Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore:Photoessay


Imagine a creative ground,chilled beer & red wine Sangria on top to beat the heat,that youthful peppy crowd,those strings on guitar,the white color and grey tents lined up like a caravan,the backdrop of the glass tinted buildings of corporate,Sunday Soul Sante in Bangalore is a carnival of youngsters,for youngsters.

The Bangalore's youth driven flea where you find the 20-30 age groups displaying their own creative self with non-scientific innovations,it is just anything you might have dreamt of,recycled bottles of alcohol created a showpiece,illustrations on tees,heels that are bright colorful and cheap,bags with towns as imprint,names such as "Pink Jalebi,The Fool",feather earrings to colorful dresses,to tattoos to everything which we live for.Now or never.

It isn't Dilli Haat,it isn't state emporiums.It is Bangalore's own flee,and the owners of the stalls are folks like us.The owners -Some in shorts,some in casual tees.I can interview all of them,if given a chance.They are so young,and so creative that it'll amaze you.Such a break from the usual tie to shirt attitude of the sellers,well that's all because they are not hardcore sellers.

Once in Sunday Soul Sante,you can't escape buying a thing or two.The perfect place to shop for the most bright and creative gifts for your loved ones,or that vase in the corner of your home sans the pushy salesman glare.They all appreciate their work,and are confident and that's how they are there.You can be friends with them,or just chit chat if not buy.

Sunday Soul Sante is an initiative to uplift the spirits of creative youth in the country,who are bold to chase their dreams.It should be in every city.For one moment,with my glass of beer and Sangria at the ground and the flea around,I forgot I was in Bangalore.It is such excitement in the crowd,and such inspiring openness.

Taking you to the preview click pics,next blogpost we go deeper and look into who is behind the Sante,and meet another cute creative and interesting person "Alicia D Souza" and of course,a little more pics to add on the color.So friends and folks,here we go!

                                     Those tall buildings and the crowd reminds you of which country?
                                                                          India it is - The shining new.
                                                                     @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                           My favorite purple flowered Jacaranda,blossoming at the entrance of Sante
                                  You find many like these in Bangalore,on roads,on almost everywhere
                                             And they are the most beautiful sight to see in Bangalore.
                             If you agree,mail me your Jacaranda pics,and will do a post with the credits
                              I have few,and they are the ones where roads are shaded with Jacaranda
                                                                             Trees aligned on both sides
                                                                          @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                                 Meet Goa Gurl Sunita, a colorful young tarot card reader
                                                                + Fashion Designer,how cool is that!
                                                                        @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

                                                          How about experiencing the charm of a fairytale,
                                                                       in the world created by us?
                                                                   @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore
                                                             That  flow of Kishfisher and that music!
                                                                     @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore               

                                                                               See I told you so...
                                                                     @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore 
                                                                        How about being just one of them,
                                                                                           for a day..
                                                                       @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore
                                                                            It is for the celebration of Gen-X
                                                                            @Sunday Soul Sante,Bangalore

Next blog I take you deeper,a lot more non-girly pictures,and more such stories of the emerging youth,both guys and gals together to create a platform that is viral.


  1. Interesting post and nice pics Anki. Keep rocking!

  2. Must be fun to visit this flea market!!

  3. Looks very unique with a very European kind of feel to the market and the sellers with the soul of India.

  4. @Prasad Np:It's unique and its interesting.Best part is you can drink beer in the open! On the grounds,so very international

  5. Nice creativity....colorful blog... found many interesting things... like your post very much.. keep doing... and updating us with such a beautiful blog... best of luck


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