On What I Usually Do


On What I Usually Do!

Today is just another day.One of those days,which makes me think "whoaa I have completed 5 MONTHS in blogging".KIT KAT break banta hai yaaro..

So instead of writing  my usual pending post on Leh,I thought I might pen down what I do everyday and I call forward each and everyone to comment on "what they do everyday" sparing the minute details,of course.

I wake up early,not that I wake up because I wake up,I love to sleep till 11..as everyone else,but then you have got a job to do.I rather wake up before my sweet bai literally bangs the door and rings the bell to infinite degrees.I started going for a walk when "I realised I have gained too much weight to blogging and facebook".And the traditional methods sound too irritating slow and rather frustrating.

I hate the taste of green tea,I do not love yoga as such,I rather not jog in the morning though sometimes I do,and cauz I am highly allergic to Bangalore,and I guess a walk might increase my stamina.Interestingly,the stamina increases two fold when I leave Bangalore,magic!But then a walk is sometimes a pleasant experience when you can play around with cute little sweet street dogs or walk in the shades of jakaranda..How much I love those purple flowers in Bangalore.

And then..I flip pages of my all time favourite magazine,FEMINA and I read about some great places in LONELY PLANET.I completely love the two fantabulous books,my other favourites are OUTLOOK TRAVELLER and COSMOPOLITAN.These books just make my day a little brighter with amazing pictures of waif thin models,amazing clothes,beautiful writeups,guidance on what to and what not to,and virtually travel everywhere through Lonely Planet.I wish to replace one of those models,and the travellers with me someday..I know we all wish the same.How much we hate the normal mundane boring life,with 9*5 job,though a great package makes you shop plenty,and thats why most of us never listen to our inner call "THE ONE WHICH SAYS DO WHAT YOUR HEART IS AT!"

Link to my favourites:
Femina :http://www.femina.in/
Lonely Planet:http://www.lonelyplanet.com/
Outlook Traveller:http://travel.outlookindia.com/


 Yes,I have started living,I have had my corporate juggles of 4.5 years,and I one day I decided to end it all.Thanks to some of my friends who started telling me "anki you travel so much,be a backpacker".Thanks to those suggestions,and NO THANKS to those who call me crazy to have left it,I love every day of my life now,though I have so so much to achieve.My mind is full of plans,everyday and sometimes its scary "I am in my 20's" will I be?But neverthless,trying doesnt kill anyone.

 I share a love-hate relationship with cooking,believe me I never used to love cooking.I am one of those girls who had never gone to kitchen till the age of 23.It started with full on romance with "how to learn dishes" in fact I Was so much into it at one time,that any book on dishes I would grab..Slowly it had gone all fuss!!I hope to have some angel fairy who cooks for me everyday,someday.But till then sometimes I cook,sometimes i I dont.I love dancing on filmy songs everyday.

 I am a no make up gal,plain jane.I do not hate it,but I simply do not have the patience to stare at myself in the mirror for long.And I SIMPLY AM FANATIC ABOUT TRAVELLING...I love going to places,be it anywhere,but the idea is to move.Looking forward to BACKPACK soon.Join my gang.

 The morning started with the above "as usual" activities and fantasies.Hope you all like it :)


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  2. Hey Anki its a fantastic life you lead... I totally get it when u talk about - breaking away from corporate juggles and deciding to do what makes you Happy As for the ones who think it was crazy... silently in their hearts they wish they were You! Cheers to your escapades!

  3. @Vijay Shenoy: Thanks a lot vijay for your kind and nice words!Loved your blog too,the way you pen down your emotions through poetry is wonderful.Hey,if you are on blogger,do you have any idea how can the blogger comments be customized in such a way that my replies can be notified to users,I know such feature is there in wordpress.

  4. Hi Ankita,
    A very unique post about your daily routine Ruchi!!! I must say you are talented!!

    An award waiting for you dear @

    Please accept it as my appreciation for your good work!!

  5. What a delightful way to present a day in the life of Ankita.

    Loved the funky, fun illustrations!

  6. @Ruchita: Thanks a lot dear!Was just going through your blog post,we have quite a lot in common,one of them is you seem to be an impulsive shopper,same here :)..I can grab onto anything I have my eye on.Cooking I used to like,but now I got really bored of it.Though appreciate your "love to give people surprises with my new experimented recipes",can you share one recipe of yours.Thanks so much for passing the lovely award,I cannot create the post at the moment thanking you because I am travelling,once I come back you owe one blogpost from my side :)

  7. @Purba:Glad you liked it,I also love the way you write your blogpost,I am addicted to them because all of them are light heartedly written and so so true.


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