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This is my last post on Dell Venue 8, hence I invite everyone to come and shoot up your queries if you have some. I would say Dell Venue 8 is also a great product for students because in App called Calculator you have sin, cos ,tan, log everything which a student requires. For office goers, who have extremely hectic time schedule, go to Calendar view App and just click on your dates and type in your event. It’s very very simple. It also has in-built features such as synchronizing from your Gmail account which if you are logged in through Wi-Fi will come by default. Also you can store All Contacts Birthdays and Events in the tab which says so. Another one is Holidays in India and when you click on it, on your Calendar it shows dates which are Holidays like for now it’s showing Rakshabandhan on Sun 10th August and Independence Day on 15th“I said you it reads your mind!”

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Reading a free e-book on the go!

When we go to the Gallery, if we ever worked on Movie Studio for the video editing we could see three folders in the Gallery - Camera, Output, Movies.The Camera stores your pictures, Output the output from edited file and the Movies well the video files. Here is my second video on Dell Venue 8 with Front Camera and it’s pretty impressive because its HD. So this video talks about “Shopping While Travel”. You all know I travel quite a lot, so what makes me get things back from my travel. And no “I aren't a super saver ,I love shopping!”.
How To Shop Within Budget While Travelling

The third interesting thing about this Dell Venue 8 is we have Play Books and there are many many books you can read anywhere in the world. There is also an option called Voice Search which says “Say ok to tap mic” and then start talking to search, get directions and much more. So suppose you are driving a car and you do not want to type in location A,B.What you can do is just say on the mic and it does what it is told to do :) We can download movies, games, books ,etc.

Or Scheduling my events....

Moving on ahead from App ,let’s talk about some of the Widgets which we have in Dell Venue 8.We have widgets such as Analog Clock, Book, Bookmarks etc. You can also view multiple windows at a time with just a touch on the screen. Whichever you choose gets highlighted in big, the same way our home laptop works.

The other options which we have on the right side of the Dell Panel is changing brightness, Auto rotate(You can also lock the rotation of screen if you want to),Airport mode which switches off the Both Bluetooth and WiFi.

Another interesting feature about it is it rarely hangs .I love it for that. It stays put as long the battery is. And the battery got a long shelf life after it is recharged once.
And what else? Have you used the new Dell Venue 8, what do you think about it?

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