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Travel is just not about journey, it’s about the whole planning, and then writing down the finest of details when traveling alone. Sometimes, when you travel, its best to get lost, to be rediscovered. But it would be rather foolish to say that land in a place without checking the political situation, be it Kashmir, be it Israel, be it anywhere in the world. So as the news is important, so is the weather. Landing up in Sikkim or Ladakh, in the middle of July, may not be a good idea because it rains and visiting Greece in July will be hot as oven.

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Dell Venue 8 has this amazing per-installed app in the tablet, which is News and Weather. So wherever you go, you will be updated without having to switch on the big box(TV) which by the way I never watch. Whether its cloudy or rainy or going to snow, the app updates it. You can also check the news related to Top Stories, Nation, Sports, and Entertainment etc. That helps because sometimes when you are travelling you really need that insiders insight, and sometimes, just the right festivals pop in without your knowledge happening just around the corner which might be part of local news. The top stories are from major publication such as Hindu, BBC, Times of India, First Post, IBN, Zee News ,all consolidated.

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Another Interesting App which comes with Dell Venue 8 is Expedia. It's pretty simple, all you got to do is fill in where you are going, drag to extend your stay, who is going and just click search for hotel. It comes handy in situations when you fall in love with a place, and you wish your stay was extended or you wish you got a place to stay without having to move from door to door. You can reschedule your flights, extend your stay, and that's exactly we would want for places like Oman, Spain, Switzerland, Scotland. Amazing!

Another interesting App as part of Google, but present in Dell Venue 8, is Google Hangout. Hangouts are private or shared places to send messages, photos or live video calls  , all for free. Hangouts will save all of your conversation history so you access it anywhere you need to. Last time if you remember we talking about Video Recording both front and back in Dell Venue 8.When you are away from family, and would want to connect, this features helps a lot.

Last but not the least, we all are rushing through in our lives. I know how difficult it is for us, to manage time. The days for wrist watch are gone, even though I love my Tommy Hilfiger watch still check my cellphone for Time and Dates more. Now the problem with the clocks in your smartphones is one you leave a country you have to set time. With Dell Venue 8,clock feature, the time is set as per Indian time, and it simultaneously shows time from around the world, leaving you with less hassle for changing time when you change Airports.

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  1. These sound really useful, I always prefer to travel with a Tab rather than a laptop


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