Firkin Beer Fest: Milwaukee,America

7.24.2015 Milwaukee, WI, USA

It is what it is but a cold beer always help.Mark my words,my friends or many of my readers would vouch for it.If you love beer,and you wish there was a place that had this collective awesomeness sometimes under one roof sometimes scattered,time to pack your bags and head to Milwaukee,America.

Life is brew-tiful when occasions like these make it freaking awesome.Milwaukee's status as one of the greatest brewing centers in America and also 'the beer capital of the world' may be for many reasons - one of which is its proximity to large beer consuming population of Chicago.

Firkin Beer Fest 2015 was one such celebration where samples from over 150 brews were for you to try.The choices of beer we have in Milwaukee keeps me and my hubby engaged be it chocolate beer,stout,wheat or freshly brewed ones.That also makes me resist if ever we'd have to move,then we'd be missing onto what we have here.Watch my vlog here:

The word Firkin comes from a Dutch word Vierdekjin(meaning 4th) which is actually 1/4 size of stand full of beer and contains 9 gallons or 34 litres.A firkin is typically dedicated to housing “true ale” (i.e., cask-conditioned ale), or beer that has not been cold-filtered, pasteurized and carbonated by outside equipment. The ale beer that is housed inside the firkin is naturally carbonated by its resident yeast and its ingredients have not been processed in any way outside of simple fermentation by the yeast.

Does that make it healthy?Uh Uh..not sure.But still sounds organic and natural :P So well a beer that has resident yeast and not processed sounds good to me.

I tried Chipotle Beer,Vanilla Chocolate Stout,Lemongrass Beer,Pinapple Beer and more.There were 150 samples to try from.

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