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Mr Manoharan Periasamy, Director, Tourism Malaysia, India
with the Lonely Planet Trophy

Lonely Planet Awards Malaysia For Best Family Destination 2014

Malaysia was conferred as the Best Family Destination at the Lonely Planet Travel Awards 2014 event held recently in Mumbai. Hosted by the world’s leading travel and lifestyle magazine, the final winners were chosen by the readers after an expert panel shortlisted the nominees.

Accepting the award, Mr. Manoharan Periasamy, Director, Tourism Malaysia, India, said, “It feels great to be honored with this recognition. We have always promoted Malaysia as a destination that has something for everyone, especially families, who look for a wholesome experience to cater to the likes of every member of the family. Lonely Planet recommendations are the most sought after by travellers and to be chosen by their readers makes this award even more prestigious.” The Lonely Planet award is a significant achievement for Malaysia, a country that prides itself for being the perfect family destination. Be it shopping, adventure, theme parks or even golf, Malaysia is one place where the preferences of every member of the family are taken care of. 

Besides long adventurous treks in the rain forests, Malaysia is adorned with beautiful islands and beaches befitting a family holiday. A favorite among tourists is the island of Langkawi with it’s duty free shopping and cable car rides. While adults can soak in the sun there is much excitement waiting for the kids back in the mainland. Theme parks like Sunway Lagoon, Hello Kitty, Legoland and iCity are bound to be a lifetime experience of absolute fun and adventure for the entire family. With their own theme-based hotel accommodations available, these parks can easily consume an entire weekend with exciting roller coasters to beautifully lit snow worlds and science museums.

While Kuala Lumpur and the famous Twin Towers gives perfect pictures for the family album, a trip to Malaysia is incomplete without shopping. From the ubiquitous street markets full of surprises to high-end luxury boutiques, the urge to splurge can be satisfied throughout Malaysia. Some of Asia's best shopping centres like Suria KLCC, the Mid – Valley mall, are in Kuala Lumpur. The mother of all sales is the Malaysian Mega sale period, with1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (June- September 2014) and 1Malaysia Year-end sale(November to January 2015)  every year.

With all the shopping and unlimited adventure, there could be no better way to end a trip than a relaxing spa session. In Malaysia, almost every other hotel has a spa within its. This is a clear reflection that spas are no longer a luxury, but a necessity in view of our current fast-paced lifestyles. The country also has over 200 golf courses offering different ambiances to hone your game; highlands, background of passing waves, rain forests or simply down-town.  The eclectic spread of Malaysian cuisine has also made Malaysia a family’s delight. A very common place where one could relish the delicacies is the “pasar- malam” or the open air night market. From these simple but solid gastronomic roots Malaysian food branches upwards into great restaurants and fine dining equal to anywhere in the world. Penang in Malaysia has been voted Lonely Planet’s Top Culinary Spot in the world for the year 2014.

Malaysia is one of those places that offer experiences through all times of the year that appeal to everyone, and more importantly, experiences that family will love having together. The country is also well connected through air from India, making it convenient to travel for a great family holiday even at short notices and quick getaways.

With the country celebrating Visit Malaysia Year VMY 2014 and hundreds of events lined up to suit different tastes, make the most of your holiday time in Malaysia. Even the last word in travel, Lonely Planet points you in that direction!

Lonely Planet,CNN names Penang as #1 Food Destination

Now,let me be a little honest with you(Not that I am usually ain't),when in Malaysia,try the local food and the Juicy local tropical fruits.From Pomeloes(large lemon) to Mangosteen to Durians to large Guavas to Papayas,these lovingly quench your thirst in the summer of Malaysia just exactly how it is required.

Malaysia is definitely a food lovers paradise,the Perak Food Trail takes you to a gastronomical journey which features not only the state delicacies but also diverse culture and attractions.Like we did , when passing through Ipoh,do not forget to taste the Ipoh white coffee.Or Stop for Local Fruit Tasting at Bukit Gantang R & R(which comes in between KL and Taiping ) .You can also taste the local food like Nasi Lemak,Ikan Pekasaan(Marinated Fish),Rendang Tok for non - vegetarians and Malaysian Brinjal for veggie lovers. For vegetarians,no need to go hunting for an Indian restaurant,because the local food is really spicy and good.Only you should know(Ayam - Chicken,Ikan - Fish) so say No Ayam,No Ikan,and you should be fine :)

Eat Pomeloes with Dried Plum 

Or Nasi Lemak

Or anything you'd like to have.

Tioman: CNN travel as one of the top best island

For all those who thought Langkawi is the divers haven
Think again,we have got Tioman,which is an hour's flight from KL.

The Malaysian island of Tioman has always been very popular with aquatic adventurers. Adding to the excitement is the upcoming scuba diving event titled START in Tioman , from July 11 to 13, 2014. An initiative of the Tourism and Culture office of the state of Pahang, this scuba-diving event invites international divers from across the globe in a conservation program to save the island of Tioman’s majestic reefs and undersea wonders. Hosted under the 1 Malaysia Green 1 Malaysia Clean Initiative, this event is also an opportunity for dive enthusiasts to obtain their diving licenses, encouraging scuba diving activities on this island.

The marine life in Tioman waters is abundant with big school of fishes, turtles, rays, reef sharks and beautiful coral reefs.  A famous spot for scuba divers is the Tiger Reef, with a brilliant variety of hard and soft coral. Most of the coral is in good shape and the reef is shallow and accessible by all divers.The topography of the dive sites is fascinating with swim-through between granite boulders, and small caves and canyons like the Fan Canyon spot.PulauTioman is also a good diving destination for underwater photography as the coral gardens are very colorful and one can easily find a vast and exotic sea life to capture through the lenses. Some of the popular diving sites in TiomanIsland include Bahara Rocks, Renggis Island, Malang Rock, Tulai Island, PulaiLabas, Soyak Island, TelukKador and Soyak Wreck. Best time to visit Tioman for diving is March to May and from September to November.

While the island attracts divers from across the globe, Tioman has also been listed by CNN travel as one of the top best islands for a Malaysian Holiday. Also referred to as one of the world’s best kept travel secrets, the island shot to fame, when the dramatic topography of its teardrop- shape in the South China Sea was used as a backdrop in 1958 movie ‘South Pacific’ starring Mitzy Gaynor. Time Magazine named it one of the world’s most beautiful islands in the 1970’s. The island still retains, where many of its south East Asian contemporaries have lost theirs – the natural environment, aquatic andwildlife, which once made it famous.

“Tioman Island is a favorite amongst divers as well as international visitors. There are some great holiday resorts to stay and people have a good time on the beaches, when not diving or snorkeling. Ranked amongst the best islands to visit in Malaysia by CNN, Tioman Island adds to the fun and adventure, Malaysia has to offer,” says Mr. ManoharanPeriasamy, Director, Tourism Malaysia, India.

Tioman lies off the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia, an hour’s flight from the capital Kuala Lumpur. The best way of reaching and moving around the island is to use the Mersing / TiomanBluewater expressway ferry service.  


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