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             Me,Using Dell Venue 8 for Directions in #Israel,To know what I wore,click here
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Now sometimes you do need a backup. Like when you are traveling, and you miss your PC, and you know that missing your PC wouldn't help. Like for me, I stayed in beautiful Tel Aviv Israel, and unluckily found that I had internet access for only half an hour. It was also when I needed to download all the details on #Israel because I was all alone for last 3 days of my visit. Friday Afternoon - Saturday whole day was Shabbat - the holiday in #Israel, and that's when I walked the most because there are very few buses plying on the road on those days, thanks to the directions by Dell Venue 8.It's super fast and not as tiny as your smartphone, so each detail comes alive. Also, Tel Aviv has Free Wi-Fi along the beach, so that helped me connect fast and smooth.

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With a new feature called Pocket Cloud, you can remotely access your desktop. How so, is by Using PocketCloud Remote Desktop to access and navigate your home computer from your phone or tablet as if you were sitting in front of it. Run your applications, show off photos, and print your latest project, and access games and media no matter where you are.It's an essential feature which is not there in many devices I have known.It’s  like synching your device with your computer for data you want to carry, very very useful. So,Take your PC or Mac with you on your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone or Windows RT tablet and access all your files, music, videos and applications from anywhere, anytime.

Use PocketCloud Explore and PocketCloud Web to search, view and organize files between computers and devices. You can also share files directly from any PC or your cloud storage through email and social media sites. Sometimes, it happens that when you are travelling you have all your pictures in your laptop, however you want to carry a few of them in your kitty, so as to make your travel light. Pocket Cloud comes handy because then you actually can share it across all social media with one click.

PocketCloud Explore and PocketCloud Web users get 2GB of free personal storage. Upload files to your personal cloud — anything from your vacation photos to spreadsheets, documents and more — and easily access them anywhere through your mobile device or any web browser. Built from the ground up with leading-edge security standards, so you know your data is always safe with Pocketcloud. And because your content stays stored on your home PC, you've got an extra layer of built-in-security.

Download the PocketCloud Companion app on your computer from, install and login. Then install the PocketCloud Remote Desktop and PocketCloud Explore mobile apps on your mobile device from your favorite app store and log in.

PCs that are turned on and logged into PocketCloud Companion will appear in your mobile apps. Use your PocketCloud mobile app to control the remote computer and search, view, organize and share your files on your PC.


  1. Wow so Tel Aviv has wifi on beaches! I was in europe recently & i was using my phone very very conservatively. A good tab like Dell would have been really good

  2. @Kiran:Tel Aviv is a very developed city and yes you have wifi on the beaches so thats like supercool.And Dell Venue 8 is an amazing product,helps a lot.

  3. Nice! Wonder full blog, Specially the design selection and article, I have bookmarked it , thanks :) keep reading


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