tholos Greek Restaurant

Gulping down an octopus wasn't my dream but I am happy it wasn't alive but fried.The funniest part is before you taste something this unusual,the whole image of the Octopus live and crawling comes in front of your eyes.And then you are like "Won't be that bad!" and yes it wasn't bad at all.It was great.This time,I tried food which I otherwise wouldn't have like the Octopus,Oysters and Calamari.

                          ...And the yummy Oysters at Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill

If you are a non-veg and you haven't tried Oysters yet,its one of the tastiest fluid that goes smoothly down your throat like a magic potion.Its yummy.

3)The Vegetarian

                                The vegetarian delight at Westin Trillium House Hotel

I often tell my friend who is a vegetarian that you are missing a lot in your life.Sometimes I feel may be not.But there's definitely a need to create more interesting recipes out of just not Potatoes and Cottage Cheese,but may be Pumpkins,Brinjals so many green leafy shiny vegetables.However,Canada is Vegetarian friendly.Being in Canada,you wouldn't have difficulty finding a specialty restaurant or just general vegetarian food at almost all restaurants.

4)The International

                                        Or the yummiest Thai Food at Mengrai

When it comes to International,nothing beats Canada.From the award winning Thai Food at Mengrai to the Japanese food at Distillery District to the Indian Food at Elements on the Falls,Niagara;Canada would surprise you with the authentic flavors the country has to offer.The owner at Mengrai,Allan Lim is a very interesting person and chatty to talk to.His achievements include serving the best of best Thai Food to Hollywood celebrities.Situated at the corner of Richmond Street(East),this small cute place is a must visit.

                        And the Butter Naan with Butter Chicken at Elements on the Falls

And to top it all I had Butter Chicken with Butter Naan(Imagine!) with the view of the majestic Niagara at Elements on the Falls,what would you say,coincidence or just a candid celebration of diversity?

5)The Deserts and Wine  

Remember the super yumm ice-wines(Georgian and Inniskillin) I was talking in post 1 and in my video,the icewines are definitely the best buy.Along with it,we have desserts which are prepared with love almost everywhere in Canada.The world class Chocolates are produced in Soma at Distillery District.I had the yummiest hot chocolate shot there(Spicy and Plain) and it was thick,rich and just the shot I wanted in the perfect summer breeze.

                                 The rich and the best Hot Chocolate Shot at Soma

Along with it we have Mill Street Brewery,which was Distillery District's first brewery.And of course do not forget to bring back Collingwood whiskey(Sweet) from Blue Mountains or Crown Royale Canadian Whiskey from the airport or the local store.

6)The Ambiance

Fancy a romantic Candlelit dinner with your better half,or just a luxury eat out experience?Indulge in fine dining experience at the revolving restaurant at the top of CN Tower or just have a sweet,candid and sophisticated food experience at Creme Brassiere,Yorkville.

Next I take you to the adventurous side of Canada,we have a look at where I stayed and we also learn how to Backpack Canada on our own :)

*Courtesy : Ontario Travel


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