If you have 5-6 friends,chilling out in Goa on those clean long beaches and have tried all the water sports there like waterbike,parasailing and would want to still explore Goa more,here are a few events currently in Goa:

1)Marine Wealth Awareness ( MWA)

The DSD(Discover Scuba Dive) program can be conducted with an emphasis on observing  and photographing the marine life such as  fish and coral, and then discuss the observations after the dive with the dive instructor to identify and know more about them.  The program is ideally suited for nature lovers and school children in the age group of 13 years and above as experiential learning tool. 

2) Dinghy sailing

This activity aims to introduce you to the sport of sailing. Dinghy sailing is an aristocratic sport requiring acquiring of expertise . Seabird being a large and stable dinghy, it is possible to get a feel of this sport by going on it as a crew on a sea voyage. An introductory talk will familiarise you with the sailing terms and theory so that you can appreciate whats happening during the sailing trip.

 Swimming skill & fitness are not limiting factors. You also get a chance to steer the dinghy in the open sea.The wind factor is uncertain. So the actual timing of sailing are variable. Min group strength is 4 , Max  6 .Life jackets will be provided . The dinghy will have an OBM as a precaution to keep the dinghy moving if the wind drops.

3) Kayaking

Goa offers exciting kayaking trips in the Zuari & Sal rivers. The location is choosen depending on the age group and fitness level of the group . We teach the Basic forward and reverse strokes, power stroke, the spin and most important of all, getting in and out of a capsized kayak. We start in knee deep water then move on to deeper stretches. On the way , you can observe Bird and marine life, mangroves, barge and boat-building activity, church and church ruins, and more. The actual trip lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

4) Windsurfing

The basic lessons in this exciting sport of windsurfing is taught in a 2 hour session from 9 to 11 AM , The Instructors are National level experts. The windsurfing equipment is available to cover all age groups from 12 years onwards. Skilled instructors, stable boards and small sails ensure that wide range of age group from 12 years onwards will be able sail at the end of the program. One batch usually consists of  5 to 6 persons . We can have another batch from 11 to 1 PM .

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