7.20.2014 Zurich, Switzerland

Hiking To Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli with caves in between
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As my flight took off from Madrid,Spain to Zurich,Switzerland,I knew all the way I had to keep my eyes open at wide angles.I felt sorry for the people who had not got the window seats,poor they,because they can never estimate the surreal beauty of flying over the Alps.Hosted by Switzerland Tourism,this trip of mine was with Journalists from different countries including Korea,Ukraine,Poland and UK.I knew no body,just no body out there.But the excitement of being in Switzerland for next 6 days was showing on my face .I was as excited as it was my first trip.My mom when she heard,she said “Switzerland really,wow take me with you!”.That happens with Switzerland. We love it. 

A lot of us Indians,have fond memories of their honeymoon in Switzerland while many of us still dream of being there.But for me,it was my first time,and Switzerland turned out to be much much more than just touch and go or just Jungfrau or Mt Titlis which is popular with Indians.There is whole world of bare beauty,landscapes which are picture perfect,food which is cheese and chocolates (which by the way are my weakness),and there’s culture which when I will discuss,will surprise you.Because I don’t think many of us are even aware of any culture in Switzerland which is rather sad.How we underestimate Europe,and how we equally love it,is what makes Switzerland so special.Please and please do not make it like a stopover,many Indians love to go there,and I met Vikram from Kolkata,India who’s been there thrice and completely love it.So here’s what he has to say from Lucerne,Switzerland:

One of my friend when he went to Bern,Switzerland on a work assignment,I secretly dreamt that may be one day I will.After all the romantica in me always crave for that DDLJ moment,the epic cow bells .And I secretly thought that may be Bollywood had intentionally added the cows with the bells to add a musical touch,but when I reached Switzerland,I was amused to see the cows with the cowbells on open spaces,the loose "tring trings".Looks like,we have a perfect countryside waiting to be discovered.Many have already.Many yet to go.For those newbies,who have no clue,Switzerland is expensive,if you do not know how to travel.If you are a traveler like me,walking is the most convenient and of course the cheapest and then is the Swiss Pass.The people are really nice,for the first time,I had real conversation along the way,and people were kind enough to answer or help and even walk half way with me for an added along the way conversation.So getting lost in Switzerland is no chance,even without the maps,the systems are in place,the maps land you correctly,the trains are sharp on time,and the people take out their mobile phones to find your way or even call folks who might know the address you are searching for.That's a little step ahead,isn't it?But yes,that's Switzerland,where getting lost is fun.

 And by the time,I pen down more on my Swiss Adventures in the coming blog posts,I take you to a quick photo essay to tempt you to many more to come.Have you been to Switzerland,what do you love about it and why?

At the world's steepest cogwheel at Mt. Pilatus

Picture Perfect.Isn't it? At Einsiedeln

Cruising to the Island of Ufenau from Rapperswil

Yummy Swiss Delicacies. Rosti(Roschti) to name one.


  1. @MagicEye:Thanks Magiceye,the place is beautiful.

  2. Don't miss to taste the Swizz Burro, and the beauty and shopping at Lucerne.

  3. @Indrani:Thanks Dear.I think my camera was spellbound with the beauty,every frame I captured turned out to be gr8

  4. @Venkat Ramakrishnan:Thanks Venkat.Sadly didn't get much time to shop,though I got the little souvenirs and cheese and chocolates.Which shops in Lucerne do you recommend?

  5. Lovely pictures! I have been to Switzerland when I was 10 and fell in love with it instantly. I agree the cows only make it more picture perfect!


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