Summerfest 2015 : World’s Largest Music Festival America

7.10.2015 Milwaukee, WI, USA

The bands gear up at center stage

This place is never ending sensation in Summer.You wouldn’t believe that Milwaukee celebrates every weekend - its as if the time-frame that they have where the woolens are shed equals to the fun that everyone can have.No wonder its also called the City Of Festivals.

Milwaukee America:The Tale of Sweet People

Yesterday on a chat with a fellow Blogger Nisha Jha,I was telling her how impressive are the people here.My every day is filled with at least a smile on road.Sometimes people do a favor with expecting nothing in return - it could be as small as going their further end to helping with directions.Generally I found the people here to be chatty - they’d share their stories even letting us into their lives.And that’s so touching. For the world that we believe in through media,US has a significant part where the ancestors are still into farming and even making their own cottage cheese and having plenty of plow animals in their backyards.Yes,that part in the otherwise developed world still exists and its beautiful.

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Every now and then, when my heart desires for something ‘Touristic’ I go to Chicago where the stories of yesteryear's mafia,onion field and the present Chicago river which flows backwards take center stage.I have been to Chicago just once till now,but plan to do it more..what Milwaukee lacks is people(at least people walking on roads) and what Chicago has is loads and loads of them(so many that you'd be tempted to get lost)

To My Readers In India,I miss You But love the change

I love this bag,don't you?

 Much to the agony of my readers who feel that they miss me in India,and I should come back as soon as possible.Destiny my friend,is not in my hands,but what is in my hands,is making the most of what I have.In between time when I cook and clean,I blog and so its been 2 months but still getting used to the new water,the new change.We’ll talk about the change in my videos too.I wished somebody told me all this before , which I would talk shortly about.And ya meanwhile guys,my YouTube channel is getting shinier,with more videos every week and some 100+ previous videos to help you engage.So subscribe..

Summerfest 2015: 11 stages which feels like live musical channels on TV

Eye Popping Bike Parking 

 Coming back to Summerfest 2015,it was the last day of Summerfest on Sunday which had been going on for two weeks or exactly 11 days.Since this is the World’s largest music festival my inner child told me to discover and see if its worth going to.And so,with all my energy I got into the local bus that took me to Henry W Meir Festival Park.The timing was perfect,because that was when the patrons were allowed free entry(12-3pm).Look out for these offers when planning to be part of a festival.It saves the entry fee which usually is between 10-20$.

When I gained a free entry

As every other place,US too has a steal and I love being part of these free entries. 

 Summerfest 2015 was a great initiative nonetheless.When Mayor Henry visited Germany long time back,he was impressed with Oktoberfest and hence with the inspiration long time ago,he conceptualized the seeds of Summerfest and since then,millions of tourists from all over the world come here to be part of it.The concept is brilliant as it gives chance to upcoming musicians as well as musicians who are established.There are 11 stages in total on the grounds,and more than 700 artists who perform including Linkin Park at one of the days at Marcus Amphitheatre in Summerfest.It attracts around 7 lakh people every year.In line with Summerfest,winterfest too was introduced but had to be shelf down as Milwaukee has harsh winter and people wouldn’t come out.

The Guinness Book of Records in 1999,certified Summerfest as The Worlds Largest Music Festival.

What’s interesting about this celebration is you’d feel music everywhere.Its as if you have got multiple TV channels running live.It surprises me,that even though all the stages are on the same ground,no two music would intertwine.As you walk through you would see that with every passing stage.Then again the ground is huge with lake views.

Tee-off time when golf meant targeting hole created on the manmade island

And there’s so much so so much to do,you can shop from local shops.Most of the recommended eateries there , are also very well rated in trip adviser they come from all over US.If you wish to have had something from Texas you would get here or from Wisconsin you would get it here.

Texas Hats...Cowboy anyone?

Even though I felt that some of the products in the fair was a little more priced that how they are on store but they were definitely unique and as a first time traveler,you would love it. So not taking much of your time,let’s take you to Summerfest 2015 as I troll you through lovely pictures.

Cupcake Pushpops

Hair down performance

Milwaukee is also brew city for those who do not know..

And the lake view

These colorful bits glow in the dark too...

The truck with the museum inside..

The museum inside the truck dedicated to musicians.

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