The Secrets to Backpacking the World Part 1


Of late,I have been getting quite a lot of mails and comments on being an inspiration to travel.It isn't impossible,I must say.What holds us back are our own fears.Once we know ourselves and the kind of travel we like,comes planning and making arrangements.It need not be solo travel,it can be travel with families,with friends,with anyone for that matter.Solo travel doesn't require so much guts either,just a little more homework.

                                                             Me,backpacking Maldives

The most useful piece of information I found on internet on travelling the world is the slideshow below;It literally will provide a step by step insight on how to backpack different countries on your own and on a budget you think will suit you.

 60 countries on a plump shoestring hacking global travel from Mahesh Murthy


Solo Travel or Group Travel

                                                       Group Travel Can Sometimes Be Fun

Haven't we all traveled solo to either meet our families living at a distance or to appear for an engineering exam?The fear factor is in your mind.Letting go of your fear is easy.Start travelling to nearby places to begin with before you take huge steps.Why not consider travelling to Singapore which is considered the Safest ? Research more when travelling solo specially if you are a women.

Be prepared for adverse situations which might happen to anywhere anytime in the world.Though we all crave for that support from either our parents,partners or friends,travelling solo boost your confidence.If you think solo travel is not for you,why not start networking and travel with friends or people who are like-minded.While Solo travel has of late gained momentum,it depends from person to person on how comfortable they are with the idea.Solo travel also means that you get a new opportunity to make new friends along the way,making you not so solo anymore.

                                                     Travelling Alone isn't scary,its a matter of mind

However,with solo travel comes responsibility.I admit,whenever I am travelling solo,I check and recheck my passport number of times;I have traveled almost half the night in Edinburgh and Toronto solo and I would say Drunkards are everywhere.The trick is to ignore,ain't we Indians very good at it?The more you present yourself as weak and scared,the more likely you are going to get attacked.However,even though these cities are safe and management is in place;your attitude matters.

Travelling in a group or with a partner lowers down your responsibility. And hence you feel more light when you travel.Some places specially Maldives,J & K,Andaman,Thailand,Spain can be enjoyed fully when in group or with a partner.Haven't most of us been to Pattaya for that little tweak of mind.Imagine there,going alone.Would be drop dead boring.Some places like Singapore,Bali,Darjeeling,Rajasthan,parts of Europe,parts of US are best suited for travelling alone.

Travelling solo in India late at night should be best avoided.Some cities,specially the rural areas get dark and incidents might happen.Since the Nirbhaya case,I have seen people talking about carrying pepper spray and defensive action courses.While these can help to some extent and boost your self confidence a little;it is still not recommended to travel solo at night.Certain incidents cannot be predicted and its best to keep your dignity safe than indulge in mindless travel.This goes not only for India,but everywhere.The degree of being safe differs in each country and depending on that you can choose your ways of travelling.It indeed is an individual choice.

Dressing Up Or Dressing Down

                                                             Travelling the rural villages of Bihar

Big question.If suppose tomorrow I go to Bhutan where their traditional dress is Kira and Taego,should I be wearing those?Or if someone comes to India where the traditional dress in Salwar Kameez or Sari should they be wearing those.Of course not.With changing times,change the fashion of the country.Not everything is listed on internet,so what do you do?Dressing up is as important as travelling to an unknown place to avoid stares.For example,in Bhutan it isn't permissible to wear shorts/bare shoulder dress etc at the dzongs.

                                                               Or getting into the seaplane in Scotland

In South India,at some of the temples,the same rules apply.In main Maldives,bikini is prohibited.The trick is to not pack the traditional but pack a variety.Carry a stole at all times,or a light jacket.Carry a bikini along with a swimsuit.Carry 1-2 shorts along with full length jeans.Do not carry much,but carry what is required.This intern would make you feel safe and culturally happy.Do not forget to bring back "locally anything" as a souvenir.

We'll discuss some more points in the next chapter but for now,tada :)

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