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 ..And so the boat takes you to the bottom of the falls,you free your soul to the rain like mist and that's Niagara. 

Aha guys! The wait is finally over.We have a full fledged Canadian Travel Video this time,and I have tried my best.once again the video is taken mostly on self timer or with assistance on spot from public. I hope you like it :)

If you remember last post,I had a great time cycling in the islands and dancing and eating at the Distillery district in Canada.This time,we take on to the usual Niagara Falls,but with a twist. Before we begin,let me ask you once "Have you been to Niagara?" What was your first expression?

                               Mighty Mighty Almighty...Nature's one of the best creation

Hmm..Mine I said with a twist.We hop into a helicopter and pray to god at the world's smallest church.We then,take a quiet lovely stroll by the Niagara on the lake and watch a comic theater performance at Shaw Festival's Festival Theater.Then we celebrate the occasion of our well being by sipping onto the most gorgeous ice-wines produced in the escarpment.And before we move forward to the Niagara we know,we witnessed a night of Sky wheel and glitter.See I told you,its gonna be fun!

Niagara Enroute: Niagara on the Lake

              There is a time to be quiet and a time to talk.There's time to be light and go for a walk.

                                     Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
                              I pray for my well being and yours too at the world's smallest church

The charming and romantic town of Niagara-on-the-lake is only 30 minutes from Niagara Falls.The town is carefully preserved with 19th century architecture and charming inns,B&B's,boutique shops and golf.Some of the attractions of the town are Fort George and annual Shaw Theater Festival.The horses are lined up on the road and the maple syrup in in abundance.Just a little down the road is "Wayside Chapel",the world's smallest church with renovated interiors.We,actually went inside the church and it was a very peaceful humble experience.

Niagara Enroute: Inniskillin Winery

"The more expensive the wine is the more it comes from one vineyard and the less expensive the wine is,it could be a blend of others.In wine tasting its always interesting to try the raw product with the end product.Every grape here is 80% water" - Says Debi Pratt Inniskillin winery.

 The first time I tasted ice wine,I was like voila! The sweet and rich flavor of the ice wines,makes it the best souvenir to bring back from Canada. 

Inniskillin winery is the first winery to be granted license in Ontario.Debi says that people thought we were a land of ice and snow but what people wouldn't understand is positioning of our land with our climate was the very key.They said that we don't have enough sunshine to ripen the grapes.What they didn't know was since this region is very close to the Niagara Lake,the warm air comes off from the lake in the winter and its caught by the escarpment that creates an air flow pattern and that keeps it warm or rather warmer.

                                    The frozen grapes and the frozen ice wines are a delicacy

The ice wines are made in winters.By the time,we pick the grapes for ice wine they are brown.The leaves are all gone,we put nets to keep a check from the birds and the wind.At Inniskllin we pick them at -10,even though the VQA(System that guarantees quality of wine) says -8 minimum. The natural sugar of icewines with good acidity gives a very clean and dry finish and its quite surprising.When people say what's the difference between German icewines and Canadian icewines,we have higher acidity. Inniskllin Winery arranges wine tours,to wine tasting year around to even picking of frozen grapes in the winter.

Niagara Enroute: Niagara Helicopters 

                                              And so I got a certificate of ......Niagara

All it takes for a lifetime of joy is that one moment of surprise.Imagine the huge Niagara River and Niagara Falls from the topmost view.Imagine an Ariel adventure of "over the falls" with Niagara Helicopters. The view is unparalleled to any.The Google map zoomed.

Niagara At Night 

                                    The smiling sunshine(me) at night with the most powerful stars

The Niagara itself is a very small town where you can explore the nightlife or many shops and boutiques.We enjoyed our best at the wax museum and sky wheel.The walk at 11 o' ish at night with the lighting and glow of Niagara was mesmerizing.

                                          Around the top of the town @ Skywheel Niagara

                                                             When the night got lit up!

The Niagara Falls

                                                   Niagara : The super Ariel view

Operating for over 150 years,the Maid of the Mist boat ride is a must see attraction for viewing the falls.The ride is for 30 minutes although there is generally a queue for about an hour to get into the boat and exit.The boat takes you right under the falls,making you almost wet like a fresh bath.The thunder of the falls falling on you,like pitter patter raindrops is what makes it so popular.The light raincoats are provided,and that's what makes us so blue or yellow!

The journey behind the falls provides another unique perspective to the falls where you can cave in and see the water pouring in.The path also contains history about Niagara falls and how and when was it frozen. Elements on the Falls restaurant situated at Table Rock Welcome Center provides the best view with Niagara Falls in front and the great food.We also have Indian delicacies on board in the menu,so you can have great food with an amazingly lovely ambiance.

With my lunch with Indian delicacies,I take you to a couple of hot food joints in Canada tomorrow.In Canada,you get the best Thai food,the best burger,the best wines and the best everything..Unbelievable isn't it?Wait until I tickle your appetite with food that's super yummy..Also coming up how to backpack Canada,the hotels I stayed and Blue Mountain village.wait till tomorrow.Tada.

Do not forget to visit the below site for more details:
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  1. Love the 1st pic of the Niagara Falls! Breathtaking!!

  2. @Magiceye: Thanks,it is such a beautiful waterfall,like loads of thundering water falling in front' of your eyes..truly magnificent

  3. Amazing article and wonderful pics. Loved the writing skills it totally fit my experience of the Niagara Falls. Thanx for sharing also Happy New Year.


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