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It is often that I think aloud what has been my weakness. The things I drool over and aim to get are of course essentially clothes, accessories, jewellery, cosmetics etc and etc. After all I am a gal and sale makes me go weak in my knees. Guys and Gals its 67% sale going everywhere on Independence day, how does that make you feel ?My choice is not particularly too feminine that I paint my nails, apply paints or mascara or hold a clutch, but on occasions which demand sophistication and presence of mind, I have my style that goes with the real than the reel. I consider myself lucky to be gifted with the art of being tomboyish in my shorts and being sweet and coy in my sari. After all , a travel and adventure blogger need not essentially be just out of the bed; I love fashion. I balance buying to saving. On days when I do not travel I shop. On days when I travel, I save. On days when I do nothing, I earn. I do not follow trends, but my style reflects comfort, comfort that can make me jump without having to pose. It’s more carefree yet subtle. My favorite colors are olive, white and neutral shades though I wear all colors.

Let me confess to you a secret I hardly wear jewellery. Though I admire them and buy a lot; I usually do not wear them unless it's an occasion. I find them to be coming in between my work; the movement around my ear doesn't let me concentrate. I sometimes wear my good old plain gold stud mom gave me, but those are too old and I wish it to change it to something more beautiful. On and off I buy the regular road side Jhumkis,but I hardly wear them. The reason is after wearing them for the while, the real color shows off! After all its not the real metal..

But with age and time, the designs on the brands and jewellery change based on today's idea of modern day women. For example, the recent introduction of Mia in Tanishq is a wonderful range for working women like us, who would rather prefer simplicity than anything else. The commercial emphasizes on the barriers we women have to face in life.

A Team of Tanishq says

"A lot of people have been coming and saying that they have been the victim. Before we made the Tanishq TV Commercial, we researched on what is it that women find as a barrier, the primary reason which we have highlighted in the past in the ostentatious display of femininity, beauty and now we have toned it down, we know you want it to be minimalistic and simplistic

                                                                Photo By Pratidhani Tamang

But barriers are barriers and it takes long time for people to overcome; We actually took this barrier head on and we actually got a lot of response from people on everybody keeps on telling you on what to do  from somebody or the other; It may not be the boss necessarily but just anybody. Is it your birthday today, is there an occasion?Its always linked to some celebration; it’s just not acceptable that you come dressed prettily to office. We have shown lady as the boss, these comments typically comes from men, colleagues who are you friendly who suddenly come and say "what are you wearing yaar, why red, what is the occasion and stuff like that”. 

                                                                 Photo By Pratidhani Tamang

In terms of utility some women have actually said why you can’t give me earrings which also have a Bluetooth device. So technology meets beauty and jewellery in some form and we are working on integration of technology with jewellery. We also have come up with modular jewellery where the pieces can be separated in earrings,or a ring can be made a earrings or vice versa.The current MIA collection is also inspired by nature i.e the fine inner lines of cucumber is infused in one of the designs etc"

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Do you agree with the commercial?Tell me what makes it so resonating to your life?Have you faced similar discrepancies before?If yes,can your choice of jewellery help

                        Left-Right : Shalini from StylishByNature and Aarohi from ArtbyAarohi  ,
                                                                 Photo By Pratidhani Tamang

Arohi:Very nice ad.A women need to break a lot of barriers to be appreciated by the society for her work alone.What happens most of the time is people look at the exterier experience and don't give a chance.In that sense,jewellery makes you in a way more presentable..

                                                          Me with Saina from Pixel Platters,
                                                              Photo By Pratidhani Tamang

With her statement,and a confident yes,we had a beautiful afternoon all dedicated to the concept MIA had beautifully captured in the TVC.So let's a peek-a-boo on what all we did,the names of the bloggers and also a quick cool session on Bar-tending prepared by Anuj who has won many accolades in Cocktail Making and Bar-tending abroad.

Do they look delicious,well they were...?So let's try learn some of the cocktails with the smooth Jameson whiskey and Pepper Vodka on the rocks!Courtesy Anuj from The Hummingtree.

Why did all of us giggle when we were high..I guess It's the after effect of stunning jewellery,food and drinks.Heavenly.

                                                   Me with Smrithi from Vintage Obsession
                                                      Thank you everyone for dropping by :) 
                                           And a very very very very happy Independence Day

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