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Vintage dress: Brand "With"

 Do you have a good job or are you a jealous gf?Are you introvert or are you extrovert?Are you a shopping addict...are you..Am I?Flipping though pages of my favourite fashion magazine,I so so much love those phys co metric questions, twinned somewhere between the LSD's and the steamy sessions of doubts,do's and dont's..this has got to do something with the TRP's and we all know it.A fashion mag. with just a fashion stuff..nah.Neways,I summed up all the points I could get on to,some negative,some positive and it turned out to be mostly B's that sums up to be that I am a partly jealous gf..watever that meant!I need to improve on was what the mag said.

 Now this "supposedly partly jealous gf" forgot the whole thing as soon as the mag went into her drawers..No offence to them,these guys are great.But the quiz has the same effect on me,as those astrology columns in the morning paper.I read it,if its good it feels good and  that's it about it.If its bad,who the hell cares.So well life as we know it,is as hell as is heaven till now.Just a few edits here and there and it can be perfect.

 Perfection is not my forte' but yes,as everyone else I would love to travel like NOMADIC MATT,would love to dress up like RIHANNA,would love to mess up like EVERY OTHER GAL IN HER LATE 20'S,would love to SWING and JUMP like ARCHANA SARDANA ,would love to be part of those HI PROF FASHION SHOOTS, would love to have the world at my feet.If at all,that was so easy.I strive to excel,but every other turn I find a better winner.When I started off with my blog "ankionthemove" with my motive to help people know India better ,and I started off writing every detail on it,I found there were few takers.SEO is something,I heard off recently.To write on more broader subject makes the content more diluted.And then there is always a financial aspect to everything,that is scary.Can I travel as long as I desire.....

 If only I knew it!Well answers to certain questions are always unexplained.Matters of the heart are,matters of friendship are more.A ship is only connected to the anchor,as long as the sea has waves.No matter how strong or weak the turn of the winds are,it will sail unless we have a TITANIC,which is rare.If only I knew that my friends on Facebook or orkut are my real friends,a namesake sounds too artificial.A "happy bday" here and there doesn't make them friend either.What a friend is,and will be always someone who is there with you no matter what,which is rare too.

And since when having a profile on Facebook or the lack of it,makes a difference to degrees of friendship,now that we literally drink,eat,read and write Facebook..!I pinch myself,sometimes,rather scold myself for letting go off,my comp keys,but I am so so addicted.Kudos to them who can stay away!

 A drift of friendship could possibly be for various reasons,and well,life to certain people are different with different ideologies.Not everyone is born with the same thinking,I wish that would have made things more easy.No more saas bahu cat fights,and no more "I love you ,I hate you, Let me go" syndromes.But then this is life,and someone said me once

      "Few years from now,You would know what you 
wanted,with who you wanted,and those who were never there ,were never worth".

One of my favourite inspirational song "Wear Sunscreen"

Lets see how my life unfolds,keeping my fingers crossed for the blog hits :)  ..

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