Seville:Photos,Videos,Part 2

6.21.2014 Seville, Sevilla, Spain

Now if you remember,last time I told you about my first impressions on Spain and why Sevilla is my place of choice of first visit.It is these mix of cultures which Antonio(the street artist here) captures with near perfection,the brushes touching the vivid colors of paint admiring the Grey and White Jewish Quarters from 1492 once the famous home of Jewish community.In Andalusia,Antonio is a popular name,based on Antonio Banderas, the popular Spanish film actor, film director, film producer and singer.It is so popular that in 10 days we met 7 Antonios and not the same person 10 times,but different people of different age-groups.Don’t be surprised if everyone here have a pet name “a name they would lovingly want you to address them as” like Pepe,Bebe etc.

Spain Fact : “When in Andalusia,Get used to hearing Antonios very often"

“It’s also interesting to know that Antonio Gaudi is a popular Architect from Barcelona, but then again he is Antonio!”

"Antonio is also the name of the first person who published the first grammar of Spanish Language"

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Watch my Travel Video to Know Andalusia,Spain in Depth

Seville : Maria Lucia Park : Andalusia

         Plaza De Espana: Looks like a City within the city with Boats,Bridges,Maps and Provinces

Now I know it is damn confusing.It was for me for the first time.Why instead of Seville or Madrid or Barcelona we talk Andalusia or Catalonia?The answer wouldn't confuse you had you made a visit to Maria Lucia Park.Created in the late 19th century,the Maria Lucia Park was named after Spanish princess who was also the owner of Maria Lucia Park.She presented the park to the city of Seville on one condition that the park has to be maintained intact.Situated over 500,000 square meters,this park looks like a city within a city.Plaza de Espana is situated inside the Maria Lucia Park.Palace of San Telmo in Seville was the palace of Maria Lucia.

Spain and its autonomous communities are divided into 50 provinces. Organised in alphabetical letters of A - Z the Spanish Provinces are highlighted here with the letter A stands for Alava province and Z for Zaragoza province. Sevilla,Granada,Malaga are also provinces.So when you ask me what exactly is Andalusia.Andalusia is a region which consists of south of the country with historical influences from moors and has provinces Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Heulva,Jaen, Malaga, and Sevilla).There are 4 bridges representing the four kingdoms (that appear in the Spanish flag).There are total 56 arches here,and mainly all provinces.At one point of time,the building situated was tourist information center in 1929.Now a days its a office,you have touristic brochure encrypted here on the floor and then there is bench to sit and to read about lets say any province like Granada.Since Pomegranate in Spanish is Granada,we have a pomegranate symbol there.

When you have things like these,that is always good news for ladies.Do you know what I mean?I mean to say,some local shopping always adds onto the excitement.Just ahead of the Jewish Quarters is a small flea market from where you can buy Flamenco Flowers(which I got for 2 euros) and just at Espana De Plaza you can buy the hand fan with hand printed designs.Spain isn’t as costly as Switzerland,we have got a deal here and there’s plenty to buy :)

Some of the popular movies shot in Seville are Star Wars,Knight and Day.

Seville: One of The Biggest Down Town in Europe

Seville is one of the biggest downtown in Europe(we know Amsterdam,we know Paris but Seville too is in the list and very prominent.The city isn't complicated,even if you get lost you can always find your way to the downtown.Madrid,Barcelona,Seville count as major cities in Spain.

Seville:The Guadalquivir River & Christopher Columbus

The presence of Guadalquiver cannot be denied in Seville.It’s everywhere - its like a wide stretch of “big river” water on the banks of which the Gold Tower is located.In fact the whole city is based alongside the river connected by bridge like the Triana Bridge.The official name is Isabel II's Bridge. It's the oldest bridge among the ones that cross the Guadalquivir River as it flows through Seville.Golden tower was a watch tower -to control the entrance of the ships into the harbor and is also the symbol of the city.

Spain Secret: The Golden Tower is called the Golden Tower because it is said that in those days it was used as storage for precious metals such as Gold by the ships.Some say the tower was wrapped in Gold tile to give it the Golden reflection on the Guadalquivir 

An interesting fact about Guadalquiver comes from the Spanish word “Guadal” that means big water.Some say Arabic Wadi Al-KabÄ«r (“Great River ”) or ballet on the river.During Roman times,the river was called Betis.Sevilla and Betis are both football team from the city of Sevilla, and the rivalry between the teams - and their supporters - is fierce.

Just as I said,Seville is one of the biggest downtown in Europe.Trace back,and you will find the connection to the great Christopher Columbus.We all know Columbus was searching for India.After the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus,Seville got a monopoly of sea trade in Europe.At that time,all the ships which left South America harbor had to touch Sevilla after they crossed Atlantic Ocean.Since Seville was 90 kms from the Atlantic,they had to reach Sevilla through the river because of the Atlantic sea pirates.During that time,Guadalquiver was very important for the economy of the city,it still is the only navigable river in Spain.

The voyage from America bought Gold,Silver,Potatoes,Tobaccos and everything was registered in Archivo General de Indias which has repository of the item bought in.

When you thought Spain is all about Colors
"Its Black and White" Jewish Quarters which takes you by surprise.

Spain Tip: Yellow,Ochre and White are very typical colors in Seville.In fact a lot of buildings have this color.You can even see taxis in the same color.

Seville: Portuguese and The Tobacco Factory

Do you remember last time when I told you about any Tobacco Factory.Well if you do not,pass by my travel journals and you will find them mentioned in my Scotland Diaries.Never mind,the trade in Tobacco was once a very hot business even in Spain. Even in Seville we have building which used to be the oldest Tobacco Factory in 1950’s very famous because mostly inspired from the opera Carmen.Inspired by one of the Portuguese colony in Macau,we also have Macau styled Portuguese Colony in Seville built in the Expo 1929.

Flamenco:Dance As A Community Culture

Even if Dance is not your type of entertainment
You must,and I say must visit Flamenco Museum
It's the fastest dance and the most emotive dance I have ever seen till date.

I have so much to write about the origins of Flamenco,that it might take almost a day.It is interesting to know how Mudras in Indian Classical,from Gypsies coming from Punjab near Pakistan,from Atlantic Caribbean influence to influence of slaves from Africa developed an art which was usually performed in closed quarters.However since,Spain was ruled by Muslims for a long period of time,there are hardly any Flamencos which showcases touch between partners.Hence,it is a festive dance which can be done anywhere with Anyone.

                                                      Flamenco : Larger Than Life

The origin however was rather sad.During the time,the then queen Isabella when she funded Christopher Columbus for his voyage,Isabelle and Ferdinand wanted all the Muslims to convert.So in grief,the guys would sing in sorrow depicting tremendous sad expressions such as death and loneliness.

The unmissable dance is the dance at the Flamenco Dance Museum.First,it isn't at all boring.It is very unique and once you would see you will appreciate the movements very very much.The dance is fast and the songs are influence of Arabic tunes with movements of feet thumping hard on the floor.It is one of the rarest dance form I enjoyed thoroughly throughout.More details on the history will come soon.

Spain Tip : Sevillana is the local Flamenco dance form of Seville.

Seville Feria

Now as I said on my last trip to Malaysia,visit a country during festivals and you will see it Alive.Same goes for Spain.Visit Spain when it is at its hearts best.Cherish memories of tailor-made Flamenco dressed beautiful ladies of all age even children dressed as pretty as they could.Watch horse carts as they tread the cobbled street.

Originally started as a livestock fair that began with trading of horses and animals,this now is a fair with casetas (individual decorated tents) some of which belong to group of friends,private,public.At one of the casetas we got a chance to witness the Flamenco dance mainly done by a group of enthusiasts who just wanted to enjoy the Flamenco in their attire.I told you Flamenco is a community culture here,and its celebrated by everyone!

Seville Feria : Bull Fighting

As you know Bull Fighting is a tradition followed in Spain ; during the Seville Feria,the Bull Fighting happens every day and weekend at the Seville Bullring(Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza)  till the month of June.Then again it begins in September.We will discuss more about Bull Fighting when we talk about Ronda.

Eating Up: Seville

                   For vegetarians or non-vegetarians there are plenty of options in Spain

"Sip a glass of Sangria with the spoon of Salmorejo and Paella ". Now these names,are something we ain't familiar with.To top it all,our ignorance of the local food,makes many many Indians to have just their own Indian Food abroad.I discuss with my friends and come up with why?It is a common misconception that every European country has beef based food.With Indians,we play safe than sorry.

                                                           Sipping up Sangria all day long

But in Spain,luckily options are many.So while Sangria is a very popular wine based drink,we have options like Salmorejo(spelt Salmorekho) which is Spanish Chilled Tomato Soup made with tomato,bread,garlic,vinegar and olive oil.  Paella(spelt Paeya) is a rice dish which is also very popular.For non-vegetarians we have Calamari and White fish which is popular.

Places we had our meals were

1)Hotel Inglaterra
Rating: Good Food

2)Lunch in Taberna del Alabardero.
C/ Zaragoza, 20. Sevilla. Phone: +34.954.502.721.
Rating:Must Visit

3)Dinner in Restaurant Robles Placentines.
Calle Placentines, 2. Sevilla. Phone: +34.954.213.162.‎
Rating:Must Visit

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