National Volleyball League:NVL,America Milwaukee The Soul Of Beach Volleyball

7.18.2015 Milwaukee, WI, USA

“Beach volleyball isn’t what we are, it’s who we are. We play it, we breathe it, we live it. It’s in our soul. We’re driven by a pure passion to grow the game and share our love of the sport and the beach culture with fans across the country.” – Founder & CEO Albert AL-B Hannemann 

 Milwaukee’s Lakefront never disappoint me.It's as if with every new day there's plenty to see, watch and cherish.Weekends specially,with the summers coming late in,Milwaukee is opening up to more sports and more festivals.To match it with the mood are the people who are always more than willing to cheer up.Beach volleyball specially at beaches with pre-established nets are the coolest thing to play especially the locals who do not miss a single chance.The fact that I live near to lakefront makes my life all the more easy.I hop in every evening to check if I may be missing onto anything.

 Established in 2010, the NVL(National Volleyball League) is a professional beach volleyball league built by players for all players, united in one mission: to create a sustainable future for pro beach volleyball in the U.S

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 In high school,I always had the fantasy to ‘Wear bikini and play volley with my friends at the beach’.That never happened.A few of my friends still make fun of the idea as I was simply never into Volleyball.I would feel my fist go numb with every serve and would wonder how is that others play with such ease.May be I need to exercise more,build up more muscles.Quite recently I coaxed my hubby into buying a volleyball which led to a minor quarrel between us when he said that I may be better at Football but Volleyball is a tough game even for him but then again playing what I may be better at,is never equal to learning what I may be failing at first,but eventually someday will learn.

Play time for us..

 Coupled with a few games in hand like Frisbie,Ralleyball and Volleyball which we bought from Sports Authority,we moved towards Mckinley Marina.If you are into sports or want to be active,America would give you infinite chances and choices.Since Mckinley beach was less crowded than Bradford we chose to relax first and then play the games among ourselves.

It was funny when at one of the trials,my hubby served and the ball bumped on his own head.Then again we were learning.I felt my lost innocence of childhood came back with every trial because as and when my feet touched the sand or we fell in the sand to catch the ball,I felt getting dirty was so much untamed fun,yet again.

When I tried between my wrist and my elbow;
It made me hurt less and the shots were flying high

 With quite a bruised fist,we realized our technique was flawed.The ball had to be hit from the area between the wrists and the elbow,joining both the hands.Guys if Volleyball is what you have been playing since childhood,comment please - need to know some tips and tricks.

At Mckinley Beach

Who said US isn't wild?

 The stretch between Mckinley and Bradford has two beaches in between.One of the beach with the sand and not so clear water and another with small stones but immense clear water and both are very near to each other. Bradford beach being the popular one has many activities on offer including water sports,kayaks and more.I'll share a photoessay soon on the lakefront and beaches.

At Bradford Beach..

 National Volleyball League Experience

 As we walked towards Bradford beach we saw the enclosure of NVL. Confused if it was paid or free,we trolled further and found our place inside one of the camps. Yey it was open to public.The funny part was we were so near to the boundary that if the servings were done harder or if opposite party missed the shot,we would be the one throwing back the ball to the players near to us or the NVL volunteers. 

Here in my video thumbnail you would see hand signals being made.This in beach volleyball according to Quora signifies blocking schemes to relay information as the attack scheme chosen for the play or block strategy for other team mates before each action begins.Watch the video below for more details.

  • Hand wiggle/wave or Thumb points towards preferred opponent to serve. 
  • single finger: block line 
  • 2 fingers: block cross 
  • closed fist: no block 
  • open hand: block ball (attempting to "roof" the hitter) 
  • then there are variations that signal fakes like fake line/block cross, etc.   

Mark Williams, a 36-year-old two-time Olympian, partnered with Skyler McCoy, a 22-year-old newbie played in only his seventh NVL event.The competition was competitive to every point.The finals showcased the the veteran team of John Mesko & Mike DiPierro vs. new team of rookie Skyler McCoy against two-time Olympian Mark Williams.

The winners of NVL were awarded $50,000.

.Apart from matches of men there were matches of women and juniors.On the Women's side, AVP and NVL veteran Raquel Ferreira teamed with Vivian Cunha, a NVL rookie and won!

 Watching any match live is so much fun that for nearly 4 hours we were completely hooked to the seat.We even skipped our lunch or rather forgot completely about it.The teams who won played as if there was no tomorrow.In between the games where t shirts thrown in.One of which landed just ahead of the pavilion.A journalist gave it to me..telling that it ‘belongs to the lady’ and yo there we go,a nice day yet again..

That tshirt which I got!

For amateurs,I thought the video below would be helpful to learn volleyball


  1. You look good in that t-shirt. And volleyball is one game which I never got a hang of! So no tips :(

  2. Hmmm..I guess then Volley is not everyones cup of tea :P :)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Looking forward to more stories from your new home :)

  4. @Siddhartha Joshi : Plan a trip down here :P :) sometime.. Its quite a nice place


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