Remove That Sun Tan: 5 Beauty Secrets For Sunny Days


That sun kissed tan I never had invited barged in my skin like it’s my enemy.Dear Sun,what do I say about you?As I danced my leg out at the Sunset in Santorini Greece for that was so beautiful that words fall short,it reminded me of endless early wake ups I would often have had been part of to view that very Sunrise the locals recommended or the Sunset that colors the sky red.

For example,Sunset at Rann of Kutch,so mesmerizing on a blog but in reality it’s been a whole day watching it to set and yes,the heat the everything and my skin - who loves a tan?Well I haven’t tried the suntan beds,but I look like a Gorilla in the heat and my tan stays for the longest time ever.The fun time in Goa definitely speaks louder on my skin when my shorts would be etched and sketched in shades darker and my sleeves would shout save me.Part of being a travel blogger who is on wheel constantly is making acquaintances with the sun and feeling it’s okay when it may not be okay.

                                Horribly tanned and washed out in the rain forests of Malaysia

 For those brave souls who claim to ignore the grayish tan that nature gives us,inside we all pray like babies that it comes to what we were born with or at least the color we had gone in.Some in their closest closet,try whatever they have from off the shelf to get rid of the proof that refuses to fall off so quickly.I generally succumb to what nature gave us - as a stamp that I did had fun.But if I have a party or a meeting a day after my vacation,oodles of foundation covers it but I feel like if there was some magic somewhere that would just swipe off my tan.Well, nature has its own ways.But there are still ways you could protect yourself,sharing some of my top 5 beauty secrets for Sunny Days:

 1)Sunscreen:A must.The sun can sometimes be cruel and a sunscreen acts as a shield.Not only does it helps with no freckles on your skin,it also protects from Skin cancer.If applied every 2-3 hours as recommended,you tend to tan less.The sad part is we have less patience with re-application.We believe that once applied it will last whole day and after a long day of travel are disappointed.

 2)Sun Tan Remover: Spinz has a new product- a Spinz Sun Tan Remover ,it contains no bleach, has been dermatologically tested and found to be Safe for all skin types.If your job requires you to be out a lot or you travel like I do,this will make you radiant back again in 5 minutes.Food for thought,isn’t it? Here’s a short video on how it’s used

I’ve never been one to head to the parlor often and when I’m on the road it can be an expensive luxury. 

Well now I can just keep this tube in my bag, enjoy trekking all over the world in the sun and look natural and radiant if I need to head out to dinner. Here are some of the things made possible with Spinz Tan Remover: #SpinzBanTheTan In just 5 minutes, that’s right just 5 your skin is fully de-tanned I used it a found it effective on my arms & legs too, I think it is especially useful for those days you get an uneven tan What’s more my face was glowing after using Spinz Sun Tan Remover, as if I had gotten an instant facial! 

                                                             It seems we have got a solution...

 3)Face Wipes:It’s super easy to carry,can go in your carry on,and helps you take out the dust and the dirt your travel may have put you through.Your face will thank you for this one. 

 4)Moisturizer:A must.Your skin is devoid of water when the sharp sun takes out its moisture.It may have been often that you felt that you needed something.That something is moisturizer. With the AC usage in summers the skin tends to get drier.With often plane travel that takes out all the moisture,moisturize. 

 5)Shampoo:With summer comes dull and brittle hair or dipped in humid hair.How can anyone survive without Shampoo,an essential to carry. So remember when you’re hitting the road, pack these essentials and stay beautiful.


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  2. Essential post for the season. Winter or Summer, I would also add Lip balm in the list.. Good one :)
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