7.02.2014 Sur, Oman

A trip through streets of Sur reveals many fine old houses with carved doors and arabesque windows made from teak wood.Known as Swahili carving,this traces back to Gujarat in India when in olden days,the trade lines were through The Indian Ocean Trade(read History).Read All Posts on Oman here

The bridge that connects the old from the new @ Sur, Oman

Some of the places remain exclusive in your heart.The small little facts,make it all the more interesting.If you ask me why do I like Oman,It would be just one,it is a place which is offbeat and adventurous.

In the Sultanate of Oman many believe that Sindbad was born in Sur,and others claim that he was born in Sohar. The myth of Sindbad raises a sense of competition.The myth has now become part of life in Oman as many Omanis have now sailed to far ends of the earth.As discussed in previous posts,Oman also hosts a series of Red Bull competitions,the last being Red Bull Sindbad Sailing in Muscat,Oman.

Sur: The Sea View

 The only reason why I never want to be vegetarian is,look how delicious the fish looks! @ Sur,Oman

When you are travelling from Nizwa to Sur,you would be initially welcomed with road along the sea.Then would come Khor Al Bath Bridge in Sur which is Oman's first Suspension Bridge connecting mainland Sur to the village of Aijan( which is where the lighthouse is).Thanks to the new bridge,the travelling distance between the two villages of Al Aijan and Khor Bath was reduced by 10 km.Just cross the bridge and stop over for a 360 degree sea view and its no less than amazing.

What makes Sea all the more inviting is the 'no restriction' on camping.So pitch your tents in the wadis,mountains or sea faring town of Sur. The government is generous in this area,as it provides social homes to locals at Sur targeting different income groups in Oman.

Sur: The Dhow Factory

Propellers in Dhows which has replaced action by winds,Sur Oman

In my previous post on Huffington Post of Sur,if you remember,I briefly highlighted the fact that the Sur Dhow Factory makes an interesting visit in Sur. Why so?It's because you do not find something this traditional still running in the sea,anywhere else I know.Or may be I have some more countries to visit by the time I know it for real.

Nonetheless,the dhows are made of teak wood and acacia wood.Teak wood,because once in the sea,it binds each teak together more,making it more tight and leaving no space for leaks.On an average for a Dhow of about 60 feet long,it mainly takes 8-10 months of manufacturing and 10-15 people working on it.Each depending on size.Some of the dhows which we saw were ordered for Qatar,4 of them had already left,2 were still remaining.Dhows are also used for Boat racing competition once a year in Sur.

These dhows with now propellers and motors are also used for fishing with facilities for ice-storage in the compartment.In Musandam,these Dhows are used for round trips to the tourists in the sea.And this is also sometimes being taken to countries such as Qatar and Dubai.

These days propellers are used in the Dhows.But earlier,the most important thing was the wind.The trade used to happen during monsoons when the sailor would count on the wind to take him across the sea from Africa to India.

Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve 

Staying in a Turtle Reserve watching Turtles hatch and breed.Amazing! @ Sur

If staying in the campsite by the shore watching Turtles just a walk away is your idea of a dream vacation,Oman would pamper you with options which are plenty.

                           At night we saw 5 turtles,but by the morning I could see none.
                             Since night photography was banned,this is all could see in the morning 
                                    "well a dead Turtle and a sunrise"

Read my live experience with Turtles on Huffington Post before I take you to my sinkhole experience and to the ancient city of Qalhat in the next post.


  1. Oman never really figured on my travel list. Reading this has changed that and my list has grown some some. Sigh!

  2. @Anita Rao Kashi :It was never in my list either.But I was totally bowled over by its beauty n over friendly people.You'd love it,go Oman


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