7.16.2014 Málaga, Spain

I stand still in the middle of the street adjusting my camera shutter to the frame that looked so infinite,uninterrupted.A thought crossed my mind, What was that that in the big city like Malaga, I could hear no honking anywhere around me. Little did I know that I was at the Larios Street, the pedestrian only street in Malaga.For previous posts on Spain,click here ; To know more about Spain Tourism click here

Malaga's Swanky Shopping Street

Capturing the essence of Malaga is very difficult. Who knows there might be an artist hidden anywhere. Just as you walk along the narrow cobblestone street from the 1950’s next to Larios, you would see doors and windows creatively done, with doors on the opposite almost touching each other(it is as narrow!) and you would think why? Well the grand genes of the renowned painter Picasso who was born in Malaga is found in bits and pieces in the locals of Malaga. Everyone is an artist here, inspired by the grand artist himself. In Malaga, it is traditional to have Churros in the morning. Malaga is also 5th largest city in Spain and you have the hop on hop buses too running on the street for your travel. For your fun times, there are 2 casinos in Marbella and one outside the town of Malaga.

Desert Wine from #Spain Anyone ? On Sweet High with Muscatel Wine in #Malaga stored in leather
@Atarazanas Market,Malaga 

Picasso Museum Malaga

Learning a few Brush Strokes - with Picasso

Opened in 2003, Picasso Museum is one of the most visited places in Malaga with over 400,000 people coming here from all over the world to view his art. There are 8 galleries out of which 155 work of art has been exposed, something which has never been represented in any other city. Since Picasso was born in Malaga, it was his wish to represent his art from the city he was born in. So when he died at the age of 93 in the South of France, his family approached the Governor who willingly offered them the old art museum in the city which was transformed to Picasso museum. The house where he was born in 1881 was not far away.

The best thing about this museum is the children are always given top priority as told by Picasso himself – so the kids are the first ones to get in everywhere in Picasso’s world of Art.

Picasso's Art is a masterpiece. Picasso drew for himself and so all the meanings of his paintings are either interpretations by connoisseurs of art, his near and dear ones, his stories of work written or findings .He used to make very natural "faces", each of them painted differently, he just have to draw on whatever came to his mind.

Picasso's Style of Art: Cubism

Cubism was one form of art by Picasso

Some of the interesting creations which we saw (of course we couldn't photograph) were based on his own life story. One such was a picture of his sister who died at the age of 14 who was ill and sad and that's how he remembered her last. As life transformed for the better, Picasso's art gradually changed its depth, taking in more meaning. So when Picasso was a father for the first time, he made a painting style called Cubism, depicting Maternity where you could see 2 but in reality it will be 3 people.

Cubism is a type of art where another person is in the shadow but you never exactly see them fully so you will have to think about it. He was the only artist of that time who created this type of work which is showcased in his all creations further ahead. We all know how romantic are usually the story of painters. Officially Picasso was married twice, once to the Russian Ballerina he met in Paris at the age of 28, and another to a friend writer at the age of 65.However his art was way ahead of its time, and the love and fondness for many women and life in general in depicted perfectly in all his art.

2 years before he was dying, he painted a women as a shadow that is remembering him, or thinking about him. She was thinking in him. Another is such that a women is nude and underwater, she is swimming but on her mind is Picasso’s eyes. So that is how she is thinking in him. His paintings each of them had a meaning, while the one(above stated) in depth says that what will her love do, she will have nowhere to go, so she is swimming in eternity after he dies thinking him all the time. Picasso's father was an artist himself in old type Motif, so you will see Picasso has done a motif of Bull Fighting which is very particular of Spain. His paintings have time and again had hidden meanings - on one he himself is a soldier a pigeon a skeleton, but the artwork is very impressive and one of its kind.

Roman Theatre and Alcazaba

Sea View from the Alcazaba

After watching Picasso's Museum and the art, we proceeded forward towards the Alcazaba at the foot of which was the ancient ruins of the Roman Theatre. Local artists were performing in front of Alcazaba highlighting the stories of era gone by.

Silver Float for the Holy Week

Further ahead, we could see 2 Toned weight of Silver float, that is used in the month of March when Holy week is celebrated in Malaga where floats are carried and this tradition has remained unchanged for generations. The life of the festival then is represented on the street, and normally it is more than 250 men carrying it by shoulder for 8 hours. Malaga is one of the highlights of floats.

The Most Photographed Carving in Malaga Alcazaba

We take a lift to reach Alcazaba, where the best preserved Moorish fortress belong to the 11 th century.200 Years ago, the enemies used to bomb from/to the sea for any intruders. From Alcazaba you could see the sea and the Jacaranda trees down and of course the overall 360 degree views. Usually the the color for the intricate artwork is by use of color from the flowers. Spring water is from mountains, the architecture by moors.

Automobile Museum,Malaga

Started in the beginning of the 20th century, the Car Museum has the largest collection of vintage cars in the world having 96 vintage cars . This was earlier supposed to be an old tobacco factory until the early 90's when they stop producing Cigar and Cigarettes. The building was abandoned until the Malaga city hall restored the building and opened the building again in sept 2010.

The fashion part highlights the fashion of the rich people who owned such cars. The car museum is divided into 10 different sections, and  the oldest car from the collection is from 1898 - The evolution of a carriage, so this was actually a carriage, and need horses to pull it. We saw one of the cars only used for picnic which was the picnic car - car only used for picnic.

"Space Ship" The body of this car is covered with panels that convert sunlight into electrical current,which charges the batteries.

"The Egg" Car - This is an urban car that reached many followers.Some of them were manufactured in countries like Greece,Chile,India and Great Britain,before the era of globalization.The interesting fact about this car is
that it was developed in a period when no body spoke about crossing cultures and the television was still beginning to reach homes.

The Hydrogen Car

The owner of the museum (his father started collected all the cars, and had even once exchanged a fridge for a car) had passion for collecting vintage cars and this museum is very interesting. At the time when we were there, there was an exhibition running which had costumes matching the vintage cars on display together.

Puerto Banus Marbella,Malaga

A Super cool souvenir shop in Marbella,Malaga

Where to Eat in Malaga


  1. WOW Ankita!!! The number of places you have travelled is amazing, a globe trotter in true sense. Also i like your way of travelling the not so commercial cities of the world.Give better opportunity to explore.

  2. I can't believe what I've missed! I didn't go in the Alcazaba for some reason... I can't even remember why, but that window, that view... Malaga bucket list is getting bigger and bigger...


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