Chandipur,Orissa-Sea Mirage India


Chandipur,Orissa - Sea Mirage Like Never Before

Let's start with the most unusual one - Chandipur Beach Orissa

                Chandipur Beach- An Unusual Display of Optical Illusion - Sea Mirage

Imagine a vast expanse of sea,well wait,not sea,but sea,not sea,but sea and suddenly your feet touches the water,and you jump up with joy - Aha! Sea finally.India's only place with an unusual sea mirage,is stunning.At first glance it looks like just another beach destination from the other shore of the beach,and when you start walking your eyes fail to recognize the sea.The sea isn't the sea anymore.It's just sand.Sand till kilometers until you find the original sea.It's like a chase.It's wonderful. I've been there with my friends back in 2006,and I was shocked to see such a place.

The story doesn't end here,when you reach the water,the depth of sea is parallel to the surface of water and the waves are smooth not fiery.It's like an eternal river or a pond with smooth waves,but the feeling is amazing.You can play in the water even dipped till shoulder length.While guys played volleyball in the sea,yes,in the middle of the sea,we chose to be filmed by the local Bengali Channel crew walking in the middle of the sea.When all of us got a little tired,we took a small little table and placed it in the sea.But the waves weren't so strong to move the table.I wish we had some bottles of wine and kebabs to go with it.Unfortunately,I do not have many pictures of the sea.I wasn't a blogger then,and I only used to take out my camera when I felt like.But the perk was our adventure was captured by a local Bengali Channel which was aired at 10:30 pm night.I wonder if I can find it online,I don't even remember the name of the program(Such a pity!).But I remember the excitement my mom had in her eyes,she very dedicatedly used to switch on TV for consecutively 3 days to watch the same.And yes we were there,in our most excited moods to discover the sea which was hesitant to move on..

Chandipur is

Chandipur also known as Chandipur-on-sea, is a small fishing market and community at the confluence of the Budhabalanga River and the sea.You can also do coastal trekking from Chandipur to Digha.

Did you know?
Chandipur came into limelight over two decades back with the launching of ICBM AGNI. Chandipur-on-sea is also the location of the Indian Army's Integrated Test Range (ITR).

Chandipur - A Village in Orissa

Where To Stay : OTDC Pantha nivas / Hotel Shubham

How To Reach: The town of Chandipur does not house a proper railway station, but trains to Chandipur can be taken till the railway station in Balasore. This railway station is quite well connected, with frequent trains to Howrah, Chennai, New Delhi and Bhubaneswar.3 and half hours journey from Howrah station is Balasore by train + auto or taxi from the station to Chandipur.

Important Festival: Golden beach festival is one of the significant festivals in Chandipur. This four-day festival is being celebrated in the month of December

Sighseeting Destination: Sight-seeing destination (Pancha-lingeswar, Buribalam, Nilgiri,bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary,Simlipal etc) are excellent with an Auto with reasonable price (Rs 700/ or so).

Food Specialty: Sarpora and pomplate fish

Must do:Walk on the sea on a beautiful full moon night.Take some cash along because you may not find an ATM in Chandipur,after all it's a small place.

                                             Me, walking in the Simlipal Forest Orissa

                                                    And look what I have Spotted!


  1. Great clicks and a nice read......... Thanks for the share..........

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  3. @Debopam:Thanks so much and I am happy that you liked my clicks and the post :)

  4. Congratulations Ankita! Your blog won an award at the IBAwards 2013

  5. Thanks Hemal for the wishes,I am really on Cloud 9...Yeeeey!

  6. Yes I remember the long walk to feel the wetness of the sea! Had been there in 1982! :)

  7. @magiceye: Wow 1982,I wasn't even born then.. :).Did you go to any nearby places you remember which are not listed here?

  8. WOW! What a cool sea mirage...that sounds amazing. And that elephant...WHOA!!! Nice post!

  9. @Courtney Mroch:Thanks It is a lovely place indeed.

  10. chandipur on sea is an awesome place and my mum went there last to last year ..told me to visit it for sure!!!

  11. Chinadipur is indeed unique .. as it kept me stunned too .. in fact a recently coming up tourist spot with similar attributes in Bengal .. the Bakkhali Beach is also similar .. what a mirage .. BTW the elephant looks stunned to be invaded and captured :D

    congratulations for winning IBA :)

  12. I have lived in Chandipur for two years .. and very close to the sea. It's not a mirage but just a phenomenon of sea receding and then reclaiming land every 12 hours during the cycle its tides. There are several places in India where you can see this phenomenon, one among them is Jamnagar, Gujarat

  13. @My Unfinished Life:Yeah it is indeed an awesome place,hope you get to go v.v.soon.

  14. you so much..I haven't been to Bakkali Beach..How far is it from Kolkata?

  15. @Himadri Pant:Hmm may be..but what you are saying happens in andamans too but even there,the sea looks where it is.I remember it was a chase for all of our eyes.Heard about the tides phenomenon you are talking about there as well,and as much as it is considered peaceful,it is one of the most dangerous sea as well,when in high tide.

  16. @Aliasgarmukhtiar:Thank you so much :)

  17. This is my locality and i'm making a movie about this beach relating to love n peace towards the antagonist


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