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Me with cute Clyde,the official Commonwealth Games Mascot

Welcome to Glasgow's George's Square. Up until the middle ages, this was just an old farmland and this was what was known for strip farming. Later in the years it became a big puddle and people would through rubbish in the puddle. Up until the 1781; The council made a decision that they want to level it. Today it is the center of Glasgow. The transformation from the old to the new is drastic. And so is Glasgow a very inviting destination with plenty to do here and more so to experience. The city is vibrant, dynamic and historical. With the next Commonwealth Games hosted in Glasgow, we do not have a reason to miss the occasion. 

But when you ask me, why should you attend just another Commonwealth Games? I would say simply because it is not going to be just another.

I have been to Scotland twice, and every time I go there I find it surprising. Surprising because contradicting the popular myth of bland and no-colors as we think it would be, Scotland is a vibrant mix of colors and celebration. It has its own charm and both Glasgow and Edinburgh are walk able. While Glasgow is more creatively historical in the way buildings are set up or even pavements and shops, Edinburgh is more like a cosmopolitan city. Best part is they are just connected by about 45 minutes by train. Recently inspired by my travel stories, one of my friends in London, UK decided to explore the land so underestimated and lucky she was to get back those oh-so-beautiful pictures. The food too is special, it has got a taste like no other, and how to forget the whiskies Scotland is famous for.

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 "One Year To Go" Tickets

                           Sir Chris Hoy is the national Champion who has won gold medal in previous
                                Games and is now the Commonwealth Games Ambassador

Initially called the Empire Games, the first games started with 4-5 games in Hamilton Canada .Since then the Commonwealth Games are played every 4 years bridging gaps between the nations, and highlighting the best of every game and stretching the athletes limit. If you remember, the last Commonwealth Games was held in Delhi in 2010, where we had marvelous display of grand athletic genius and celebrations too. The next Commonwealth is going to be held in Glasgow starting from 23rd July to 3rd August.6500 athletes,17 sports and 71 participating nations, this is going to be Scotland's biggest carnival. The cost of tickets for under 16 and over 60 is 7.5 pounds and for the regulars its 15 pounds. The ticketing starts tomorrow and the details are available at:Glasgow 2014 Tickets

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 "One Year To Go" Celebrations

I too had my share of fun in the "One Year To Go Commonwealth Games celebration in July". I tried how to cycle in the Chris Hoy Velodrome named after the national cycling champion, Sir Chris Hoy. And lucky I was to be able to do it, even you can. It's open for everyone, but is an incredible experience in itself. Next we went to the Hydro which is also the Commonwealth Games venue. The Hydro is a massive circular dome shaped arena, where some of the sports will take place. We also visited Hampton stadium which is the national stadium of Scotland. They said the level of the ground is up scaled to accommodate some sports- How interesting isn't it? I also met Clyde, the official Commonwealth Games Mascot and he is incredibly Cute. Cuter than I thought. And last but not the least the place is already up with the celebration, so wherever you go, you would either find bagpipers, or gals dancing, or guys singing or the balloons flying or a puppet show even on road. We’ll discuss some other things in the next post but before I take you further, let’s indulge in some sports and pre-celebration galas. Let’s begin with a small snippet video shall we?

I hope you liked my video,if you did I will be awaiting a small token in the form of your sweet comments.Now let's take you to some of the venues and their pictures:

           Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will have1.5 global audience,15000 volunteers,
                                                17 sports at 40 venues across the city

Along with the sport,the city's culture,architecture and food is stunning.We have discussed some in previous post,but now we are going to experience the quirky,creative and adventurous side of Glasgow,so that if you plan Glasgow next year,you will know what is there to explore.Meanwhile the various tickets links depending on the countries are:

Authorised Glasgow 2014 Ticket Sales Websites

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