Precious Paws Foundation:Adopt the Puppies


Why do stray dogs exist ? Ask yourself.Don't they deserve a home.Adopt a dog,foster them,volunteer for them or support the cause.


Date of Start:  26th Jan 2012

Their Mission: Finding caring homes for those precious puppies and kittens who urgently require them, having been deprived of love , shelter , protection and food early on in their lives.

Because: Something more needs to be done to whisk these starving , orphaned or abandoned animals off the perilous streets and to eventually find them suitable homes.

Puppy Care By Precious Paws

-Pups/Kittens Kept in tender care of foster angels initially
“A few weeks of warmth , wholesome food , health checkups and unlimited cuddling” is what they get.

-Given to compassionate Adoption Homes
"To grow up in and to bask in the tender love of a human parent to substitute the ones it lost at a young age ."

- Post Adoption Counselling and Checks
“To ensure that the little one that has already gone through so much in its life has settled comfortably and safely into its new home .”

Love animals and want to help out? Why not become a foster family for a puppy?If you’ve never raised a puppy before puppy fostering(4-8 weeks) might be a better choice then puppy adoption.Adopt them,show that you care because even Indian and abandoned dogs needs home.Contact Debbie(9742543510) for more details.List of puppies looking for a home at the moment.

My Doggy Days: With my Dog Timz and With the Street Dogs
“Cauz all dogs are the same and deserve some respect”

The beautiful people of Precious Paws

Debadrita Jadhav (Debbie): Founder
Dina Pinto:Manager HDFC: Foster Parent
Nitish Kallianpur:Volunteer
Trisha Ravi:Business Analyst MuSigma Business Solutions Pvt :Foster Parent
Neha S:Volunteer
Tanya Ravi: Business Management Christ University  :Foster Parent
Amulya Vemulapad : Volunteer

To know more about them visit :  Precious Paws Website

To know more about them,
Visit their website:
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Times Of India Article:Precious Paws on TOI

Dainik Jagran Article:
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  1. Nice initiative, this will save street dogs

    thanks for sharing this nice info

  2. @Krishna: Thanks.I hope more and more people come forward and adopt these street dogs & puppies.

  3. Hope this helps them... they deserve love too... my sis took in one doggie who was being attacked by other dogs as a puppy... he is so loved now.

  4. @A: Your sis is an angel to do so, believe me..otherwise in India,there are very few people who actually respect the dogs,specially the street dogs!


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