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All About Ladakh


Ladakh can be divided into two districts: district of Leh and the district of Kargil.Leh is predominantly Buddhist major while kargil is predominantly Islamic.The transition is obvious while coming from Srinagar to Leh,though both the districts have plenty to offer.While the budha statue of Mulbekh is towards the kargil side of leh,the victory memorial of kargil is one of the best war memos in India.While a stay at kargil town is a must as one get to see the nitty gritty of the remains of the war that is still present at the site.Like for example few of the roads are covered on one side,to avoid tracking the road movement in some sectors.Though the town Kargil is very small.


Ladakh can be divided into 4 regions: Nubra,Zanskar,Sham and Chungthung.The lake tso morori falls in chung thung region of Ladakh.An amazing map from


Can be a serious affair,so take a day rest(for winters) or half a day(for summers) and then move on.


To most of us,pangong lake is synonymous with leh.A trip to leh is incomplete without the trip to pangong lake.And "thanks to 3 idiots" to make it so so popular,if there were 100 visitors a year to leh before,now it would be 5000.And the numbers are increasing twofold.

 What is and would be a matter of concern is whether ladakh remains the same with so many tourists flowing in.Camps are organised every year by the local people to clean up the leh town.Majority of them survive on tourism.

 A sparkling sunrise and a nice sunset is what you should not miss at pangong lake.A campsite is the most recommended,now you would ask what can anyone possibly do at a lake the whole day.The change of colours with the reflection of the black mountains at one side,and the bare mountains on another is something one cannot miss.Locals say that those black mountains are laced with bombs,and never never has anyone gone on those.Well,may be.

Have you ever been to the  frozen pangong in winters,watch the stunning video on the link below:


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