Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore: PhotoEssay Part 2


Remember last time I mentioned about Sunday Soul Sante at Sunday Soul Sante Photoessay Part 1, I was all Gaga about how quirky and fun loving the crowd is.A few folks must have thought "Oh just another Mela!"

I had promised you then that I would come up with a detailed Photoessay but it slipped off my mind.Oops..Only when I got to know tomorrow is another Sunday Soul Sante,I decided to pen it down.The reason is I wrote is I wouldn't want you to miss the fun.I myself would be joining the fun anytime in the grounds.It's the most happening flea in Bangalore.The buzz is that they are planning to launch in other cities too very very soon.What more do we want than

                                    Music.Masti.Shopping.Flea.Food.Drink.Talent Shows

                                   I ain't abroad,yes buddies this is India @ Sunday Soul Sante

                           Where ordinary is extra-ordinary,where creative genius is on display                                                                                        @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                    Where shopping means getting lost or finding your way
                                                            @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                                                    Where yellow is mellow
                                                                     @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                                      When Bootiful really mean Booootifool
                                                             @ Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                                Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. 
                                                       Showpieces made of recycled alcohol bottles
                                                               @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                              Where drinking responsible leads to innovation
                                                       @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                     Where people behind these are just like you and me!
                                                       @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

  Hanging around was never this fun
@Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore 

 How I wish I had a garden
@Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

And those pretty peep toes
@Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

Where competitions happen in the open
@Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                                                     And never ends

                                                             Celebrate the Tandoor

                                                               Or chat over chaat

                           Whatever it is,that you wish for..whatever is it that you want
                                      is right here in Bangalore for some celebration.

Sunday Soul Sante is on tomorrow from 11 am to 11 pm, at the ITPB Cricket Grounds in Whitefield Bangalore. Hope to see you there for some fantastic fun!
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Twitter:Sunday Soul on Twitter
Official Website:Sunday Soul Sante


  1. Wow! Wish I was there too!
    And congrats on your win Mia!!!

  2. @Indrani:Hey you can still go,its happening tommorow as well.Congrats to you to dear :)

  3. nice work ankita.<a href=">travel tips</a>

  4. This sounds wonderful. How often is it held?


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