Aha Korea Here I Come


Aha Korea,Here I Come

Korea is a dreamland,a land where fairy tales still exist.A land where the craziness is still kicking alive.A land where the nature blushes,and terrain turns all pink with cherry blossoms.A land where traces of innocence are still found in abundance.A land where white frost covers the town in sherry white.A land which celebrates mud.A land where the water of the blue seas sweeps down your feet in a gentle cacophony.A land which makes you come back again and again.No,I haven't been to this dreamland before,but aspire to be someday there.To experience the absolute balance of earthiness with the right mix of Gen-X crowd.And with 20 travel bloggers around,it'll be a caravan,the best travellers meet ever,at the perfect place.

With every dream we wish.With every wish we dream.And with every dream,we experience a place which we have never been to,but would any day love to.Here are a few things I would love to do,in Korea,which as of today is part of my dream.

The best way to explain what to do in Korea is through a video.Here's my casual video interaction with you on why and what I would love to do in Korea.

  /*The paintings given below are all my original creations and depicts a shadow as me because it's still a dream afterall*/

1)Visit the Island Of Gods "Jeju Island"

Type "Jeju Island" in Google Images,and you'd know that you are in heaven.It's so so beautiful,no words.No wonder,it tops my to do list.Idyllic scenery located at the tip of Korea.Sun-kissed beaches, ivory coastline, mountains, waterfalls, lava caves and countryside, temples, national parks await me.Jump!Jump!I'll bring back the picture perfect postcard from Jeju.I know one of them would make my perfect Facebook profile pic.

2)Experience the Cherry Blossoms at Kyeong-Wha Station

No land celebrates Spring as Korea.The beautiful Cherry Blossoms are everywhere.I have my small little garden at my home,and if if only those cherry blossoms can be grown at my small terrace pots,I would be all merry and happy.But Korea has the climate and the space.For now,I would love to be on the top of the train at Kyeong-Wha Station,Jinhae as it approaches the station under the cherry blossom tunnel.Or take random photo shots with the blossoms Click click click!

3)Go "Aaaaa Bang Bang" at Nore-Bang Korean Karaoke

I am a rock star phew..hah!What a pleasure to be at your vocal best at a new place.After my daily sessions on Bathroom singing back home,the singer's all set to rock and roll at the Nore-Bang Karaoke,bring it on!

4)Shine like a Queen at GyeongBokgung Palace

Palaces are treat to eyes.Every palace has a story.A story which is as magical as experiencing the palace.I might not be interested in the history,but I would find solace in the air of architectural beauty.I may not be a connoisseur of beautiful things,but I might be amazed at the past.There's always something for everyone.For me,I feel like a Queen at Palaces,and this one is one of my favourite.

5)Be a spoilsport,play with mud at Mud Festival

Korea is one place which has so many festivals,and festivals gives us a reason to be more joyful and cheerful.Mud Festival is one such celebration I would love to enjoy with my family and friends,and even strangers,who might be friends.No harm in being a little crazy,the Korean way!

6)Let's get serious,learn sword fight

The world is slowly and slowly becoming unsafe for women.There's always a desire to learn techniques to protect oneself,not all countries are open to the idea.Be it sword fight or martial arts,I would love to enjoy and learn the basics with the Korean expert.

7)Toy around in Lotte World

We all are kids at heart.The world's best indoor theme park with an outdoor magic island,ah Didn't I tell you already, Korea is Magical.I am all set for the roller coaster...yohooo!

8)I go crazy at Myeongdong Shopping

I am an impulsive shopaholic Maniac.Give me wings,and I would love to land at any of the marketplace or malls and stay there forever.Shopping at Myeongdong will be fun,looking forward to it.

9)Be a part of Korean Village

When there's so much to see,why miss the countryside?Walking through the charming villages of Korea,will give me a sense of fulfilment even if it is for a day.So lets go

10)Lets say it loud "Kimcheee"

Wikipedia says "Kimchi also spelled gimchi, kimchee, or kim chee, is a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. "..Sounds mouth watering yummy isn't it?

11)Hike at Hallasan,or walk at Daedun  bridge or relax at Cheonggyecheon stream

Mt. Hallasan stands tall in Korea,Daedun bridge looks interesting and the stream is an awesome place to relax..What more do we want!

I love travelling like everyone else,but I have a mission to help others travel through my blog,I have been to Bhutan,and my videos and writeups help the folks in my country to go for Bhutan on their own now.I have been to all over India,and my writeups have helped many.I believe,if Korea be next,then it would make many Indians realize Korea as the next wow destination and all through my blog.Will I ever get a chance?Will I?

Lets together make my dream real.Aha Korea!Here I Come.

The lady at the right is me,at the moment,stuck in the concrete jungle called life.The lady at the right is happier me while discovering Korea.

25 Other Places In Korea which makes it so beautiful and unique

1)Seongsan Sunrise Peak : Volcanic crater
2)Ggotji Beach : Granny Rock and the Grandpa Rock
3)Darangee Village : Countless tiny fields
4)Gwang-An Bridge : Diamond Bridge
5)Upo Marsh :  Largest inland wetland
6)Jeungdo Salt Farm : Huge salt farms
7)Gongryong Ridge : Dinosaur Ridge
8)Uleung Island Seaside Road : Mysterious Island
9)Seopjikoji : promontory on the coast
10)Bomun Pavilion : A museum with no walls.
11)Udo : Jeju's bucket list
12)Haeinsa Temple : World's oldest intact Buddhist canon
13)Yeojwa Stream : Cherry blossoms
14)Boseong Green Tea Field : Green Tea Fields
16)Bulguksa Temple :UNESCO-listed site
17)Daegwallyeong Ranch :Natural sledge park
18)Cheongdo Bull Fighting Fest : Bull Fighting
19)Hyeopjae Beach : White beach shallow water
20)Anap Pond :  Man-made pond
21)Seryang-Je : Best place for Photography
22)Seomjin River Train Village
23)Simhak Mountain : Poppy Garden Festival
24)Suncheon Bay : Biggest coastal marshes in the world
25)Taebaek Mountain : Catastrophically heavy snows

If you wish to be in Korea,participate in the contest "http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/eng/event/asian_on_air/#" but hurry!Today's the last date.


  1. wow did you draw all that by yourself?
    nice drawings ^^

  2. Nice introduction on korea

    thanks for sharing this great info

  3. @Henny:Thanks Henny,yeah I made it all with pen and colors..glad you liked it.

  4. @Krishna:It's a great country isn't it,we know so less about :)

  5. Nicely done. The drawings are a great idea to go with the text. All the best for the contest.

  6. hi ankita, liked your blog very much. pls. can u tell me how to post a MS word file into a blog which I created recently. information on Korea is very good.

  7. Thanks Dear,I am not really aware of that,but I did find a post which tells you how to post word into blogger for you,have a look,if it can be of any help

  8. @Sabyasachi Patra:Keeping my fingers crossed,these days contests give me more tension than even my board exams :P..Anyways seems like the judges are picking folks from the neighbouring countries like singapore,thailand,so I am not sure,if I stand a chance

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