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The Unusual Clothing Optional Beach
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                                                     Cycling our Blues away @ Toronto Islands 

While discussing the idea of cycling with one of my friend about Toronto,I randomly told him "You know we are going to pass through clothing optional beach today" and he almost was as excited as I was.Really,how is it like and what did you wear was the first thing  he asked me after I returned."

Which way is mine Or which way is yours?

It's funny was all I could say.But alongside the Clothing Optional Beach which was titillating yet not so titillating was the clothing mandatory beach where we,in our most modest clothes were having our little sweet and a little sour gala time.It reminded me of the street in Pattaya where street menu means playing with your wildest imagination.

I take a long bike ride along the islands

Have you ever been to any such place where your senses are funnily titillated and instead of being turned on,you think what crazy world we live in?You can't classify them as good or bad experience.I have had heard similar stories from people who were part of this year's festive gala "Mahakumbh",were bare minimum was part of spiritual expression.

                                                           That's our cycling route map.

Unlike that,this was an expression of freedom in an open small section of land with a beach accompanied and carried with 'I don't care attitude' by mostly men.

Giggling all the way with my team of new friends,we slowly took our bikes out from the stands.Today has been a sunny day with unforgettable experiences.Let me tell you this wasn't one of those unforgettable. This wasn't even near to unforgettable.

The Unforgettables @ Toronto Islands

                         I can't change the direction of the winds,but I can always adjust my sail.

It isn't always the same when the cool breeze of air is accompanied with the near about perfect scenery. Hopping onto one of the ferries from the Toronto Island Ferry Docks located behind the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel we were quite excited to travel over the islands.So we had our Bixi bikes(Toronto's bike
share program) and there we go travelling the islands.It took us 15 minutes from the mainland to reach the island by ferry.We met Louisa Mursell from Transportation Options who was there to guide us and cycle along with us.
                      It looks like a duck,it quacks like a duck,but does it cycle like a duck.No wonder..

Center island is the main island where we found a small amusement park. Hanlon's point is Toronto's clothing optional beach.Walking and biking path lead us through out the islands.The ride through the islands was spectacular as we cross small miniature bridges,beaches,eternal green terrain,flowers,ducks and trees.

                                        Toronto Harbour Tours..where does the cruise take me to?

After we had explored every inch of the island,we had our lunch and wines at Rectory cafe which was located in the island too!A tour with the Toronto Harbour took us around the Toronto's skyline and gave a closer look to the Toronto Islands and after we had our lunch,the finishing touch was a tour with the Toronto Harbour Tours.

The Happy go lucky @ Distillery Historic District

I came,I saw and I fell in love

I never knew that Toronto is so happening until I set my first foot forward in the ubercool Distillery District.Before I could go in,I spotted the balloons tied up at the entry slowly moving to and fro.It reminded me of my birthday.When I went inside, the music,the stalls made me jump with joy.Well almost!Many Hollywood movies including Chicago and X-Men have been filmed here due to unique architecture.The district has the largest collection of industrial Victorian buildings in Canada and the whole district was abuzz with artist studious,events,cafe's and even a theater.

                                            Where celebration is always @ Distillery District

 We even spotted many wedding photo shoots live in the district as the combination of old architecture and the buzzing music presented a perfect charm to the venue.We went to the Mill Street Brewery,the area's first brewery where we tried different flavors of fresh tap beer.We went to Soma for world class chocolates and had the best of spicy hot chocolate and non spicy hot chocolate shot.

                                               Chocolates,Beer,Oysters; Need I say more?

 Hmmm...that was unbelievably yummy!And last but not the least we ended it all up with the fresh oysters and fish on our platter at Pure Spirits Oyster House & Grill.This was my first time on Oysters,and I initially was a bit skeptical on how to eat.But it was easy.Take a scoop out and chew in rather swallow in but the taste was very different.I liked it,It wasn't something I had ever tasted before....

PS:Guys and Gals,sorry for the delay in video.I hope you have already seen the trailer by now.It's taking a little long but let me assure you this is gonna be one of the best videos till date,hopefully.I was on a vacation to Scotland and missed out stories on Canada.But here I am,back on track.Do not forget to share your naughtiest adventures till date,your Canadian stories and what you like about Canada in my blog.

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